September 18, 2019
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"Why is important to have a spiritual practice in today’s fast paced world?" - Matthew McKay, PhD

hello I'm Matthew McKay I am the co-author of the new happiness first of all there's a lot of research that shows that spiritual practices strongly improve our well-being our sense of being okay our sense of contentment we know that for example prayer and and trying to connect to some some sense of the divine has enormous positive effects on well-being on mental health and we know that meditation has a very strong positive effects on well-being and it helps people in lots of different ways one of the most significant ways is we we tend to do a lot less worrying and a lot less struggling with rumination we've done our own research on the practices that we are offering in new happiness and our research shows that when the the practices that we're suggesting and teaching and new happiness's are are followed first of all the a sense of well-being and spiritual well-being actually increases very dramatically people have a much greater sense of personal meaning that increases dramatically there's a sense of growth like I'm becoming something I'm I'm moving towards something and and that that sense of growth increases dramatically people's sense of their own value they take better stock in themselves that I feel better about myself the other thing that really changes is that certain kinds of pain particularly pain that's associated with trauma greatly reduces so people's sense of growing and developing increases their sense of of spiritual awareness increases and so not only are they growing in very important spiritual ways growing in a sense of purpose but but pain that's associated with it particularly associated with trauma improves dramatically

Jean Kelley