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Top 10 BEST Alternatives to Animal Crossing | PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox

with the new animal crossing finally
having launched if for whatever reason you’re not able to play it just yet here
are the get indie gaming top 10 similar games to Animal Crossing in terms of how
they play and how they make you feel we’re sure we’ll keep you busy in the
meantime up first in this animal crossing inspired rundown forager landed
on home PC the Nintendo switch and PlayStation 4 in April of last year we
can kind of guess what many of you might be thinking as it’s not the most pretty
of games to feature in this list although to pass it up because how it
looks would be a grave error as in fairness the design sparsely as it is is
unashamedly low fire and low-key graphics definitely keep the game
running nice and smoothly in what at times are incredibly busy sections with
plenty of on-screen action all going on at the same time well the early few
hours are focused in resource acquisition and building these
activities can soon be automated which takes away any kind of grind you might
feel had these tasks required constant attention where forager really succeeds
though is within its crafting systems with them not only being really good fun
but they’re also super simple and free you up to be able to create a huge array
of items and it’s never boring in doing so the mini Zelda like dungeons are also
well implemented and are worth getting into now we missed forage a first time
around when it launched on PC and we’ve loved our time with it on the switch a number 9 and first out back in 2014
and available on nearly every platform aside from the switch castaway paradise
features a tropical island setting and just like the other characters you have
an animal crossing all of the other villagers are animals most of your time
spent in castaway paradise sees you helping your fellow residents as you go
about making the island that little bit better for you all to live on there’s
plenty of fruits to be grown weeds to be tied it away and flowers to be picked
it’s pretty much a chilled affair and while you can go out catching fish this
might be that little bit too much for some with it easy just to sit around and
relax whilst enjoying your beautiful surroundings coming up next and from the
creator of Harvest Moon little dragon cafes best bits come from how it’s able
to harvest a tangible sense of communal spirit and we think it’ll gel rather
nicely with fans of the Animal Crossing franchise you play as one of a set of
twins who after their mother falls sick are asked to take over in the running of
the family cafe you’ll also happen to look after raised
and nurtured dragon within a story that’s pretty nonsensical although that
doesn’t really matter too much aside from running the cafe
you can also set out and explore the world with your sibling and Dragon and
while doing so undertake cooking minigames the usual farming like
activities and of course chatting with others it’s also super chilled and
utterly delightful little dragon cafe is available on PC PlayStation 4 and the
Nintendo switch from late December 2018 and are number
seven in this games like Animal Crossing countdown is garden pause like a few
others in this rundown you begin having inherited a farm with you having to
expand it while also build up the town close to where you live you do this by
earning coins from running a shop which can be supplemented by exploring caves
where you can find and take home treasure we quite liked how you’re able
to play as a number of animals from say a rabbit’s a cat a bird and badger and
even a horse once your town begins to grow more characters arrive to come and
live which unlocks more items and more quests for you to undertake with no
enemies to fight this really is a super enjoyable and casual game that also
happens to look and sound pretty darn nice as well you can play a garden pause
on your home PC by way of steam we also hear it’s coming out soon ish on the
switch first out way back in 2011 with later ports onto consoles handhelds and
mobiles terraria has gone on to sell more than 27 million copies across the
various platforms while more sandbox and simulation it offers many things to make
such games as Animal Crossing so appealing to so many people with its
game player revolving around exploration building crafting and mining or within a
procedurally generated world however unlike others in this list there are
plenty of enemies and nasties to fight which include boss battles so we concede
this won’t be to everybody’s taste although we thought it worth sharing
here particularly for anyone who might not have come across it before and at number five and somewhat of a
curveball for this list although if you are looking to mirror the charm and
grace as you find with an animal crossing you’ll find plenty here and
with it having one of the most enjoyable narratives out of the whole of last year
we taxi Oni sees you play as Kai as she visits the titular island in what’s
described as a mutant soap opera full of small-town pleasantly gossipy
individuals with a fine dose of the supernatural
what’s so astute with what mitat Sione is able to do is how the writing makes
you feel and care about each of the characters within the painterly
hand-drawn environments and while evidently not within the same genre as
Animal Crossing it shares so much and how it can make you feel while playing
the game we taxi Oni is out now on PlayStation 4
and on home pcs in fourth place in this rundown well it feels there isn’t too
much left to be said about this magical not so little darling of the indie game
community first out in 2016 with it seeing you quit your job in the city
before moving to a farm you’ve recently inherited like many if not all of the
games in this Animal Crossing like showcase it delivers a huge wedge of
charming gameplay and the interactions you have with really getting to know
your fellow townspeople being key to just how great this game can be then
with its fishing mining planting collecting and the odd bit of combat
here and there stardew valley is still one of the games we come back to time
and time again when we want to play something that’s just so kind and full
of happiness moving into the top three and jumping right onto the first rung of
the podium is my time in porsche visually it’s one of the best games
within the whole of this rundown with its vibrant colors
sparkling cartoony looking characters and striking environments which extends
outwards to all of the other animals and creatures you find as you go about your
business in a few words well it really is well it’s rather beautiful it’s also
essentially about building and pulling things together with an ax gameplay Lou
hunting crafting planting and farming around my time in Porsche is really
engaging and as the days pass and seasons change you have different
holidays and celebrations with which you and your fellow NPCs can all rally
behind the resource management side of things is also really well implemented
and super easy to organise the combat sections are also pretty cool and like
everything else within my time in Porsche it’s super easy to lose yourself
for hours at a time my time in Porsche came out in early 2019 for home PCs and
all of the usual consoles my time coming in at number 2 yonder cloud catcher
Chronicles was released in the summer of 2017 on the PC the PlayStation 4 and the
Xbox with it also making its way to the switch in May the following year like
many of the games in this rundown much of the appeal comes from its super
relaxing gameplay adventure loops or you can journey across the island of yonder
where you’re free to roam about the place doing this you so please as you do
you’ll come across 8 different biomes each of which having their own
distinctive look and feel but also their own creatures who you’re able to
befriend by offering them goodies from your inventory we really enjoyed the
parts of the game where you can take on a number of jobs around the place from
running your own little farm having a go at say tailoring becoming a chef or even
being a carpenter and so doing you’re able to help out your fellow residents
with its deep player customization and vibrant world you can do basically what
you want to do at your own pace yonder the cloud catcher Chronicles is a fine
gem to uncover if you’ve yet to do so at number one kind words is so unlike
and like animal crossing and it’s certainly not a sim and some people
might even doubt whether it’s a game however it does offer in places things
fans of new leaf will instantly recognize with also offering a
magnificent and yet again wholesome overall experience in kind words you
send and receive letters by way of a deer in a post person’s cap each of
these letters are from real people around the world and what’s a testament
to whatever filters the developers have in place the content of the letters are
so very reminiscent of those you might receive within the animal crossing
letter system much of the time it’s people are asking for help or advice and
you’re able to respond and just like animal crossing letters arrive the
moment is sent so far everything we’ve seen within kind words is so very
uplifting and in these uncertain times it’s a fine place to wile away a few
hours while waiting to get hold of the new animal crossing ok so those are our
picks of the best 10 alternate games to play while you wait to get hold of the
new animal crossing let us know your favorites down in the comments and hit
that like button also not forgetting to subscribe for more indie game lists
reviews and first impressions many thanks for watching we’ll see you all
again here next time

Jean Kelley



  1. Get Indie Gaming Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Hi everyone, some thing a little different from us today. Hope you enjoy and many thanks for watching.

  2. Jean Kelley Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    nice content bro

  3. Frie Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    I think you should review some of the best sandbox indie games of Q1

  4. Alfonso V Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    Lovely list, thank you so much!

  5. Jean Kelley Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    amazing video keep up the amazing content

  6. Jay marlin Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    DOOM Eternal

  7. SonicMania999 Posted on March 21, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Kudos for coming up with this list, especially the top 3 which are beautiful, underrated games!

  8. Thomas Wastlhuber Posted on March 21, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Thx for the vid

  9. el Cheshire Ilustracion Posted on March 21, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    This is perfect. Not only because of the current situation really took me by surprise as an illustrator, and I don´t see getting Animal Crossing in the near future; but also because I just got Mutazione last week, so I´m gonna dig into that one soon enough.

    Great video, and remember to wash your hands!

  10. Prinnydad Nope Posted on March 21, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks a lot for this list, it is very welcome !

    Fantasy Life, while only available on 3DS, is also a great game in this genra for anyone able to get its hand on it.
    You can chose one vocation, and switch as you want, to explore the world in as watever you want. There's a real freedom in how you want to go on with your own adventure, farming, levels and the like.
    The DLC, while more content is always welcome, is grindy and is kinda overkill, as it make any pre-DLC content obsolete. I'd recommend it only to those wanting more challenge and already cleared the main game of everything.

  11. Julián Ramírez Posted on March 21, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    I really need to get Kind Words. Feels like the perfect game for this situation.

  12. SadDiplodocus Posted on March 22, 2020 at 12:43 am

    I think A Short Hike is the perfect alternative. You get to make the cutest animal friends and have super wholesome moments, and get to do stuff with them like fishing, racing, sightseeing, shell collecting and, of course, Beachstickball!

  13. Kara Rohatinovici Posted on March 22, 2020 at 3:29 am


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    Really cool list! I would also recommend checking out Non-Violent Game Of The Day on twitter if that is something you enjoy about animal crossing, since they cover A LOT of games, many of which have many similarities to animal crossing (especially in terms of how you feel playing).

  15. mxporygon2 Posted on March 22, 2020 at 3:54 am

    Games look great and the ones I have played are really good. Added two to my list. But I have to say how unique is Animal Crossing.
    Most games in this list cover just one or two aspects of AC, the animals, the collecting, the farming, the mailing or the happiness (didn't catch if one uses real time), but so far we don't have an indie or even other game for that matter that tries to be Animal Crossing-like.

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    bizarre you didn't include Farm Together

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