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Why Did Hassan Choose Islam? 02

okay um could you please tell us the
reaction of your parents after your accepting Islam okay
my parents actually were less accepting initially of my conversion to Islam they
actually accepted more of my wildness from when I was in high school in
college initially and I would get more fallout for a practice in its nuns and I
would actually initially for being crazy and doing whatever I wanted to do you
know when I especially when I first step into someone now as well I think my
perception of Islam as I became Muslim instead miss and it’s kind of evolved
you know like some of the emphasis I think that you initially put on to some
extent in terms of appearance you know making sure you have this beer making
sure you you know just in the thobe mother stuff but put a little bit more
emphasis on that then then some of the the spiritual things that is supposed to
break out in you as a person so I think the initial reaction of my parents were
oh my god you know just like they kind of step back I can’t believe what’s
going on with you you know got all that I even got my parents making comments as
I’m praying you know like negative comments nasty comments you know it was
really difficult to deal with you know but slowly but surely my parents have
fun and I think that’s gone along with mugs on evolution and my spiritual
practices within Islam and my parents have become gradually more comfortable
with Muslim they still get nervous they still partaking the paranoia that
happens you know what I mean they’re still like oh well you know this may
happen to you this map in to but I think it’s all out of June lovely concern but
it’s definitely something that um was a challenge initially because I was
constantly met with mother and I found these homework Oh especially it was the
mother grandmother for example who’s my mother side from the South Southern
Christian that you has this person who takes in our ways
you know make comments you know oh well you know you’re going to hell right
because this you did a you know but I understand to it’s something that um it
was new for them I think it’s even different than how Muslims are envision
him in like South Central our crew up you know you think of the black Muslims
you know so it was way different even than that because you know when I’m
praying praying Arabic they never even associated Islam Allah Arabic before you
know associated with suits and someone beautiful boxes and stuff like that you
know what I mean so they had like so it’s something that I think was way new
for them a lot of aspects of it so I think it was just scared
filled unknown I think that kind of push them to make certain comments or react
certain ways but I think as time has gone on they become like something okay
good um after you became a Muslim like what
did you find out like about Muslims the Muslim community that you have different
reactions to well I know some communities are a lot more Stern and a
lot of different things than others I mean sometimes I’ve gone to the message
brothers you need to stay on your feet next to this brother as opposed to like
you know making sure I’m doing all those things instead of focusing on I think
some of the spirit more spiritual aspects that Islam is meant to bring out
but in general I can say that all Muslims that I’ve ever known how I
become had been very warm and welcoming towards me most of communities where I
going to have a lot of indo-pak kind of feels there’s a lot of Pakistanis
somewhere I’ve gone through there it’s been in heritage and stuff like that but
for the most part I’m the message that I go to her
mostly Pakistani but I mean it’s it’s so they’re always welcome and I can say
that they always want to bring you oh we’re having
started our house in a comment so it’s nice you know it’s different feel
because I’ve never had that especially how I was you know before when I was
younger my mother would take me to church my father took me to church
you don’t really have people inviting you took over for dinners and stuff like
this you know it’s not that kind of I never got that full of these that
existed so it was a pleasant change in that way so in Islam um what impresses
you the most what do you like like the most I think things I like the most is
the emphasis to live this life as if you can see Allah you know to live in this
world I still God can see you know that emphasis on that because like it keeps
you mindful you know it keeps you mindful that like when you go to pray
you’re standing in front of some a being that can determine whether you go to
heaven really gonna help whether you’re um gonna be um Leslie
fortune or not you know what I mean like he has control over everything and
just them that that emphasis to be mindful of the fact that know who Allah
is you know live this life visit you know dislike as if you see him seeing
you be mindful that I think the emphasis that especially lately I’ve been going
to a lot or listening to a lot of lectures about you know having the
further believe that there’s this to this to pair this pair of belief in a
lot to have fear of the consequences but also hope leaving a lot with goodness
because that’s what he’ll meet you with goodness you know what I mean think that
um prayers me the most I think Pakistan is the
your intention to correct your intention because easy to get away with stuff or
happen upon things that you wouldn’t even attempted to do goodbye you know
what I mean so it lies I think to where you have to motive care self and I like
that personally because like you know I genuinely want to do good in this but I
want to do good for my brother you know I think that’s the thing that I appealed
to me the most and also the discipline like I think that for me like was
something that I really are together I just really really needed and so seeing
everybody bow at the same time praying at the same time you know face the same
direction fast together break their fence together you know those things are
all things that I think brought me towards this thing by showing me you
know I guess the warrior that I kept presented for my own life that I can
have my home life so I was really good you please tell us what’s your opinion
about the Islamic world these days well I’ve never been the real political
person no no I was Christian or or Muslim now like I’ve never really been
into politics so all I can say is this that I think that Islam as a way of life
promotes justice and Nathan I counter that’s counter to its understanding so I
would say that if Islamic ethos of Justices something is present and that’s
considered something if it’s not yeah I don’t consider it necessary is not me
giving know people terminate Islamic world so I’m not okay can you tell us
like the comparing the east and west cultures what’s similar and what’s
different a source cultures um I think um you know
I have friends from a lot in different different parts of the world and I can
say like you’ve got a beautiful thing that they really appreciate about these
certain culture is like that this is a family family seems to be very a strong
aspect you know a decision-making just you as an individual you consider
yourself a lot connected into your family not only about yourself we also
worry about the impact and hazard from I think um here a lot is a lot more about
individualism we’ll have more of this as separation and I think that you know
when Islam is properly followed you know there’s a really strong emphasis on on
on keeping on these ties you know strengthening those making sure that
even though you’re living in the West and there’s a sense of individualism
that’s really promoted and push forward at the detriment a lot of times to
family relations you know that can be averted
so yeah okay what do you think are some of the best methods of Dawa meaning by
America profits on the Lahani is emitted I think that you know showing that you
know this religion doesn’t turn you into like some fanatic what changes you into
a person that that’s spiritual loving also that has limits for himself he
respects himself you know and that always speaks with a kind word you know
these are things that our prophetess and they taught us to do and that I miss
Muslims that we should follow and I think that that and I myself is the
bestower to be an example for others so that I think caused more people to stand
then any words can ever do okay I’m gonna give you five different
nurse and I’d like you just to comment on what you what’s your thoughts when
you hear these certain words the love of Allah
hope single I assume he’s an example of mercy and blessing I’m think he showed
how to live how to beat he’s who we should emulate yes
salat just Allah connecting with Allah for me a lot of times when I go to the
muscle I like I imagine when I do must be then I’m standing there in front I
can’t imagine how Allah is but I might be not standing from his presence and
then I’m connected to him and that’s the way that I get there you know so much
about a rush to be my side because I never get that connection and remain
mindful local us praising on life as goodness Eman wolf faith I think that I
think that it definitely something that helps you through it through difficult
times you’re strengthening your mind and that kind of goes with salão it for me
because you know much madness strengthen and increase whenever I do my laugh
especially regularly on time like my Amen increases because I constantly
maintain that connection oh my god okay and the last one is good
morals morals actually the first thing that comes to
mind is profits million someone something like cuz he was example of the
Moors he was a living walking talking breathing for how do you know
but yes Sunnah is a secondary thing that comes to mind because you know our good
morals are identified through his’n what we consider good morals as Muslims
those are exemplified through his seminal so those two things so the media
these office on some innocent comprise really thank you very very much for your
time nine yes

Jean Kelley



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    Masha Allah… may Almighty Allah (sw) guide us to his straight path…