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YUF: Youth United by Faith (FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO)

Oh hi my name is Maria Gutierrez I’m 20
years old and I’m studying to become a medical social worker hello and I’m
Justin I am 20 years old as well and am going to Bellevue college and studying
digital marketing so we’re so happy to introduce our first video in our youtube
channel thank you so much to all of you followers of God we’re happy for it to
do this video we’re going to introduce us and ask questions between me and Justin
so you can know us more So Justin what is your favorite hobby? biking by a long
shot I have a ton of bites at home and I just love to go outside and enjoy God’s
beautiful creation and try to do that as often as I can when I’m not doing
homework how about you what is their hobby me well I love to dance I love to
dance and I love to sing well I’m not a professional singer but I love to sing
and paint oh my god and read books too I love everything and as well as I love
nature I really really love how beautiful is everything around me and
how God was so (normal normal relax) ok…. I just want to make sure I look ok You look beutiful so how amazing was God to given us a
beautiful earth to live and do the best we can it’s really cool
Justin told me how many years you’ve been biking? since I was three and a half
so just something that I’d love to do how are you what about dancing? uh well I
danced since I wasn’t my mom’s belly Just kidding I danced I was…… very young and
we are oh my god we have so many things to tell you guys but it’s the first time
Justin is doing a video – yep I hope I’m doing okay yes you are you are. Ok… Justin what is your favorite color? My favorite color is electric blue. So how about you? my
my favorite color is purple I have two purple and red. Nice i know I know. I mean some people do not like purple but i do Some people are color blind the way you say that okay oh god
yes we are not going to fight because we do not like to fight something that I learned from Justin is that he’s very patient he is
very patient I’m the one that is no patient but every
time he tells me to be patient that’s so true because when you lose that you know
we need sometimes you know that we don’t have control over ourselves so we get
mad for a small things when we should be just like you know waiting for for good
things to come because then we’re not gonna have a beautiful life all the time
we need to have obstacles in order to be a strong and something that Justin told
me was a about biking I mean I don’t want to share why I would love him to
share with all of you guys what was your experience with biking and
competition um well I mean like I was doing really well and then all the
sudden when it really counted I was not doing well and so you know something
that I would do is I would pray before every single race even if I lost you
know every and after that after the race too and I got to the state championship
and you know my prayers were answered answered but it wasn’t because of that
and like necessarily winning is because I just needed a sign you know that you
know God was there for me you know he really he really blessed me
with that so that was a really cool experience and like when he talked to me
about his experience I was like wow if I was you I i’ll just give up because if
I’m losing the first second and third I would be like you know what I give up
but he didn’t stop there he kept going and that is the key, never give up even in the
hard moments when you feel like you’re not gonna handle it anymore because we are
capable to do many many things so for me What about what about you? me? uff…. Justin Story time it was the first year I came to
United States I couldn’t speak English I couldn’t understand English and I was
just overwhelming myself I was burning I was like you know what you don’t
understand English you’re not gonna have friends in high school so you should
give up and but you know what I did I just like asked my mom why should I do
she told me she told me keep going you know so she told me to keep going and
that’s what I did I study hard I started to read books washing movies and that
was the best thing I could do because if I just like it started to say oh you
know what Sol I’m not gonna go to school I’m not gonna to be able to learn English that
would be really bad but I didn’t give up and I kept going and I feel grateful
that I did it because right now in college and I cannot imagine a life
where I gave up so I’m so grateful for that
so know don’t give up because you’re getting closer and every
single day you’re closer to the dream that you have looking out of my shell so guys this
video is short because we just wanted to introduce to you who we are that is right we are human beings we’re not aliens story time there you go peace I leave with you my
peace I give you not as the world gives do I give to you do not let your hearts
be troubled or afraid story the day God can give you peace to your past and hope
for the future so put your faith in God and good things
will happen trust in him and he will make it happen we’ll do it every single time at the end
of her video Laura please my heart and my memory keep my eyes fixed on you and
on your bending mercy close those doors which caught me off for you
renewing my mind and give me the courage to resist temptation as you continue the
good word that you have a star that you need guide my steps and wear my heart so
that I may grow as a joyful disabled of Jesus Christ who makes all things new
amen stay Catholic my dudes don’t forget to
subscribe to our YouTube channel please the button should be around here

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