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Hiiiii Music: “-absolutely nothing, but I bet you wish, I bet you wish, I bet you wish” Faith: Welcome to my channel Today I’m in school Just finished english class. It’s boring, worst class ever Next we have…. ASL? What class do we have next? Brandon: history Hello my name is- I think you met me before in the last video but my name is Brandon *sign name* My name if you didn’t know, is Faith *sign name* This video is about a week in my life as an ASL student Hello my name is *sign name* Nick He’s lying he means nosey Nick: he’s a hater Madison: my name is Maddy *sign name* Faith: Want to be in my vlog Both: Hi Shy: what’s up My name is Shy My name is Nina *sign name* They are in my class Brandon: A day in the life of Faith Maddy: *singing* I saw you for you Now we’re waiting for Tim Hortons because we’re hungry and need food for next class We just arrived to class, class hasn’t started yet We’re starting soon and I’m excited because this class is more in-depth with discussions It’s just a little boring because we’re learning the same things over and over She’s the funniest person I’ve ever met in the entire world Everything she does makes me laugh Everything.. Everything This Saturday we have our interpreter screening for next year Brandon: Ya Faith: I’m scared… are you scared? Brandon: I’m really scared People have told us it’s really hard, you need to study and focus hard If not, then you won’t get in. You have to practice hard Faith: The interpreter screening has 4 tests, right? 1st is english, 2nd is simultaneous reptition- You watch a video and need to repeat the speech at the same time 3rd we watch a video in ASL and need to write down the translation 4th is a hearing interview 5th is a Deaf interview right, like an interview in sign? Brandon: Yes, in sign The first interview is english and then it’s ASL For the ASL interview it’s simple, like “what’s your name”, “where do you live” For the english interview, thats more in-depth. You discuss why you like signing, etc I’m ready.. well I’m not really ready but I studied, are you ready? Faith: A little, last year I wanted to do the interpreter program, I thought I was ready but I wasn’t I only took ASL 101 and 102 at the Canadian Hearing Society, which wasn’t a lot of practice So when I came to Toronto for the interpreter screening I did really bad, I didn’t even finish I needed to leave because I watched an ASL video and didn’t understand anything So I left and I cried a lot But they told me I could go in the ADSP program (ASL and Deaf studies) And now I’m here I remember when I first met her her signing was really bad She used the word “we” wrong *sign* But now she’s improved and her signing is good Faith: If you watch my old video of me at ASL camp, you’ll see I was bad Brandon: Ya but now she’s improved, sometimes she signs so fast that I can’t keep up Faith: only if I’m comfortable signing Brandon: right, it depends on the topic, if we have more intense discussions then she will sign fast Faith: Soon class starts, I’ll see you guys tomorrow maybe Tomorrow’s class is 6 hours and I’m gonna die Right now the class is loud because the teacher is not in class But when he gets here we need to stop talking All: Hiii Madison: Vlog day 2 Faith: The vlog is day 3 because yesterday I couldn’t come to school because I had a problem But today I arrived focused and ready for school Nick: She’s 2-faced Faith: 2-faced? Nick: Before you were nice and now you’re not laughing or anything, you understand? Faith: No Nick: Before you were nice and now you’re not Faith: I’m not nice now?? Nick: *hesitates* Nick: I’m joking His name is Josh That is *sign name* Angie That’s Madison, she’s crazy That’s Faith, you know who she is, she’s famous Faith: I’m not famous Josh: She loves free food Faith: See you tomorrow Faith: Welcome to my vlog Today is Thursday, the last day of our school week Today my vlog will be more in-depth because Tuesday I missed class Brandon: Ya she’s bad Faith: Today I’m gonna go more in-depth about my class Saturday we have the interpreter screening so I will try to record what I can Brandon: We have ASL class where we learn basic sign Faith: Now we’re going to class Class Now we’re asking questions Do you like meeting new people? Brandon: Depends on if the person is positive. If they’re negative then I don’t like that Faith: True Do you like meeting new people? Madison: I don’t like people Brandon: Do you watch foreign movies? Madison: No Brandon: You? Faith: Like what? What counts as foreign? Brandon: You’re right honestly I don’t know Faith: My pet peeve is when I find a movie I think I liked based on the description And then I click it, and the movie is recorded in a different language with english voice-over Like the movie is in another language but they just switched the talking to english I hate that because the mouth movements are different Brandon: Right it doesn’t match Madison: Do you like raw fish? Brandon: I love sushi I could eat it everyday Faith: Sushi is the best Brandon: Ya it’s amazing Faith: You don’t like sushi? Madison: A little bit Faith: Have you experienced raising a rabbit before? Brandon: Of course not, who raises a rabbit Faith: My cousin Madison: Do you sign rabbit like this? Madison: I thought that’s horse? Faith: Horse Rabbit Madison: Do you like writing poems? Brandon: Yes I write poetry for example, songs Faith: True, he’s really really good at music Brandon: Soon I’m releasing a song on spotify Faith: We’re making a vlog For youtube Hi my name is- Stop Hi my name is Aliya but my sign name is *sign name* because I always smile Faith: Who gave it to you? Aliya: Jade. First Nick gave me *sign name* but Jade changed it because it looked like the sign “sexy” Nick: Hater, Josh is my favourite hater Josh: My favourite fake talk Faith: These 2 always fight Today is 10 degrees outside Josh: It’s cold outside Faith: It’s hot right now *Song* 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed 1 fell off and bumped his head Mother called the doctor and the doctor said No more monkeys jumping on the bed Josh: ….1 fell off and bumped his head Faith’s mother called the doctor and the doctor said No more Brandon jumping in the bed Faith: My favourite song is the lazy song *Singing* Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone Today I swear I’m not doing anything Faith: Maybe you want to know what we learn each day Every day is different Monday, we have english and then we go to ASL history class if you remember Tuesday I didn’t go to class but Tuesdays is a 6 hour straight class We learn ASL words, signs, grammar, sentences etc For 1 hour of that class we go to the lab where we record ourselves signing, Telling stories, practicing what we learned in class Brandon: The point of telling stories is to use our receptive skills to easier store information in our heads It helps with remembering signs for interpreting because sometimes I see someone talking english I have to switch and remember the signs and how to translate Faith: Wednesday we have more ASL for 3 hours 1 hour of that is in the Lab Thursday is only 2 hours- 1 hour in class, 1 hour in the lab Today we practiced a story titled “The Lion and the Mouse” It’s a funny story If you watch my video from a long time ago about when I lost my hearing, You’ll know that was when I started learning ASL When I found out that I could go to school for just ASL I was really excited Now we have 2 months left of school, right? After that I really hope that I get into the interpreter program because if not I didn’t plan for my life, I only planned to do interpreting I always tell her but I’m the same, I really want to get into the interpreter program because that’s my plan, I see that for my professional future If I don’t get in thats fine, I’ll take a year off to practice It’s important to volunteer and keep signing Once finished that I’ll apply again *Brandon rambling* Talks with Brandon Faith: Brandon wanted to quit the interpreter program and I needed to tell him he’s good at signing Me and Brandon practice signing a lot with Deaf people, groups, parties, etc We’re always socializing with Deaf people If you want to learn ASL you need to socialize with Deaf people because it’s easy to lose the language *Faith rambling* Aliya: Follow my Tik Tok @aliya.haniff. Okay, thank you And my instagram is the same name Brandon: Follow me too, my instagram is @brandon_kebbous0828 Faith: That’s enough for today Brandon: I guess Faith: Will see you Saturday when it’s the interpreter test Brandon: Soon I will be releasing a song on Spotify, make sure you check it out and listen, okay?? okay Faith: School just finished now we’re going home We just went to the grocery store We bought pizza Lotta: Can’t wait to eat soon I told him he needed to be in my vlog It’s hot out Hiii welcome to my vlog, today is Saturday, the interpreter test is today Are you guys scared? Both: Yes Do you think you’re gonna do good or bad? Lena: I hope I do good but I’m not really sure, we’ll see Nina: Same Shy: I hope I do good but I don’t know Faith: You’re fine Vlog Brandon: Hello good morning Faith: Are you scared? Brandon: Ya I’m scared but I practiced so I think I will be fine Hi my name is Brynn Ready for the test I’m scared, really scared Just finished the interpreter test That was hard I didn’t plan for the rest of my life, if I don’t get in the program… But ya.. now we’re at Boston Pizza for food with the fam Do you want to be in my vlog? How do you guys feel? Shy: I feel stressed For my interview I feel stressed about what they told me after Brandon: Honestly, I’m stressed too about getting in but if not then whatever Whatever happens, happens Faith: The first test was the english test, that was hard for me I think I finished the test but I didn’t answer all the questions I went through all the questions but I skipped some We only had 30 minutes so we can’t stay on one question After that we had our ASL test, I had an interview with a Deaf woman We talked about my life, my involvement and socialization with the Deaf culture and community, my match with ASL Then I watched an ASL video and needed to retell what the video said Next I had headphones on and I listened to talking and needed to simultaneously repeat Then we had sentences, 1 word was missing and we needed the find the word that fit That was also hard Now I think it’s time to end the vlog Are you ready to end the vlog? Brandon: Ya Faith: Thank you for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed, I will see you later Brandon: See you later

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