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Track 104 Convert to Islam Story | French Musician became a Muslim | Islamic Stereo

shall I go hurry concern I was late that
I Vericut know I know I must I said Antoine Antoine and what about you how
do you pronounce it Antoine Antoine Antoine dala dala go français oui
Monsieur yeah I know I mean there’s a big community is there
is there is and you know they’re tuning in and they’re like how the law we have
a native from Patti’s mm-hmm you got the French that’s how you gonna do that is
that like particular to answer to more British what British yeah but people
really new associate with me why do they associate it with the French people you
know I guess you know as the berry and the baguettes and I don’t carry the
baguette with me so we have a very interesting story you are agent to the
stars the underground stars Derrick Carter and some of these other people
who were very well known DJ some of the top elite DJs in the music world and we
want to kind of get a before and an after
so tell us a little bit about yourself and so we can kind of have the audience
identify with you and then we’ll get to where you’re at today
so mr. nano fly annoy him so it’s like what her in first thank you so much for
having us me for having me here in China we we I’d say we because it’s my wife
and I actually traveling and we were just going back to Chicago where I used
to live and that’s where I reverted to Islam 12 years ago at that time as you
were saying I was in the music business I was bringing basically friendly delays
to the US and friend DJs and musicians and on there with the other way around
as well and um as you were saying music was my life dance was my life I was
spending most of my time in nightclubs not for drinking I wasn’t drinking at
the time actually had quit drinking already but to you’ll be in that kind of
frenzy you know I guess and and you know Chicago opened up its arms for me and so
I worked there for for a few years but I guess I was also developing on the side
some you know I wasn’t satisfied completely
of course I was looking for something else and even though I was physically
involved in a lot of things spiritually something was missing
there’s a big void you could say there was a void
isn’t France known for now being a you you know people go to France for that
romance and it’s kind of linked to you know you get away you got French wine
French women and it’s just kind of like you know the big party and friends
romance is this kind of just correct this is part of it that’s correct this
still has to no big fantasy fantasy that’s what it is people create a
fantasy around French into the French language and but you I mean obviously
you were living at that whole lifestyle and you weren’t happy
no and I grew up also I was lucky enough to travel I’d lived in other cities I
lived in London and lived in Hong Kong I’d seen your other parts of the world
and I know for me it all eventually goes to the same materialistic view of things
you know our world today is just the same pretty much everywhere yeah so even
this fantasy about France you know when people get to Paris they understand that
it’s no more you know no unfortunately is that the the is it the French
president also who was kind of also just chasing his desires is that the one and
he was hiring prostitutes and is that the French president or which this one
maybe not you know I can so overtly yeah but you know yeah these politicians
they’re kind of getting caught with you know yeah oh yeah dodging you know
talking about yet with the president of the IMF okay yes okay what’s gonna be
the next person who’s gonna be the next room yeah yeah yeah yeah
so you see people I mean indulging in their desires you you were you know
living numbing their minds with you know either drugs or alcohol yes I was in the
middle of that yeah you were in the middle I had some clarity because I
wasn’t it taking any drugs or drinking but I guess another way of numbing
yourself is you know through any kind of addiction and
music to me was an addiction thence to a certain extent was an addiction as well
I had to have that you know that in a rush you know like you can let me get in
sports or you can get so I was kind of hooked on that and you know I alas I was
L made it so that I get injured actually I got injured I couldn’t perform what I
was doing before how did you get injured doing martial arts so you’ve done
martial arts also yes capoeira capoeira right yeah whispering capoeira here yeah
yeah so you get injured now was it it was a kind of a match that you had or
just during summer or anywhere just doing training okay yeah and you know as
something snapped I clean my back I guess I had to you know take a rest for
a long time and it happened so that at the same time I met this brother here
Farid who’s no I mistake no sending my biggest Salaam because you know his
today it is still my biggest friend my best friend so you met a Muslim now I
met a Muslim me okay he’s a French Algerian okay but before that were you
involved in any kind of religion not much I was looking at different
philosophies mostly Eastern you know like Buddhism Taoism yeah I was more
into that yeah you mentioned before I think that you you you weren’t the the
whole there’s kind of a negative thing attached to religion people don’t want
to be associated with any organized religion exactly that at the time when I
met this brother that was what really struck me you know he was someone was
very free very himself who know himself very well who had knowledge about a lot
of things was very smart and we had a lot of conversations together and you
know he was taking me to other levels really of intellectualism but at the
same time he was following what I called at the time organized religion
which for me was nothing but constraints and you know like shutting doors to your
yet to your spirit or to your intellect so for me that was a big paradox at the
time yeah is it in French what’s the predominant religion there now today
today some people say it’s Islam shall be Islam yes because there’s a very
large population of Muslim in France and unfortunately you know
the Christian community doesn’t practice anymore the churches are empty the
churches are empty yes in very very much and I’ve heard the same thing in UK and
many others yeah European countries that the churches are empty
yeah why do you think this is well you know they got caught in into that
individualism this materialistic world and they don’t see any interest in those
traditions anymore and on the other hand the mosques are flow the mosque are
spinning over the streets you know which because it’s trouble sometime but
because we don’t we’re not given enough enough room to pray for instance on
Friday prayers for instance so yeah if people pray on the streets among us are
fool yeah yeah we crammed you know yeah so how do you go from from not wanting
to follow any organized religion and then you come to Islam so first because
of that meeting with his brother you know that’s idea that set idea that
I had in my mind was slowly changing you know I could tell there was something
else in Islam that actually providing him with the right basis the right
structure for him to blossom you know this in every direction that’s what
Islam is all about gives us this strong basis basically and then on the other
side so that was more like new like the intellectual side of things they already
call and then I also started feeling very you know like different pains in my
body and at the time I talked about it to his brother
and he said maybe you know Islam can do something there for you as well
and that’s where I started actually having in Tokyo done on me that’s the
healing with the we’re healing with the with the Quran you can actually do that
yes yes yeah and for me that was you know very very strong because the first
time I actually heard the Quran I didn’t speak a word of Arabic it was someone
actually he had brought in so I didn’t know him I was sitting on a chair
he started reciting and I started shaking yeah and I start actually moving
the way like he was telling me to in Arabic but I couldn’t you know
understand a word yeah it had profound effects on me like physically
emotionally aesthetically as well I could feel
something in my heart opened up at that time and this is you know that it was
just something very beautiful that was just coming to my heart that was
touching my heart and you know from there on then on I was I was hooked I
guess you know I could tell that I needed to go and and dig further in that
direction so that has never left me since since then basically we’re gonna
take a break right now what you can do is actually type type in if you’re close
to a computer look type in qur’an recitation’ and just listen to these
words powerful you might not understand them but you will feel the effects
definitely Quran recitation and you can see if you can identify with what he was
talking about and we’ll be right back with more to talk to our brother all the
way from Paris we’ll be right back with more here in a teashop
it’s like when did you think that you had no purpose are you worthless the
value comes from purpose your purpose in life is to worship the Creator not
worship your desires himself not worship social pressure the celebrity culture
but worship the thing that’s much higher and transcendent above and beyond by
worshipping God and seeking his pleasure you get pleased so you have double
pleasure back here on the Dean show with Anthony
and proper pronunciation or proper way to say this name is and Oakland on clung
on time okay so Antoine now nowadays you see
that that when we mentioned religion you know people have this distance they
distance themselves from any organized religion and then you mentioned
something about the car on you it had this effect effect on you now
many people don’t know that you know Islam really calls you to think to use
your mind you know it’s a thinking man’s way of life you know this Quran Ponder’s
you to think you know the creator is challenging mankind if you say that this
book is from other than the Creator find one discrepancy contradiction as and the
other man-made religions you will see contradictions things that you know
don’t add up so people just leave religion all together you said that now
that this the Quran had a profound effect on you and you went further was
there it was there was there mental intent intelligent stimulation that came
after this that when you looked into it mmm
of course you know but I was at the time I wasn’t speaking Arabic so we going
through translation and I must emphasize here how important it is to learn Arabic
I was actually for a long time I’ve been struggling with it because of the effect
it had on me you know it was hard for me to open up a Quran I could feel you know
I could feel it’s basically its power I guess you know it’s healing power so it
was very much you know like in a room where I would be learning Arabic or
listening to Quran I would have to leave would be too much if people were
reciting around me you know I had this profound affect on me so of course I
could tell you know even though that at the time it was only like a physical
thing but I could tell of course the word those were powerful words yeah so
and all of this you know went further after that two or more you know like
again I started learning about my team I was able to access this theological
Institute in Paris and you know learn about all we know about the serie about
laughs of the prophets of Allah solemn but faith about Arabic eventually and
then so yeah eventually I get to the point of course where you’re able to you
know open up any page of the Quran and learn something that is useful for you
in your life today it has been applied very like a practical application and
listen how did you deal with all the negative stereotypes and the
Islamophobia many people they’re searching for truth you know they want
true if and if truth comes to them if they can buy it they would pay for it
you know what I mean but nowadays as soon as you say Islam there is some
negative stereotypes and we know all of this stuff is just false propaganda that
indeed Islam is this way of life from the crater submission to the will of the
one who made you your maker the maker of mankind you know the same way of life
that Jesus knows and all the messages of God they call people to worship this one
God so now you know you have people especially in France a lot of Islamic
obeah yes how do you how do you deal with this how did you deal with this
you’re still dealing with I’m sure yes of course we still very much concern
although we’ve left you know friends a few month ago now but you know this is a
home this is my country this voice I was born this is where all my family is from
so it’s it’s very painful just painful to have my religion being portrayed like
this my you know fellow countryman having a very negative view for most of
them and my family even you know it’s it’s hard it’s hard because it’s not any
more than intellectual you know level that dimension that where things can be
discussed you know it’s actually hard to discuss you know you mentioned God in
France and the doors are down so it’s very hard to actually have a
conversation about God yeah I mean do you think now if people didn’t have this
myopic vision they weren’t so narrow-minded and you can actually get
in to talk because people are obviously you can see like when people when you
start talking about God being a man that he died and many many of these beliefs
that just don’t make sense tea and you can’t figure it out and I’m
sure fresh people are intelligent people remember so so now I think most of this
came from man-made religions organized by man mm-hmm but now you know the door
shut but a lot of people are losing out because I’m sure if they heard about
Islam and it’s the rational teachings and you know the way that Islam is the
antidote for many of the all of the social exactly yeah
it’s again as a thing today it’s hard to challenge this on a like intellectual
dimension level it has to be more for us first as being you know the best example
that we can be you know Dawa starts with behavior with how your character is and
we very much time for theis you know our life and our behavior to be the best
person that we can be that that allows us to have like further in discussion
and go deeper into every people like you know kind of lift off a few barriers
that people have you know a few that of those gates that I put they’ve been
putting in front of them so that’s probably right now in France how it is
today I would say for for most people yeah okay so now you have all these
religions in Islam obviously you’re gonna get the most trouble practicing it
you know you’re gonna get the most resistance so you have Christianity you
have Buddhism and a lot of times if you practice these no one’s gonna say no to
you just go ahead yeah YG’s Aslam you know that’s what I tell all the reverts
I call them in reverts or convert that I meet you know how can you chose Islam I
will look at the news didn’t you know what Islam is no it’s just
it goes so far beyond that you know that I guess you know a lot of its cannot be
explained you’re just taking on this journey I’m taking on a journey I don’t
control anything here you know Eliza was actually you know bird me here I was
born and raised in a place in France where there’s very little Muslim I
couldn’t access any knowledge about Islam to come here in the u.s. 2001 you
know when people hear that is they well he shows your moment and place you know
had to come here to basically found out about it so I’m trying the best that I
can to you know express Who I am first on mobile I think that’s the most
important thing and Islam is the best tool by far you know and the most
perfect than the perfect tool to be who you are
on all levels on all dimensions and I guess from their own you know you can
again trying to set an example trying to reach out with that behavior to to other
people of course not you know never evading any kind of any confrontation
you know we’re both we take part into like interfaith dialogue we take part I
am on the field you know I’m humanitarian worker so we do meet a lot
of non-muslim that we go and help of course they have questions and of course
they’ll talk about Islam but it’s hard to like confirmed directly today in
France it’s different here you know it people are more open-minded here people
you know I still got believing here yeah so you can talk about God but yeah it’s
hard to even mention the world girls got some time in France yeah I think people
like you know most people that we talk to and we have this 1-800 number 1-800
number then people call and some people will call sometimes aggressively but
after you know they calm down and they start thinking rationally and we start
to explain Islam to them mmm oh um just makes sense
mmm it’s LOM is not calling you to blind belief as you obviously know Islamic it
provides the evidence it’s authentic it’s providing you know the thinking
person is there a lot of atheists in there it’s in France
yeah probably is the first religion we really I mean according to our belief we
don’t believe there’s strictly someone who’s purely atheist everyone believes
in God yes yeah or believing nothing is already
believing something uh-huh you know so there’s already a belief there so you
just have to work on how find the right words also you know we’re missing a lot
of the right words in France to being in French you know to be explained about
Islam a lot of people are just ignorant it was mostly ignorant yeah so that’s
the first thing and and then the second thing really is having a you know that’s
broader view of how this yet be in your environment being the best that
you can and setting an example and trying to be you know Islam has taught
me that that I can have a very critical mind about what’s happening around me it
gave me those tools and how to analyze the society I mean the in the
environment and I mean and trying to bring solutions and it’s true for me
that example in trying to bring solutions and they’re gonna say hey this
guy you know he has a few ideas that maybe not that could be interesting for
everyone and where does he take this from Islam from from you know from the
sonorous also a nice element from the Quran yeah we’re gonna take a break and
then we have some more questions before we come to an end obviously you know
people were out there and depression is on the rise you know suicide and people
have money but many people are unhappy are you happy can I be happy
definitely and if you didn’t know I mean Jesus was a Muslim Abraham was a Muslim
all the message that the crater sent where this was one who submitted to the
Creator not the creation they didn’t worship anything but the one who created
creation that just makes sense we’ll be right back with more here with Anton
Oakland here everybody in deep down they believe that there is a god yes and as
much as they deny if God exists and he does if God sends
prophets and he does if God reveals books and he does should he not tell me
how to live my life doesn’t that make a sense they feel more secure and safe now
inside the religion of Islam than they ever felt out in the streets but the best way to bring true profound
happiness trooper found peace trooper found tranquility is by following the
guidance that God has given see for yourself what Islam has to say because
it really is the path to happiness and truth in life back here on the Dean show with
we went to break I was mentioning some facts not fiction that suicide is on the
rise people have technologies on the rise but
depression is also mm-hmm and people are listening to music numb in their minds
and when you want to bring up let’s say the serious topic what’s the purpose of
life have you thought about this important question at that time you know
you had obviously money agent to the stars underground stars you were you
know indulging in your desires I mean there was a point where you’re probably
not even this question if someone asks you purpose of life it’s far from you
know thinking about it or enjoying it like just enjoying it having it probably
so if someone asks you look the life is short just get all you can right now
because that’s it it’s done just guess yeah what would you say Tom what so
today you know now that you know that you know the different take on things
yeah life is short you know every breath counts and every
breath today actually in our cities even it’s hard to breathe you know this even
gets hard today everything is done for us not to be able to have that
connection you know that spiritual connection whether it is through
remembrance just remembering and how can we not remember who created all this you
know going a little further in our reflection all this is given to us at
any minute every breath is given to you it’s a blessing every piece of food
every you know every step you take is a blessing in this world and how can you
not be thankful for that basically how can you just you know think okay all
these people you know talk about the energy going through or you know this
everlasting thing goes around but this has a creator to all this you know it
has to come back to the Creator you have to go this step this one step further
higher to the creator of all things and be thankful to him because he’s the one
who created all this you cannot be thankful to all this this is creation
this is not the Creator so that would be probably my that’s
where it starts being grateful and thankful them not being too proud to
turn to the one who created you and to thank him for all the breath that you
mentioned that we breathe that’s a blessing
mmm people right now they can just hold their breath see how long you can last
not your you can’t yeah gives you all this but we don’t even
think about this we are as we were saying numbed but not only by music we
are numbed you know in the city life also we’re numb by TV
we’re number all the screens you know I don’t haven’t had a TV for ten years
more than ten years when I go to someone’s place I’m totally hypnotized
by it so I can tell it’s a powerful tool very powerful tool the media right and
just discreet itself you know because you’ll be looking you know your it’s
your reptilian brain I go and see movement and light that’s all it needs
and then it’s get this distracted yeah that’s distraction right there that’s
already like starting to worship something else trying to you know you’re
just fascinated by something that’s not a lot about you yeah so for me it’s that
our society today has a a lot of thought a lot of you know traps so if someone
says how can you give up music I mean people go to sleep to Music Alarm to
music you know that’s all they they think about you know making a new CD put
in a car blast in it and just you don’t think about this reality the purpose of
life you know and going beyond the the partying the playing an amusement mmm so
what if someone’s tell how can you live without music you know I was I was right
there I was just having music 24 hours a day and I quit like this you know from
one day to the next I actually had through all my records you know it
wasn’t very transitioning but I had to you know make room basically so I did
and and you know hamdulillah I feel so much better and that he leads me to just
other places now this is where the silence is important you know what you
can hear yourself think here you think just being able to connect with with a
lot of the world oh that’s why we’re traveling now actually yeah you know a
lot of people can’t do that they can’t bear to be by themselves mhm because a
eternal pain kicks in yeah they have to be around people go there
to be in the pub in the bar drinking taking some substance because there’s a
void and they’re filling it with the wrong things you notice that very much
so and I’m trying today to fill it with the right things basically that’s what
we’re trying to do man fill it with what the medicine of the crater has given us
yes you know just all around us yeah it’s all around it and especially
in nature that’s my big thing now is to go the way we’re traveling now so we
know told you we are one had actually my wife and I we’re traveling to Nexus
hatch touring around the world meeting a lot of mothers you know brothers and
sisters and also spending time in those places were called organic farms yeah
where people they’re you know they’re very close to Islam mashallah because
that that direct connection with allah azza wajal you know and they’re very
much there and i think first it’s one of the main solution is out there actually
in those places in that kind of lifestyle because what’s coming today
you know as far the economic crisis as far as social crisis everything is
coinciding right now I am an in the cities is weak when we go out you know
it it gives full other meaning basically to what we’re able to practice to pray
in nature to have your you know your forefront forehead on the ground and the
earth it’s nothing too horrible to be appreciating you know the the Creator
by looking at his wonderful creation exactly isn’t it you just get no and I
never guess all of its you know people’s you know he created us in different
tribes so that we can meet each other that’s what’s done in the Quran you know
and and that’s what we’re doing this again so now before we leave you’re also
traveling the world with your wife yes and you started now and your
destination final destination God willing is where mica Mecca how’d you so
much to the first house of worship built by Abraham in soul oh yeah yes Adam even
even going back further so that your that’s your destination now I’m going to
travel the world mmm amazing from you know we started in
France Europe Iceland Greenland the u.s. in South
America and then New Zealand in South Australia in Seoul
through Asia online then – to make it yeah beautiful we got to go now but
there was also I forgot to mention the beginning the show there’s a famous UFC
Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Georges st. some tears MPs you guys you
speak the same language with many of the you know you said like look now we’ve
got a lot of people’s attention they’re listening and we hopefully we can get
him this someone get it to him and for all the other French people now and what
would you now that the door is open what would you encourage them to do so
to infrared to George yeah I love the results at Monterey see do the donations
the velocity the Wawa and culinarily keep em attracted search was admirably
extraordinaire do a capital on v.i.c at a to Momo satin earlier le pas and Zappa
Champa a newsie Dhoni a with average humidity but that so replaces the occur
at mimosa be partyi accused appreciate it was Depeche Li thus happily a
dramatic say to Scott Manju do not publish on the Korea would say you can
you don’t look as you develop later opted early porno Vinick Montano bundle
a la passivity Lexi dr.aman local media in China beautiful God willing that
message gets to him and everyone else that understands the French language
thank you for being with us here in the D shops is like a la yeah thank you so
much thank you now it’s a very important topic you know
that many of us were neglecting purpose of life why we’ve been created and we
shouldn’t have apathy towards this we should really think about it and you
want to model someone after someone who’s successful someone who’s made a
billion or a million and you look ok how they get there so how did this person
that live from music that was an agent to the stars who just engrossed himself
in materialism now he came to this wonderful way of
life that’s based on reasoning logic let’s put aside all of this these callow
and just senseless arguments that are made by people Islam we we obviously
know has nothing do with all these things that are
affiliated with it get to know it from the source
meet a Muslim ask these important questions and really use your mind that
the Creator has given you and weigh it out it’s easy to close the door on this
but open the door up and see what’s behind that door really get to know this
way of life that is from the crater it’s not an organized religion by man or men
but it’s organized but the one who created man and woman and everything in
creation the one who created creation and I guarantee you without a doubt it
will bring that peace that you’re looking for into your heart there’ll be
a new beginning a new start follow us on Facebook or like us on facebook follow
us on twitter and tune in every week to the deen show and let’s just I mention
that suicide and the antidepressants you know are on the rise the the the
pharmaceutical mark companies are making millions on people’s depression but why
stay depressed we’ll start right now leave you with some homework look ask
your Creator to guide you real simple not a man not a woman not the creation
but raise your hands up prostrate the way that Jesus prostrated and ask the
creator alone that just makes sense what’s eternally built inside you is
identifying with this ask the Creator alone to guide you establish a direct
connection even the stars such as Oprah Winfrey and many of these billionaires
they meditate they meditate daily 10 to 20 minutes in the morning ten to twenty
minutes at night to awaken this the spiritual side in them but you can do
something even greater than that take time to thank your crater for all the
blessings for the air that you’re breathing right now and all the
countless blessings that you get throughout the day
too many did too many to to enumerate on so thank him and ask him for guidance
let’s start there don’t let this program end and after it you’re being hypnotized
by the by the boombox and the TV do it right now we’ll see you next time here
in a Dean show until then peace be with you

Jean Kelley



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