April 2, 2020
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  • 3:58 am (ENG SUB) Coping with COVID-19
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THIS IS 18 NEWS AT 6 MANY AROUND THE TWIN TIERS ARE FEELING RESTRICTED UNDER QUARANTINE OR ANXIOUS ABOUT THE VIRUS. THE NEW NORMAL MIGHT BE DIFFICULT FOR SOME TO ADJUST TO. LOCAL RELIGIOUS LEADERS ARE REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY TO OFFER THEIR WORDS OF FAITH. TODAY’S COMES TO US FROM FATHER SCOTT KUBINSKI. In a matter of weeks, covid 19 has changed our world. The present many of us feel that we have little control over our lives, in some ways, that’s true. But in other ways. We do have control. You can choose to be people of hope. You can choose to listen to the authorities can choose to practice social distancing. We can choose to realize that life is far more than sports and entertainment far more than parties and social gatherings. We’ve heard some uplifting stories of people who have chosen to assist their neighbors and others during this difficult time. A phone call we’re running an errand doesn’t make a difference. We can also choose to pay attention to the spiritual part of our humaneness, which is just as real as the physical, intellectual and emotional It’s not God’s job. We believe God has given us freewill and human choice sometimes causes suffering. God is with us in our suffering, God can strengthen us if we can choose to pray for our medical staffs, who are on the front lines. We can choose to pray for the scientists who work to develop treatments and vaccines, they can choose to pray for our leaders who have to make difficult decisions regarding local behavior, especially we can pray for those individuals who have the virus, and their families who suffer with them, not without some fear about all this, but I choose to have hope. Because I believe we all have the potential for good. Even in, especially in moments of crisis. Peace.

Jean Kelley