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Why Am I Stressed? – Sadhguru on Stress

Sadhguru: Don’t worry about your work, you give it up. What you want? You want a roof? I will give you. You want food every day? I will give you. All you have to do is just sit in one place and be blissful. I will feed you for the rest of your life. Can you do (Few laugh), no you want to mess up something every day (Laughter) (Laughs). People say they are only working for a living,
I say don’t worry I will give you shelter; I will give you food every day, no problem. All you have to do is, I want to see tears of blissfulness every day, that’s all the requirement. You don’t have to do any work, you don’t have to serve me, you don’t have to produce anything. Nothing, just sit here blissfully. We will feed you, we will worship you (Laughter). No. So, the problem is not in your work, the problem is not in your life; the problem is not in the world that you live. The problem is just that you have not done the necessary things for this one (Referring to oneself) to flow through this effortlessly, beautifully. The necessary work has not been done and we are just hoping it will happen by accident. It does not happen by accident (Few laugh). Lot of people in the world think
United States of America is heaven but people who live here don’t think so at all. Isn’t it so? Yes or no? Lot of people in the world are dying
to get an entry into the country, if you open up the southern borders, ten million people will enter tomorrow morning because they think this is heaven but you are not experiencing it that way, isn’t it? You are not experiencing this as heaven because hell and heaven is not a geographical place. Hell and heaven is what you make out of yourself,
isn’t it? Too much talk about heaven has been going on because there are too many people who made a hell out of themselves (Few laugh). If you had made a heaven out of yourself,
would you talk about going to heaven? If you sit here and you are feeling ecstatic right now, would you aspire to go to heaven I am asking. Participants: No. Sadhguru: Once it happened, early twentieth century, an Orthodox Greek Church, a bishop from that church. You know Orthodox Greeks have
their own separate church, they have their own Pope who lives in Turkey,
you know this? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, a bishop from this order had heard so much about Indian mysticism and he wanted to go to India but he never got around to make it because he had to serve the cloak that he wore. And after sixty years of age when he is semi-retired,
he got the opportunity and went to India. So, he came to South India near where we are
and he wanted to meet a mystic, a yogi. So somebody said go up this mountain, near a cave there is a yogi sitting, you can go. So our man went, plodded up the mountain halfway up and went. In front of a cave an old man with a gentle smile upon his face was just sitting with his eyes closed, so the bishop went and prostrated. He cannot do it, he is not made for that but they had told him if you go to India you have to crawl, he prostrated like this (Gestures)
and with all his four limbs he got up. The yogi looked at him with amusement. Obviously, he has never prostrated anywhere before (Laughs) and he smiled. Then the bishop said, “I am like this, I am a bishop, I have served in the church for so long but I have a few questions can you answer?” The yogi smiled and said,
“Yes please, whatever the question.” Then the bishop asked, “What is life?” At the age of sixty (Laughs), what is life? So the yogi closed his eyes, became very blissful and said, “Life is like the fragrance of a jasmine on the spring breeze” and tears of blissfulness flowed out of his eyes as he was saying this. Then the bishop said, “No, no, no, our Pope has told us life is like a thorn and we must renounce it and even symbolically Jesus himself wore a crown of thorns so how come you say this? Our Pope says otherwise.” The yogi looked at him, smiled and said,
“Well that’s his life” (Laughter) (laughs). So, what you make out of it is not because
of where you are, what you are. It is just what you make out of it, isn’t it? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, have you created the necessary mechanism, have you created the necessary system, have you created the necessary ingredients
within you to make this, like the fragrance of the jasmine
on a spring breeze and not a thorn? If it’s a thorn, we must pluck the damn thing out.
Isn’t it (Few laugh)? Isn’t it so? Participants: Yes.

Jean Kelley



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