April 1, 2020
  • 9:59 am Persamaan Islam, Yahudi, dan Kristen
  • 9:58 am Faith Training | Jesus Is Healer | Episode 40 | Christian Bible Study Devotional Video
  • 9:58 am Being a people of faith
  • 8:59 am Faith & Co. | Could You Tell Your Children? (Don Flow)
  • 8:58 am Hope Faith Ministries helping homeless during pandemic

Hey, welcome back to our conversation on “Why
God Put an ‘If” in Faith.” Now, we’ve been unpacking some faith points
– some ideas around faith that will help us understand it and I hope give application
to it in our lives. I want to take a couple more off the shelf
with you in this session. One of them, I want to make a suggestion,
and that’s to begin to think about faith as if it were a substance – almost like
something you could put in a box or you could buy in a tube – something quantitative. The Bible describes faith as the substance
of things we don’t yet see. But then it talks about it in a dynamic sense,
that we can have great faith or small faith; we can have growing faith or weak faith, diminished
faith. So if we begin to think about it as a substance,
then we begin to think about how we manage that substance and how we give expression
to it. You know, if you go to the beach and you have
sunscreen in your bag but you don’t put it on your skin, you don’t get the benefit. You’re just in possession of it. And it’s possible to know about God or to
know about faith but to not give expression of it, so how you handle that substance of
faith has a lot to do with the outcomes of our lives, and particularly with the God-interface
of our lives. It’s not enough just to believe that there
is a God, but we’ve got to do something with that. So I just want to plant the seed that you
begin to think about faith in your life in terms of something that God has given to you. It says that He’s given to every person
a measure of faith, and we’re either going to feed it and let it grow – we’re going
to exercise it and let it grow stronger – or it’ll be malnourished and not exercised
and it will diminish and atrophy. So God has given every one of us some faith
and that how we respond to God – how we respond to His Word, how we trust Him – either
enables that to grow, or it’s diminished. Now I want to add a second faith point in
this little discussion. I’ve only got a moment, but it’s a pretty
simple idea, and it has to do with the risk of faith. I think there is a risk in faith. Faith, at the end of the day is about movement. It isn’t about theology or an idea or a
belief system. Faith is something that is expressed in action. And movement by definition puts us at risk. It’s safer to stay – be stationary than
it is to be moving. And so there’s a vulnerability in the expression
of faith that you don’t feel when you’re standing in unbelief. So there’s a little tension there we’re
always going to carry around in our lives around that. There’s an analogy that I live with in my
head that I found to be pretty helpful, and it’s the tension between gravity and my
desire to move – or yours. I hope you believe in gravity. If you don’t, have you dropped anything
lately? Have you tried to fly? How’d you do? I mean, gravity is reality. You can’t see it, but it means if I drop
something, it’s going to fall at 9.8 meters per second, squared, until it hits terra firma. And we can’t see it or buy it, but nevertheless,
we believe it exists and we see its impact. Well, faith is like that. And faith enables you to break free from the
gravitational pull of unbelief. But here’s a vulnerability in that. If you’re walking – if you decide to move
and you stumble, there’s a good chance you’ll fall. And there’s an equally good chance I’ll
laugh. I’ll help you up, but I’ll laugh. Well, when we decide to give exercise to our
faith and belief and move forward in it, there’s a vulnerability. Undoubtedly, we’ll stumble a bit. We may even fall from time to time. But we get back up, and in that movement,
we make progress. We gain ground. My dad was a vet. I grew up on a farm with foals being born
in the spring – young horses. And when a horse is born, from the knees down
their leg is as long as when their fully grown. A brand new foal has a desire to get up. It’s innate within them, because they have
to stand on their feet in order to nurse – to get nourishment. And you watch those brand new foals try to
figure out how to stand on those legs, and they’ll finally get up and they’ll wobble. They look like they’re a little inebriated. And the first time they pick up a foot, they’ll
tumble onto their face. And immediately they start to get to get back
up. That’s the way I want my faith to be. I may not be as steady as I want to be or
as stable, but I want in my heart a determination to stand and move towards God. That’s my prayer for you, too. God, help us to give exercise to our faith
more than the fear we have of stumbling or falling in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jean Kelley