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Why Did Hassan Choose Islam? 01

okay um could you please tell us your
name and where you’re from oh my name is major almost I go bahasa
I’m actually originally from Los Angeles I live in North Hollywood right now but
I come to this message it every Sunday to teach there but first to them to
introductory how to read and write to help you both okay and can you tell us
like where you went to this different schools you grew up in Los Angeles I
just actually South Central Los Angeles and I went through to know elementary
there I went to high school of the air and a local high school closely on
Crenshaw High School I went to college in Northern California which is begins I
went to UC Davis which is just 15 miles colonel after college I would for a
short time to graduate schools that in Claremont Graduate University I was
studying to get my master’s in Islamic studies but I haven’t stopped because my
grandmother actually got here so so I have to quit my studies here but
inshallah finish I’m going back soon shall walk so then can you tell us about
your conversion to Islam and how you became something and how did you study
or did you meet other Muslims tell us how you found out about Islam actually
when I first started pursuing this blog I was going through a phase I think in
my life where I was soul-searching having a lot of you know regret about my
younger years I was 19 and are going to college and in
college and first year you know college experience of course but you know I you
know was regretting that because like a lot of felt that I wasn’t living up to
expectations like I said my family myself and I kind of wanted to
originally reconnect with my Catholic roots my mother is Christian and my
father is Catholic he’s when I saw the door a Roman Catholic country but I
wanted to kind of rediscover that and I actually started to pick up books in the
library about religion about she was you know Catholic traditions you know things
to kind of motivate me to put me back in Boulder Christian but I remember I was
studying actually with some people at a table library at UC Davis and I was just
coming to them about we were that was a study biochemistry and undergraduate
oversaw studying biochemistry and I was coming to them about like I wanted to
become more spiritually connected it to kind of like find myself a little bit
better in that way and one of my classmates happen to be a Muslim girl
her she’s from Pakistan and she was on the sense of what I was saying and I was
telling her that um you know I’m really scared you know because I’m not really
practicing my religion and this and that and she started telling me about all her
religion but it’s none and at this time she knew she was wearing the HECO but
she kind of worried in a way they kind of would fall off a lot she would think
about coping no follow-up well I figured back up and so then I asked her why do
you why do you wear that you know like and then she was like oh well you know
like I do it for God you know for modesty and this and that and that she
was explaining it to me like honey fine I was completely
ignorant asana practice you know and my believe before like a kind of thought
well God can see you without the clothes why you need to do that you know that’s
how my mindset was and so like he doesn’t see the pose he sees where I do
to your soul you know and she was explaining to me like about that um well
we got into long conversation basically about the hijab and then I asked her I
said oh why you guys don’t believe in Jesus aren’t you scared to go ahead on
but yesterday she was like well no like you know we believe in Jews but we
believe in the most profit so I was like Oh prophet and I didn’t really click to
me at first because how understood prophecy you know from the Catholic
Christian tradition is way different than how many said prophet in Islam you
know there’s a whole other reverence for a prophet a whole different understand
of what a prophet is and so I thought I call him a prophet as kind of relegated
or yeah relegated in his position you know a prophet okay that’s lower you
know and so I was like well I don’t know and so then I started looking at books
about Jesus in Islam I start having me conference about Jesus in his life and
she gave me a brief little it was like it was not a complete but on but it was
a small kind of like verses from different chapters and I found myself
constantly reading over the the things that I saw in the Quran but Hannah was
similar to the Bible you know that help me reinforce like I guess kind of like
my faith there but I end up pulling me in take it slow actually right because
some of the questions that I had actually were answered in different
verses and as it pertained to choose and then direct spiritual connection that
you’re expected to have what God you know that responsibility that you have
to God that’s based on your intentions and your good deeds appealed to me a lot
and I guess my desire to have a little bit more
order in my life kind of drew me to it as well because I saw the discipline I
was required in different aspects especially when it come to praying when
I come for fasting at that time by the time I actually had converted which was
like within I think boasts five months or something Ramadan was gonna be coming
up the following month I converted on September 11th 2002 which had nothing to
do with the Vizier prior I was also a function of me being present at an open
house that they were having for for people who have questions about Islam
and do it the September 11th events and I felt so ready and so grateful to a lot
for having opened my eyes I was just ready at that point so I took my Shahada
in Sacramento on September 11 2002 oh okay to master at a month had a message
it’s got nice treats my students mmm and I was just ready at that point
wasn’t from the things that I had read opened my eyes to pushing thought I had
about cheeses and as I started to read more and more about the Prophet the
worry that he had concerned that he had for for everybody on earth the way he
wanted them to avoid the severity of the punishment that could happen and the way
he wanted to bring everybody into to to the love that Allah has to offer like
just really like God you know you’ve been talking about because he was like
just so kind and so compassionate and he can you tell us now um what jobs you can
where you work and where you’ve worked in the past for home since college I’ve
had a couple of different jobs prior to me go into graduate school I
actually ended up working as a spiritual care clinical pastoral education
coordinator at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles so I was there and you know Dell
unlocked with people of faith and my boss have been had gone to Claremont as
well she noticed like my spiritual inclinations she said it like you know
you really have a knack for ambition and passion for his son so you know they
have like this Islamic Studies program there and adviser maybe I can connect
you to him in the end of working or going to school at Claremont and
studying Islamic studies I didn’t complete though have some family issues
with my grandmother got sick and after that I’ve kind of wanted to pursue some
leadership things so I actually end up working as fifteen years experience in
leadership and that’s where I am now um every weekend was then what was the
reaction of your friends family my friends were pretty um accepting of it
some of them especially the older ones that I went to high school with is the
ball would and make jokes like well you are religious know you’re out religious
no you know I think that’s the general response of people who you know before
they hang out with a certain crowd of people and they’re very nonchalant about
so they’re like oh yeah whatever but then when they come up to realization
about themself and they want better for them such as always that joking or
whatever but it was in general well-received my family though is
different story

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    Satan fooled a lot of people from a diverse background

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    Ma sha Allah brother. May Allah bless you. I am so happy to hear your account.