January 22, 2020
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Westerners discover the horror of islam !

No I was not at my house. Said to him your uncle became a martyr. And he is in paradise. Where is your uncle? In paradise. Where? In paradise To show how our fighters resisted Like the engineers Mahmmad Sawaymh and Abby Jandal. What they have done? They’ve put deadly traps. Bombs on tanks and they’ve killed some Jews. We’ve thrown rocks on tanks … The tanks were trying to block us to burry our matyrs… We’ve thrown rocks and tanks gone away. We’ve jumped on tanks, and we’ve put Palestinians and Iraqi flags on it ! It is a small country… But we have engineers who’ve craft bombs and destroy tanks they can blew up tanks caterpillars. We do not want peace ! We do not want peace ! We want war not peace ! We want to avenge the death of Jenine. Could you forget the Martyrs? How can we? we can’t forget the blood of the martyr which is with God. We’ll keep fighting til we are all martyrs. I hope that I will have a future I hope I will be like Cheikh Mahmood, It is my dream. Who was Cheikh Mahmood? He is an expert of explosives He bombed tanks and send martyrs to blow themselves in bus It is your only dream to become a martyr? No not only. So what is it? My only dream is to see Israel destroyed !

Jean Kelley