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When Does the Soul Enter the Body? – Prasoon Joshi Asks Sadhguru

Unraveling Death – An Insider’s view Prasoon Joshi : Where do you consi.. where do you think or where do you suggest where life begins? Is it in the womb? Is it when you are delivered? Is it …when do you thi… when do you ..when..when does the soul enter the body? Sadhguru: Now you’re assuming things.(Laughter) Prasoon Joshi: Well I’ve.. I’ve heard from from various.. I mean whatever, my learning and conditioning as you can call. Sadhguru: Now, I’m talking about you and me and people here, now you are bringing an other person called soul. Prasoon Joshi: Yes (Laughter) Sadhguru:…Let us use the word life
because the word soul is heavily contaminated. (stalls)…You know, people are finding
soul mates. (Laughter) It’s very clear, it’s very very clear, your body needs a mate, your mind may need a mate. But the soul, if it is absolute, it definitely will not need a mate, isn’t it?(laughter) But so many things .. let’s call it Life. Prasoon Joshi: Okay Sadhguru: It’s.. it’s less corrupted word(laughs) As, life does not engage with the body just like that, it happens as a process. When a a woman or a mother conceives, two little cells coming together then becomes a meatball, literally . For this meatball to become a life, it is somewhere between forty to forty-eight days after conception, that the life process enters. I don’t know what the medical opinion is. Are there any doctors here? Hmm? Audience :Thirty-five days Sadhguru: Okay Audience : (voice is vague) Okay,(laughter) all right. I’m saying this from my
personal experience. It’s forty to forty-eight days, that’s a space where you enter. There are some lives which enter later. Suppose, see this is something a woman or a mother
could feel if we train her a little bit, If she sees, that a life entered beyond 48 days, then you’re delivering somebody truly special. Because, this life will take time to settle in. Some phenomenal life is on the way, you’ve heard somebody see’s…, …you know Gautama’s mother and this man says, “You are going to deliver a phenomenal being” Somebody looks at Yashoda and says to
the mother “You are delivering a phenomenal being”. This is simply because, when you notice after forty-eight days of conception, still life has not entered, but enters a little later than that, this means you are expecting a phenomenal being to arrive. Why it is so, if I go into the intricacies, it will take you somewhere. But normal life enters somewhere between forty to forty-eight days. Now after this, for some reason, after all, womb is a manufacturing unit of this body. For some reason, if the, the body did not form itself appropriately for that life, or for any life, then the life chooses to exit before it’s delivered. So this is a stillborn baby or sometimes because of whatever compulsions, a mother may choose to abort the child. That is another form of thing. But in these things, the engagement with the body for this life truly begins somewhere approximately between eighty-four to ninety days, is where really life gets engaged, till then it’s foraging. It is looking, if this is suitable, if this womb is the right place. This is not a conscious thing. This is an unconscious tendency wise, it is seeing if it matches, by tendencies. The appropriate word for this is
traditionally, we call this ‘Vasanas’. Depending upon your vasana, you’re looking for an appropriate body. So, though it is partially engaged, it can
exit before ninety days. Between eighty four-ninety days, the life gets properly engaged. From then on, it’s a proper baby, from then on, it’s a proper life.

Jean Kelley



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