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hello beloved's welcome back to my channel or to my channel for the first time this is a question that shows up in my inbox quite frequently and I haven't addressed the topic of business much on my channel I think I'm going to a little bit more just because people are asking about this quite a bit and I do have quite a bit of experience with numerous businesses I've been an entrepreneur on the side since I was 20 years old 19 or 20 so I've always been self-employed I've always had businesses and then I found my passion in yoga when I was about 26 and then I've studied it and I've turned it into a business and before I get into the five tips of how to turn your yoga into a business I do just want to address the question or this big misconception about money being unspiritual so if you're a yoga teacher or if you're in the conscious industry like if you have a business that is the conscious business that's a business that wants to help people most people who are teaching yoga probably started this because they want to help people and in order to help people the most we have to come from a full cup we can't be pouring people's cups with a depleted cup so this means we must be strong and abundant in all forms and the thing about money is there's this weird like idea that being unspiritual but if we want to help the world as much as we can of course we need money in today's modern world in order to do that like yeah it's very beautiful there's you know you can be a monk and give up your life and go sit in a cave and that's great especially for you but what impact is that actually having on the world today we have YouTube and we have ways that we can connect with everyone and it's definitely difficult keeping a spiritual practice while you're online all the time I'm constantly having a check in with myself and stay balanced with that but it's also an amazing opportunity to get your message out there and to help people as much as you and when we're doing welfare ourselves we inspire others to do well you know when we're chasing our dreams and we're having abundance in all forms that shows people that one it can be done and two there's nothing wrong with it of course I'm coming from a tantric perspective which really I work with the Goddess Lakshmi probably more than any other goddess I just resonate with her deeply and she is the goddess of prosperity in all forms the spiritual and material world and the key to this that I tell my clients especially is that you can be the most spiritual person and be you know a multimillionaire that's fine and you can be on Instagram saying that you're a yogi yoga teacher and be very detached detached from your spirituality from your spiritual self so these are just rules that we're all playing and you know if you're playing the role of a lawyer say really you know successful lawyer that doesn't mean that you're unspiritual the thing is is just really detaching from that role knowing like playing it but knowing that it's not reality and your true self really staying true to your true self so maybe you have a big number in your bank account but if you're doing your spiritual practice then you're remembering and staying in your truth and knowing that if that money disappeared one day your happiness and your inner peace will not be affected so it's okay to play these roles this everyone's playing a role you play the role of a sister a mother you know a co-worker you play out these roles and that's fine and you may be a lawyer you may be a yoga teacher not everyone who's on a spiritual path needs to be a yoga teacher so I'm rambling on a little bit about this but it is a topic that I'm seriously asked all the time it's brought up a lot and if I post anything like on my Instagram for example about you know business or success I do get a lot of messages trying to say that it's unspiritual long and sometimes when I see with a lot of other spiritual teachers all Highness wealth who are charging for their services and then there's some people attacking them for that saying that they shouldn't charge for spirituality and it's just an energy exchange and it's another form of abundance if I'm giving you something value that's going to add value to your life and make you more successful why wouldn't you pay me for that and you know exchanging energy it's the money is going to better my life the information is going to better your life so you know we both win-win so there's nothing unspiritual about that okay so top five ways in my opinion to turn your yoga into a business so number one is an interesting thing so I have been teaching at festivals all over the world for the last few years since I started teaching yoga really and I was when I first started teaching yoga I was in the east and I was around very like authentic teachers who you know when you're in their presence that they're really practicing and of course they're not you know in the Western world where we do have a lot like my practice is much more it's just better when I'm in the East because I don't have you know all these distractions even the level of consciousness is just different there and it does affect you so when I came over to the West and started working at festivals here there was such a shift in the teachers and I'm not saying anything bad about any teachers or anything like that but there has been a lot of times in America and Canada when I'm teaching and there's these diva yoga teachers and it just really surprised me because you know to be a yogi and to be practicing yoga that's really the opposite of the effect that it should have so these people clearly aren't really deep into their practice but they're you know they're online and taking pictures of them doing advanced poses and then they have a big following so then they show up with these events and they're really rude to the staff and like I used to volunteer at festivals too so I've had like a lot of teachers be rude to me as well and the thing is and this is for any like the things that I'm sharing here are really for any business and any career that you have like you have to respect people and you know not get into this diva or self-entitled kind of attitude and the thing is if you want to be successful and self employed you need to be nice to people sometimes you need to make sacrifices at the start of your career so I worked for free for a long time I obviously had like jobs on the side where I was making money as well but I would take when I first became a teacher I would take anything so events festivals I still work at some festivals for free because this is marketing for me but I've seen a lot of teachers turned down amazing events because they're not getting paid or they don't like the time slot that they're on and you need to really understand that from a business perspective we can't be cheap like picking and choosing at the start of our career we need to get out there so people know who we are we need to network and we need to be respectful of the organizers and the people who have taken the time to hire you even if it's not paid that's just sometimes how it is if you want to be a public speaker you know some of my favorite public speakers said that they were only working for free the first two years so they could get that experience so if it's something that you're passionate about make a few sacrifices stay humble and work your way up know that it's not all gonna come to you right away the second tip is to expand your offerings this is one of the best things about being a yoga teacher if you're in the health industry if you're in fitness yoga any of these topics there's so it's so broad there's so much that you can go so many places you can go with it and you're self-employed so you can you know write books ebooks you can have a YouTube channel you can be present on other social media platforms you can teach and offer people things like again some of it has to be for free all this time on YouTube for me I really don't make anything from YouTube so this is something that one I like helping people and from a business perspective of course it's getting your potential clients if you're online all the time and sharing what you have to offer so of course you need to expand out of that though you have to actually offer something and you know you might again with the sacrificing thing have to work in a studio for a couple years to get that experience full-time you know you have to put the hours in and then you can start expanding you have the knowledge you have the experience and really there's just so much you can do of course you need to be motivated and you need to have a clear vision but really the options are endless so expand outside of the studio you can do online programs you can do programs in person you can do retreats there's so much we can do so expand and you know really brainstorm on where you want your career to go tip number three is to study business one thing that I have learned is that Yogi's aren't really the best businesspeople of course there's exceptions but naturally I think we have this story that we tell ourselves that you know we want to help people and we want to remain humble and we want to be a yogi so we don't actually want to approach it like a business because something about business and money and that whole idea is unspiritual and it's inauthentic there's you know this huge misconception with that but if you want to be successful if you want to help the world as much as you can and be abundant you need to understand business at least a little bit so if you're gonna hold retreats if you're going to you know do anything with money and you need to be organized take some business lessons read some business books I've been reading business books since I was like 16 I've been reading finance books like I have a general understanding there's still it's you know it's confusing stuff so if it confuses you don't be you know don't feel bad about it but have a general idea of how to manage a business it's obviously very important if that's what you want to do so number four is to network and again this can apply to any business you need to network you need to know the community you should know your customers as well but you should know the community know what's happening in it watch other people and see what they're doing and see what successful people in the business are doing and meet with them I had a couple mentors when I first started teaching yoga and I have followed in their footsteps with many things my approach to my own business I learned a lot so if you can again it's starting from you know making the sacrifice ask someone if they can if you can help them for free just so you can learn from them and go to festivals and know other teachers know the teachers who are doing well and who are teaching what you want to teach you know we're not expected to do everything on our own if you talk to anyone who's successful entrepreneur or in business they'll tell you that they didn't do it on their own they've probably had a group that they even meet with and inspire each other or they have community so the last tip number five is to give back and maybe you're thinking okay I'm not making that much money right now and the thing is maybe not everyone will agree with this but I have always felt this in my life that when you give back it always comes back tenfold to you so when I was broke University student and I really I remember I had 15 dollars to my name one time and there was a homeless man on the street and I went in and bought him some food and we had lunch together and that was basically half of the money that I had for that whole week and miraculously it came back to me three times more at the next evening and I had food for the week so that's just like a quick example but this has happened to me my whole life I always give back and I always get it in return the universe feels that you know and again it's an energy exchange it's always coming back to you because you're on that frequency of giving you're on the frequency of giving and receiving when I first started my business I didn't have much money I didn't know how I was paying my rent and I did a fundraiser for people over in the Middle East there was some issue there's always issues going on there unfortunately but there was some big issues going on and I saw it on the news and I was just torn up about it so I did this fundraiser and I'm I think I ended up making more money purse than if I didn't have that fundraiser because it actually ended up giving me all this attention and you know I was being featured in different blogs and on the news that wasn't my intention with that I just really felt like I needed to help these people or try to and it turned out to be beneficial for me as well and of course once you start making more money and you're attracting more abundance then you have the opportunity to help people even more which I think at the end of the day that's what we all want to do for teaching yoga I hope so anyways so once you have money you can give back way more so don't feel bad about wanting to have material success just don't identify with it so those are my top five tips for turning your yoga into a business if you have any questions again and again if you like this topic and want to learn more about it please let me know in the comments and thank you so much for watching Satnam you

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    But don't you feel most of these teachers charge a lot of money,..most people on the awakening journey come from middle class or lower backgrounds they already are worried about paying bills and then on top of that they have to save for healing work it is like another matrix/trap altogether

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    This video could just as easily have been titled, "How to succeed in life". All were good points, but I especially like the first one, being humble. Regardless of stature or really any demographic, people are of equal value and should be treated as such. Truly humble people recognize this fact. Krystal, I hope you realize how valuable and needed your message is. 🙏🙏

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    With that being said, I'd definitely love to see you make more videos about this considering you are very experienced. Give thanks much love!

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