September 18, 2019
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Weekend Vlog / BBQ, Evangelism, Movie night & Church / Life of Glori

because my family kind of forced me to I'm almost always off on the weekends which is really really helpful for me because I can get a lot done and now we are heading over to a family barbecue and when I say family I mean like church family and my church is huge on fellowship which I love so I'm getting dressed really quick I washed my hair so I have to do my hair I'm gonna put some makeup on and we are going to head over to a barbecue and I wanna bring you guys with me and yeah I think however like 65 times I finally pick something now I have to do my hair so I used two conditioners and manna you're gonna see this video man just my sister for those who do not know and this is for job a little bit of that too I'm gonna fast-forward this obviously all right so my hair is done I have all the products in it I got conditioner all over myself so no no no so now the weather is nice today perfect okay so now I'm just going to put a little bit of makeup on my face I said I wasn't going to because I am breaking out like crazy all over my face but I am gonna put a little bit of all right so my makeups done it's honestly like the most simplest thing ever I didn't even want to put a lot of foundation on because I was trying really hard to keep it simple I said I was gonna put makeup on and I did so now I'm just waiting for my father to come pick me up so yeah so like I said before my church is huge on fellowship I love it so so so so much because honestly it feels like I'm going to a family barbecue because they literally are my family I see them almost every single day of the week I motivate you guys if you guys do not belong to a church if you guys want to belong to a church if you guys are in the Upstate area please please please my Instagram link down below D and me do not be afraid I want you guys to pull up to my church I want y'all to be up in these family barbecues with us so all right so update we are playing a lot I'm playing a lot more than I actually want to so I was playing with the girls so everyone right now they're playing soccer and just kind of sitting in the Sun we just finished eating I'm just tired so yeah so we're just chilling and in a while we are gonna pack up and get out of here because we are doing evangelism at 4 o'clock if you guys don't know what that is basically it's when we hit the streets and we motivate people to just change their life and to give their life to Christ and to come to church 2 o'clock right now we're not doing that till 4:00 so that's our plan like Chucky boring to listen to music and something we can be out there to do something that humble people so we just finished you know for up estate right we finished evangelizing now we came right back to the park that we were at to begin with because he finished early and everyone was still here so we're just gonna enjoy the rest of the Sun go to the highlight hey guys so last night we ended up going to the movies after the park and then my sister and one of my friends they just did a go-karting because normally it's like $36 almost 40 bucks a person but my sister her friend worked there so they got to play for only $8 which was a pretty good deal now we end up getting home I like almost 2 o'clock in the morning so today is Sunday it is about to be 11 o'clock I woke up earlier I was helping my mom do some paperwork for her job I have to learn a dance that we're doing for Father's Day for church because we have practice today and I also need to practice the songs that we are gonna sing for worship I'm literally eating this the smallest bit right now so I just want to put something at my stomach so I can drink some coffee and then I'll eat again later but look at look at how small is it all the salami I'm trying really hard to finish full bottles of water for my steak I absolutely hate water for some reason it's like uh no for me but it's been helping a lot with my migraines that I've been getting lately this year migraines are getting really really bad to the point where if I get them I can't go to work I can't go to church I can't do anything I had to sit in a dark room which sucks and it just started this year so I'm trying to drink a lot more water to see if that helps before I go to the doctor or anything like that so I'm gonna try to finish this hold on my children all right so I just finished practicing the whole dance I basically learned it the way that I do it is I write down the lyrics and I break it down with verse by verse chorus and then second verse and bridge if there's a bridge in the song and this way I can learn the dance section by section and I can actually learn the lyrics because the dance the steps always match the lyrics so now I'm gonna go take a shower right so I just got out of the shower I just got dressed I'm just wearing this black and white striped shirt it's a crop top but I paired it with my maroon skirt and then I'm just wearing some white I was going to do these heels and do it over they cool mix match even though this is full and let's try it but these other heels are more comfortable so right now I'm just gonna finish doing my hair because this is clearly not done I'm gonna do my makeup and then I'll get back to you guys when I'm done with that I'll probably just do a quick just go with a low simple ponytail because I did like 2,000 different hairstyles and as I'm bored to my liking so I think we're just gonna settle this for two what a church so the last of it I like to do is I really like to look up it's raining I basically hate those songs that we are going to sing for worship and I like to look it up in the Bible it's something that our youth nah our worship leader taught us to always look up what biblical verse the song is based on this Willie holds us understand what why we're singing what we're singing how we can minister better I really like this idea so I'm gonna go ahead and look up the Bible verses [Applause]

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