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Ultimate After Dark Cleaning Motivation | Messy Apartment Clean With Me | Faith Matini

What’s up guys! Welcome back to another
video. It’s Faith Matini and today I’m going to be cleaning my very very messy
messy messy house! I have diapers on highchairs;
I have milk on the floor; I have plates everywhere basically it’s just a mess
right now and we need to clean it so let’s go ahead and get this started is
actually pretty late at night around 11 p.m. that I’m starting this the boys are
finally down about now it’s time to get down and dirty and get this place
cleaned up now there’s I’m gonna go ahead and start
by cleaning my I’m chairs and my sofa now gosh not being that I have boys they
tend to pee poop drool everywhere so I I don’t really I can’t
really get my croissants I’ll clean everyday so one thing that I like to do
is I like to use them is Meijer multi-surface cleaner and I just spray
that on the arm on this seat and then I just brush it up with a brush and I find
that this actually works really well to remove any stains that are on there and
then also um kind of freshen up the couch a little bit more than it was
before and this also just prevents me having to go and clean the the cushions
every time but there are some instances when I actually have to because these
things do not come off I’m running out of time every day goes
by so fast and every moment counts baby I don’t wanna miss a food we can do overnight we can do a life now I bought this this wine cart of our
carts for wine but since I’m breastfeeding I haven’t
been able to actually use it for that purpose so I cannot convert it over to a
little diaper station so I I’ve been using it for that now and I’m just gonna
wipe it down using the method all-purpose cleaner and I’m just gonna
wipe that down and restock on my diapers that it’s ready for the next time we can do a relay
now guys I have actually been off youtube for like two weeks and I really
really missed you guys so much I missed making videos and I’m so happy to
actually be doing it again as I mentioned before I have been so so
busy the last few weeks so I haven’t been able to actually make videos like I
wanted to but now I’m actually gonna gonna be back and I’m gonna start making
my videos even more frequently than I was before now that we’re almost at the
end of this year I want to get out as much content as possible so if you are
not subscribed definitely consider subscribing my name is faith Matheny and
I make content on motherhood lifestyle and baby I have two boys that are now
eight months old and I’m a single mom they’re my first and only kids that I
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like these guys I do like posting about cleaning I’m
very very role and open I don’t really to be frank I don’t really care what
anybody thinks about me or about my house the fact that it’s dirty or messy
I’m gonna be open and honest with you and I’m gonna show you that my the mess
you know and some people might judge that and say oh my gosh look at how
nasty or messy that is and something like oh my gosh
yeah you know my house is also pretty messy so if you ride with that then
definitely during the tribe would love to have you join and um stay tuned for
more videos guys so now that I’m done with my college I’m
just gonna go ahead and clean up my ottoman it also gets a lot of stuff
inside those little button areas so I’m going to clean that up as well and then
I’m going to clean my flaws and then once I’m done cleaning I do like to use
Febreze fabric freshener to kind of spice up the the scent of you know the
the couch and the armchair so I just pray that on them and he leaves them
smelling really really nice so I really like to use this I’m actually almost out ah okay and then I’m just gonna clean up my
little desk area I really still need to organize this area I have so many codes
everywhere and definitely that I’m gonna be working on here pretty soon it’s just
it’s really it’s really messy right now so I’m looking for ways to kind of
organize it I think I might just need to get a bigger table than what I have
right now at a bigger desk rather than what I have but I really need to
organize it and make the place look much more pretty than it does right now now my place was messy it was it was
really bad lately I’ve just been so so busy I haven’t been able to get a really
nice deep clean and just really get in this all of these places so it it was it
was it was kind of messy like I had a really accumulated a lot of non junk in
different places so I was really really excited to actually get this cleaning
done I know I I don’t know if it’s just me but I like to use my broom to sweep
my little carpet I don’t know what it is but I feel like the boom kind of takes
out it kind of sweeps away a lot of debris but of course you know like you
do that too but I even eat I just prefer using the broom as opposed to using the
actual vacuum but is it just me I’m gonna skip my fries I’m gonna make
mistake I just wanna feel good it’s just what I do when I’m not told me don’t
feel alive when men and I’m just moving into my entry area
entryway area and I’m just gonna organize this area get rid of some of
the things that are that I accumulated here and just make it look much better
than me I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone
else I’m gonna be myself I’m gonna be someone else I’m gonna skip my brakes
I’m gonna make mistakes I’m gonna skip my brakes I’m gonna make mistakes I’m
gonna skip my brains I’m gonna make mistakes I’m gonna skip my brakes I’m
gonna make mistake beautiful stars I want to drive a faster
car thank you okay now that my entryway is done and
clean I’m gonna move into my dining area where I have a bunch of letters that
I’ve been holding off and that I need to either that I need to sort through I’m
just gonna sort through on this letter some of them need to be shredded and
others need to be kept so I’m just gonna sort through them and get them all I
guess sorted the next area that I’m gonna lean on
next items are my baby’s high chairs now I do like to do a little bit polish on
this high chairs and their little Walker’s once or twice a week when I
have the time but usually I’m daily or sometimes on occasion when I notice that
it’s done really messy I’ll just take out the little the seat covers and then
I’ll just wash those and then just hand wash there are the trays and I thought
that there’s the bigger ones or the smaller ones were dishwasher safe or
dishwasher washable but they don’t actually fit into my dishwasher so I
have to hand wash all of them but I do do this at night after they get done
eating whenever I have a time when I’ve ever had I have the time to actually do
it now gosh my babies get this so so messy especially now that they’ve
started eating I am starting to give them more finger foods they get food
everywhere and I actually need to find those little covers are you Oh Matt’s
that you can put underneath the seat that can collect all of the food as they
are eating and dropping it because it tends to get really really messy around
that little area where they’re eating from but that’s something that I’m gonna
be buying or looking at on Amazon here but so yes and I’m just gonna take this
out and then I’m gonna dump those into the washer and then I’m just gonna wipe
down the actual seats so that it’s clean and ready for them to use the next
morning but out there want you are too baby
can’t you see me again and then until tomorrow you now about the living room and dining
areas are done I’m actually going to move into the kitchen and I’m just going
to put some dishes into the dishwasher and then clean the countertops and then
just start mopping and sweeping and mopping the floor I can’t deny are you so I have actually
been meaning to really do a really nice deep cleaning on my apartment but I
haven’t been able to I’ve been so busy with so many other things that I haven’t
been able to do any cleaning that I’ve wanted to do it so I just decided that I
was actually going to going to just stick to it and just do it today I
wanted to just go in and really clean the place up so that it’s actually you
know cleaner and I can kind of get a somewhat of a fresh start when it comes
to cleaning and having a nice place that I can continue to maintain I’ve just
been so so busy this last few weeks it’s been crazy but yeah so today I was just
determined that I was gonna clean this place up I end up I ended up seeing a
pretty late and you know when I was 4 I when I was filming this I was like gosh
I’m like up at 4 a.m. cleaning and then I remembered like when I before I got
pregnant I used to stay up till like 4:00 5:00 a.m. you know watching Netflix
watching The Vampire Diaries or some other show you know and now that I’m a
mom I stay up till fall cleaning instead of watching Netflix it’s so funny how
those priorities changed but I know it’s kind of unusual and you’re like oh my
gosh right you’re like cleaning up until 3 a.m. but
yeah it’s one of those things that I just felt like I had to do it and if I
didn’t do it this time I was probably not gonna be able to do
it as deep oh just to the level that I wanted to do it now the best thing for
me is that my family has been so supportive like my mom comes home she
comes here and she always wants to clean and I’m like gosh no mom don’t do it but
now I’m like I just wanted to make sure that it spins a bit when she comes when
she comes to see the kids or visit me she’s not like you know prompted to
clean because the place is a mess mmm but yeah I was just so excited about
cleaning this today that I stayed up pretty late and I was not I didn’t mind
it at all the best thing is that I actually worked from home so that it
really really helps when it comes to to doing stuff like this like I don’t have
to worry about waking up and getting dressed so I can make it to work I know
that I’m just gonna be you know I can wake up and start working so I love that
aspect of this but yeah that’s why I’m cleaning at 3 a.m. in the morning well
it’s 11 p.m. now but but somewhere we’re done is it was around 11:00 PLF and I
mean 3:00 a.m. now I would love to know in the comments you should tell me when
was the latest when towards the laces that you’ve ever stayed up to clean
because I this is gonna craziest thing a pretty late but I feel like it’s it’s
not that unusual being that most people stay up til Friday I’m just watching
that’s like so shooting me with words but I’ll let the
movers even though it hurts I won’t show it to
you cause it will ricochet I you tell them all
like a ricochet you will come back to me keep all the things he said try to turn me
into somebody else to say I won’t let it by I will get you now if you are liking this video so far
definitely leave me a like and leave me a comment as well
letting me know what you are cleaning today I would love to know what you’re
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be kissing but I don’t really have a case you don’t have to pigeon you just
like their attention it’s written all over your face I don’t wanna play reading old messages on my phone
see that strategies you know
and stepped on my face then said you have found your place not sure if I want this you don’t think
that I’m you
I quiet time when I’ll near you pretending
that I don’t know who you are every time I see you Korea mission strategy finally MIDI to the end guys this is the
final product my apartment looks so much more cleaner than he was before my flows
are shining they’re clean there’s no milk on them
my countertops are clear of any items I am so excited about this because I know
now I don’t have to worry about cleaning I can go to bed and be done if you enjoy
this don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll be seeing you on the
next video I’m running out of time every day goes
by so fast

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