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TONIC ALCHEMY : Reishi Cappuccino elixir *^morning ritual^*

Good morning guys, welcome to PLANTED! I have Jess in the kitchen today and she’s gonna teach you how to make a reishi cappuccino Hey babes, I’m so excited for this I’m actually very, very passionate about
tonic herbs and about 12 years ago I learnt how to make this particular drink
it’s called the reishi cappuccino from a store called Erewhon, which is like a
super-richy free health food store in Los Angeles, but this drink has truly changed
my life, it’s centred around the mushroom, medicinal mushroom called the
Reishi mushroom, which is the mushroom of immortality and the reason they call it
that in Chinese medicine is because of its immune-boosting properties and its
ability to help to soothe anxiety. So I know that we’re all feeling quite
anxious in the world right now, So I’m so excited to share this recipe with
you. Alright to start, half a cup of boiling hot water, now I’ve actually
added this gynostemma tea as the base for my drink, it’s gynostemma tea, this one is spring dragon from Tea Garden. If you can’t get your hands on any gynostemma tea, then half a cup of boiling hot water is completely fine. So that’s step
one. Now secondly you need a blender, I have a
Vitamix which is a pretty expensive high-powered blender, but truly any
blender will do, a nutribullet, anything like that will be perfect. So you’re
gonna add half a cup of your hot water or gynostemma tea, as your base for this
drink. Secondly, your reishi powder now this one is Mason’s Mushrooms, I got
this from the health food store. You can get reishi mushroom powder from pretty
much any health food store now around the world, this one has a bunch of
different mushrooms in it, but as long as it has reishi in it, you’re kicking goals. Lisa: You’re good to call it a reishi cappuccino. Okay so, it’s about a teaspoon full of
reishi powder, I sorta keep it up to a bit more than a teaspoon, because I really
need to chill out… quite a lot.. So I go hard on that. Alright next ingredient is a
teaspoon of organic raw cacao powder, which is raw chocolate without the dairy
and without the sugar and it’s awesome. This stuff helps to
open up your heart chakra, it’s really nourishing full of antioxidants it’s
really, really important thing. Chocolate really isn’t that bad when it’s this
kind of thing. Alright next we’re gonna add some coconut oil, you want to add
about a tablespoon it’s fine if it’s not melted this is melted because we’re here
in Queensland and it’s very, very hot. I sort of add just a splash of this, now
that’s got really great fats for your brain, very, very important to start your
day with your good fats and then next I’m gonna add your stevia which is a
herb that tastes like sugar, I know it’s incredible, but without any of the
negative effects of sugar. Lisa: Damn miracle. Damn miracle.
This one is stevia vanilla cream sweet drops. I’m gonna add like half of vial of
it, cuz I don’t like my drinks too sweet you want more, you can always add a little bit more. Now that’s done, we can start to blend that as it is, I’m gonna add one more
ingredient, because I prefer to have mine with a scoop of tocotrienols, which is
this stuff here and it is a powdered vitamin E and this is really, really
great obviously for your skin, for your insides, for your brain, everything so I’m just going
to an extra teaspoon of that. Not necessary, but for me it really does help. Alright, guys almost ready to blend… I’m gonna add a little bit of oat life
milk, which is just oat milk or any milk that you like… Add it in there and then we’re gonna blend this up. You wanna high power blend it. To get it really frothy… but you don’t want to blend it for too
long otherwise it goes cold, but you can always top it up with hot water. Alright we’re gonna pour this into my super-cute cup that Lis bought me… Lisa: Let’s get a good view of that Look how frothy this is you guys, it
tastes like a hot chocolate but with all the immune boosting properties of
medicinal mushrooms reishi cappuccino. Now this serves as a part that you can
add into your regime for your morning coffee, if you wanna add coffee to it, you
can add your coffee to it, but trust me when I say you don’t need it we have an
amazing coffee machine here but when I have this, I don’t need coffee, it makes
you feel that good. I’m gonna give Lisie a taste right now because that’s
what they do on cooking shows they give… Okay I’ll taste test it. It’s my favourite thing ever. It’s so good you guys. I love it. I’m gonna leave a list below for you
guys of where to get my favourite brands to make this drink and happy drinking!

Jean Kelley



  1. Kerrie Collard Posted on March 23, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    Cant wait to try this. I usually use tinctures in tea but that looks a whole lot yummier. Does Logan know much about growing your own mushrooms? Ive just started looking into it so any advice on that would be awesome 😊

  2. Yamaliz Ortiz Posted on March 24, 2020 at 12:20 am

    Thank you Jess! I think I need to try this for my anxiety. I'll try it soon and let you know my experience.Thank you and please keep doing this videos I love it! 🤗

  3. Abbey Bailey Posted on March 24, 2020 at 1:48 am

    I am lovinggggg these videos, its totally gonna help me get through these times !!! xxxxxx