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Track 114 Basics of Islam | What is Salah ? Why do Muslims pray ? | Islamic Stereo

One real impressive thing about the worship in islam It’s something called salah the word salah actually is related to another from the same root it means connection The salah is our connection to almighty God when we want to talk to him directly with the most effect most the best hookup Never run out of minutes Battery never goes dead anytime you want to talk to your lord you can go into salah But there’s something even more amazing is when you do what’s called salah in Jamaa Jamaa means a gathering or to get together You know and when the muslims get together shoulder to shoulder huh, and Ankle the ankle and facing that same direction together Moving as one body look at my hand look at how you move your hand together It’s natural isn’t it and when the people bowel. It’s the same way bowing together Prostrating together and if you’ve ever seen a group of muslims get together and they do their salah and when they bow down so amazing Salah is the islamic prayer salah consists of five daily prayers according to the teachings of islam The names are according to the prayer times Fajar is a dawn prayer The duhur is the noon prayer Asr is the afternoon prayer Maghreb is a prayer sunset and esha is the night prayer The Fajr prey is performed before sunrise the duhur is performed at the midday and Asura is performed before sunset Maghrib is performed in the evening. Just after sunset and esha is performed at night all of these prayers are recited while one is facing the Kaabah in Mecca and forms an important aspect of the Muslim lifestyle muslims must wash before prayer this ritual washing is called word or The pray is accompanied by a series of set positions including bowing standing and sitting a Muslim may perform they pray anywhere such as in the office at the university or even on the field However, the mosque is the most preferable place for prayers but if you’re praying five times If you are praying five times then you then you and I also have a tendency when I got time What is it for a couple of hours more? I got time you know and then like five minutes before awesome Oh man, okay, okay, okay? And then you do a hit and runs a lot You hit the ground and you run a couple of times yes eyes that that’s the hidden hidden runs a lot like this Subhanallah you no Need to do the cardiovascular, and you move on you know That there’s that there’s those of you there are those of you that are just chillin sitting there talking at the restaurant or whatever Mahadev Came in now the sky still looks blue. We’re okay. We’re okay. We’re okay. You keep putting it off You know there’s that tendency? There’s those of you that have been pretty shy at its normal time for a very very long time and today you because you had So much to do kind of forced to pray it well otherwise. It’s like 12 a.m.. 1 a.m.. 2 a.m. You know there’s there’s it’s a very real problem Allah says people who allah describes as people who pray are not people like this there are people who are Constant in their prayers in other words you your life revolves around salat salat does not revolve around your life Everything else has to revolve around salat. You know you ever seen pillars in a building Ever seen pillars in the building can you move the pillars? no, you have to go around them if you want to put furniture set something up you cannot move the pillars because if you try To mess with the pillar what happens? Entire building collapses the five prayers are the pillars of our of our of our day you? Can’t move around you can’t move them around you have to keep them where they are and if not then the foundation of your faith The building of your faith is ready to collapse You got to keep them in their place And so the advice our lives giving to the people or describing the people of real Salat first quality They are constant with their prayer which means they have a very set precise Methodical schedule for their salat, and this is a you’ve heard importance of salat lectures before I’m sure of it I’m just trying to be real here guys Especially the young brothers here. I’m telling you you will if you want if you have any love for islam And you want to do something for allah you want to do something for this deen and you have aspirations to learn more about this Deen and serve this beam more then let me tell you all of your aspirations are fake and they’re in genuine until you have the urgent Desire To want to pray fudger at the Masjid and a shot at the Masjid and if that is not your concern And you don’t even feel bad about doing that and you have you really don’t have a genuine concern for islam itself because if you want to serve islam And you have to first be red Qualified to serve Islam and yet that won’t happen until your iman is in a certain place and then iman will not be in its place until Salat especially fudger and Asia are constants for you

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