April 1, 2020
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We may not all understand the
technical philosophical terminology that philosophers use to dissect and describe
things that we can and cannot know, but most rational people understand that there are
some things we can know and some things we cannot. We can know that we exist.
We can know that 1+1=2. We can know that
yesterday is in the past and tomorrow is yet to be seen
and full of the unknown. What’s mind-boggling are those things
that atheistic evolutionists say Christians cannot know,
while at the same time assuring the world of the many things that they know
regarding the origins of man and the universe. Atheists contend that Christians
cannot know that there is a Creator, and, that, in fact, they know
that there is not a Creator. Yet, they will affirm that they know
that the universe is the result of an infinitismile ball of matter
that exploded about 14 billion years ago. After explaining that the
universe came into existence billions of years ago from
nothing in a black hole, the late world renowned atheistic
cosmologist Stephen Hawking said, “That is exactly what happened
at the start of the universe.” Really? How did he know exactly what
happened 14 billion years ago? Atheists contend that
Christians cannot know that Christ lived, died, and arose from
the dead 2000 years ago, yet they claim to know exactly
what happened 14 billion years ago. Atheists contend that Christians cannot know
that life was created by a supernatural Creator a few thousand years ago, even though
biogenesis has repeatedly proven itself true, that in nature life comes only from life
and that of its own kind. Atheistic evolutionists claim to know
the very opposite to be true: In nature life evolved
from non-life billions of years ago. Atheists contend that Christians cannot know that
a Creator made sea creatures and land animals, but they affirm with all
confidence that fish flopped out of water and evolved into
amphibians and reptiles, while certain land animals
drifted out into water and evolved fins, flukes, and blowholes
on their way to becoming whales. Atheists contend that
Christians cannot know that human life was specially created
differently from all other creation. But they supposedly know that humans
evolved from ape-like creatures as was emphatically stated in one
widely used middle school textbook, “There is no doubt among scientists
that humans evolved from common ancestors they share
with other living primates. Scientists also know that the
human species evolved in Africa and then spread around the earth.” Atheists contend that Christians
cannot know that the Bible is from God but they can know that their
man-made assumption based, often contradictory dating
techniques somehow prove that various rocks on earth
are billions of years old. Many atheistic evolutionists
contend with all assurance that they know what happened
millions or billions of years ago. They claim to know that purely
naturalistic evolution is a fundamental fact. As one world renowned atheist put it
a few years ago, “Creation believing Christians who refuse to accept the alleged fact
of evolution are ignorant, stupid, or insane.” Why? Because we believe–based upon evidence–
that the universe is an effect of a cause that must be much greater than
the explosion of a tiny ball of matter. Because Christians contend that mind–
not matter–is eternal. Because Christians contend
that complex functional design demands a designer
and not a random explosion. Because Christians contend that a human life
is more precious than that of a bug’s. Because Christians contend that nature itself
demands a supernatural explanation for the origin of life since life doesn’t pop
into existence in nature from nothing. Because Christians contend that
the answers that the Creator provided for us in His inspired,
ever enduring, never changing word rather than in the ever changing,
constantly revised fable of evolution. Leading atheists act as if they know exactly
what happened at the start of the universe, even though allegedly no conscious being
was around 14 billion years ago to witness it. Christians on the other hand,
choose to believe in the answers of the One who was at creation
and who did the creating. As God asked the patriarch Job, “Where were you
when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Rather than accept the
wisdom of the world, why not seek the wisdom
of the One who created the world? Ultimately, only He can provide the details to
the origin of the universe and everything in it.

Jean Kelley