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Warrior Ritual G3 Leg Pads // On-Ice Review

Hey goalies I’m Mike with Total Goalie. This
is Kirk Allen who is the Goalie Product manager for Warrior Goalie and this is Tyler Glick
who’s the goalie for the St. Louis Blues AAA team and today we’re going to talk about the
new Warrior Ritual G3 Senior Leg Pads. Like the G2 you guys still maintained a flat
face design, really square design but you’ve changed the profile a little bit. Correct? Right, so if you look from the side the G3
will come with more of like a z-shaped profile. What that does is it helps goalies seal the
ice a little bit better for pushing side to side and it also gives you more five hole
coverage. The square toe allows the pad to seal the ice well for those long extension
saves. With the bindingless boot you definitely have a good seal there without having any
tilting of the pad while you’re moving. The sling wrap is a new design that we have where
goalies still have the option to go around the knee or down to the calf and what this
strap is, is a wide neoprene strap so it feels really comfortable around your leg you don’t
feel cutting in or anything like that. Keeps you secure and keeps your knee from falling
off the stack and then you have this nylon strap behind it as a reinforcement. You can
come down to the calf here, clips in behind the post wedge and now for a goalie like Tyler
who likes to go down to the calf this is going to be a pretty cool feature. And this is removable
too, right? So for goalies who want a more open knee channel can just take this flap
out and keep a really open knee lock. Obviously you’ve changed the calf wrap strapping too. Right, the G3 leg channel is gonna be a little
bit wider and what we have here now instead of two velcro straps coming across we have
one wide velcro strap and this is actually inside the leg channel and we have a new 360°
style of a leg channel where the goalies leg is actually fit in a curvature of the leg
channel versus having a flat face and then flat siding. This gives a goalie a full 360°
control of the leg channel. With the new active response straps theres actually a greater
elasticity to the strap. They can still go through the heel of your skate or theres a
slot on the inside of the leg channel that would allow the goalie to slide it through
and then come around the back hole of the escape for a goalie who would prefer this
type of strapping setup. Yeah that Lundqvist strap. Within the new G3 line we have the same skin
as a pro that goes down to the Youth line. For a lot of goalies I think it’s going to
be a big hit. So Ty you’ve had a chance to use the G3’s
for a while what do you think? Yeah, they’re a great pad these are some of
the lightest pads that I’ve ever worn since I started playing goalie. They’re super comfortable,
they have a really tight seal so when I’m going into my butterfly really hard on the
ice no pucks are going to get under. Rebounds are going to be really easy to control and
with my strapping it’s really customizable I can get it exactly how I like it. The exact
tightness that I like it. Again, with the boot strap I can make it as loose as I want.
It;s really flexible I can move my foot around really well. Over all it’s just a great pad. Yeah, I noticed you were sliding really well
too. Kirk and I were watching you during some of the drills and you were just sliding with
ease around the net. Yeah, it’s really easy to move my foot around
in these pads. I can get a really good push. I love the square boot, it’s really comfortable.
The toe and boot strap system is really flexible for my foot. I can get as hard of a push as
I want. I can move my foot exactly how I want to. That’s the Warrior G3 Senior Leg Pad you can
check it out at Total Goalie dot com. Thanks for watching the video and if you like it
make sure you give us a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
to see a lot more from us.

Jean Kelley



  1. lger2010 Posted on March 24, 2016 at 12:39 am

    I tried these on they're feather light it's almost like I wasn't wearing anything. Too bad when I lean in my butterfly the post wedge digs into my leg…

  2. Max Mak Posted on March 24, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    that's so cool !!!

  3. Jason Ng Posted on March 31, 2016 at 3:28 am

    Is there going to be an offshore pro version for ~$1K?

  4. Liam Gepp Posted on April 4, 2016 at 7:06 am

    What's the difference between these and the pro version?

  5. Keanu Nel Posted on November 9, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    when are you guys ging to do the g-netik 3

  6. jaden ippersiel Posted on April 3, 2018 at 3:08 am

    I'm deciding between the G3 or subzero 7. So far the subzero 7 has most my interest.