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Through Gates Of Splendor Ch 5 Expendable for God

hi there this is charm a back again with through gates of splendor and we are going to have chapter five expendable for god that's kind of hints at what to come doesn't it okay you're gonna have to forgive my pronunciation of some of these words because I have no clue how to say them hey Violeta you are moon the little plane is coming into hearing these words shouted by the Indians announced to Jim and Pete and other missionaries in the Orient that the bright yellow Piper of the missionary aviation fellowship was about to land on the air station airstrip the most welcome sound in the jungle was the approaching hum of its engine the missionary would interrupt his business for the morning treating a baby for impetigo selling a bottle of worm medicine teaching the Bible class or sawing boards for a building there would be a grand scramble to clear the strip the missionary would pace it for a final check of the surface and then when dogs and children were at a safe distance the plane would glide onto the grass as the prop stopped spinning the door would swing open and a sunburned sandy haired man with a wide grin and Frank blue eyes would hop out Nate Saint the man whose vision had changed the missionary life in the jungle Nate would dig out the cargo listed for that station checking aloud the list which his wife Marge had made out for him beforehand let's see a sack of flour fifteen gallons of diesel oil meat vegetables two brooms and the mail your penicillin is in the mail sack guess that's it how's it going yet as the two men talked beside the plain Indians would eagerly gather around one would stand rubbing one leg down the back of the other continuously to keep off the flies a baby would cry or a dog would escape from the captivity of a child nothing would distract the Indians from looking at the plain no matter how many times they had seen it and then without warning a tiny alarm would sound Nate's watch a methodical man he had figured out exactly how much time he could spend in the station and still make his deadline home before sundown or if he had another flight scheduled he would know precisely when he must take off for that after piling and lashing down the empty diesel oil cans in the back of his plane for refilling at his headquarters in shell Mira and rechecking his list he would jump in fasten safety belt and shoulder harness wave goodbye and take off it was a bright spot in the week for the isolated missionary man there's nobody like old Nate and would say to Mary Lou as they walked back to the house truly the coming of Nate st. with the piper had marked the beginning of a new way of life on the isolated mission stations of this jungle area heretofore the missionary and his family would be completely cut off from the outside world long months at a time four six eight days of heartbreaking struggle hold on just a there we go of heartbreaking struggle on dangerous jungle trail separated him from medical and other help then one-by-one air strips were hacked from the jungle radio transmitters and receivers were installed in the airplane when it came covered in five minutes the distance of a long hard day on the trail housing was vastly improved from vermin ridden bamboo and short-lived thatch to boards cut and planed by machinery brought in by air Nate worked out a special frame underneath his plane for hauling sheets of aluminum these provided a durable and easily constructed roof electric light plants and fuel to run them kerosene refrigerators filing cabinets stoves power saws and cement all helped to make life in the jungle safer healthier and more efficient Nate and his wife Marge arrived in the Orient in September 1948 his first job there was to set up some kind of living quarters for himself in Marsh in shell Mira a tent sufficed during the weeks he was building a small frame house which soon became warehouse dormitory toolshed but the job of serving the missionaries was not allowed to wait until the Saints were comfortably settled up Nate had come down as a pilot of the missionary aviation fellowship an interdenominational organization founded by 2x Navy pilots whose aim it was to transport evangelical missionaries their supplies their sick to and from remote outposts thus by lightening the physical burden which the missionary carries because of the primitive nature of his surroundings the MAF could hit give him more time and energy for his spiritual ministry almost at once Nate started ferrying missionaries in his plane transporting their cargo making courtesy flights and handling all the maintenance on the Wayne himself March began entertaining all the missionaries and their visitors who came through shall Mira there these were numerous and she was the only available hostess from miles around she never knew whether supper she should be cooking for two or twelve and they eat like harvest hands she said I cook what I think ordinary people would eat and then double it for the stringent requirements of their unique job Nate and Marge were eminently suited Nate's appreciation of Marge's role was once too expressed in a letter how glad I am to have you working at my side always I have felt that I had sufficient snort and drive for the sprints but God knew I would need a flywheel to study me for the long haul Nate's first concern in flying was that it should be safe efficient and economical missionaries who used to travel the old trails made sure they weren't carrying anything that wasn't necessary today in the airplane we to make sure we don't carry anything that isn't necessary when our mission bought the plane it had nice soft seats in it but we found that these seats weighed almost eight pounds each so we decided to use harder seats that weighed only one pound and take seven pounds of extra food and cargo every ounce counted in a plane of this type when Nate found that the streamlined wheelcovers were collecting mud he took them off characteristically make turned this to spiritual illustration when life's flight is over and we unload our cargo at the other end the fellow who got rid of unnecessary weight will have the most valuable cargo to present to the Lord Nate had always regarded himself as expendable for the cause of Christ in a short sermon delivered over the missionary radio station hcj be the voice of the andes in quito he shared his belief with others during the last war we were taught to recognize that in order to obtain one object our objective we had to be willing to be expendable this very afternoon thousands of soldiers are known by their serial numbers as men who are expendable we know there is only one answer to our country's demand that we share in the price of freedom yet when the Lord Jesus asks us to pay the price for world evangelization we often answer without a word we cannot go we say it costs too much God himself laid down the law when he built the universe he knew when he made it what the price was gonna be God didn't hold back his only son but gave him up to pay the price for our failure and sin missionaries constantly face expendability jesus said jesus said there is no man that hath left house or brethren or sisters or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake and the gospel's but shall receive a hundredfold now in this time and in the world to come eternal life however Nate's convictions about expendability did not lessen that sense of caution which is ingrained in the fiber of any first-rate flyer on the contrary his brain teamed with ideas for improving the safety of his plane I am trying to steer clear of gimmicky for the sake of giving he wrote nevertheless I can help the gadgets I can't help the gadgets that run through my head but I do try to sort out stuff that might have some value one of the devices of real value which he put into operation was an alternate fuel system he often tried out his ideas on his older brother Sam an airline pilot with long experience in the field of Aeronautics as I said about the jungle listening for the symptoms of trouble that I never want to hear Nate wrote to Sam I have in the back of my mind little things like the fuel line that fell off in my hand in Mexico a few years back the flare had broken off one end of the tubing but natural spring tension had kept it in place I also think of the quick work of mud wasps when they decide to plug our stuff that might have some value one of the devices of real value which he put into her operation was an alternate full fuel system he often tried out his ideas oh darn it didn't int I'm sorry page didn't turn I'll go back I have in the back of my mind little things like the fuel line that fell off in my hand in Mexico a few years ago the flare had broken off and one end of the tubing but natural spring tension had kept it in place I also think of the quick work of mud wasps when they decide to plug up a fuel event to be sure I am also impressed by the dire consequences to my passengers not to mention my own bones if I should come out on the short end somewhere over these tall trees while turning over in his mind methods of eliminating a breakdown in the fuel system Nate was working one day at the hangar at Shell Mira when he noticed a truck and route to ambato high in the Andes trucks in that region were not common and this one had an additional attention catcher a small boy was clinging to the roof at the cab holding a 5-gallon can of gas and a siphon while an older boy sat on the front fender holding the lower end of the siphon pointed in the direction of the carburetor under the partially opened hood whatever had caused the failure of the regular fuel system here was a truck preparing for an ascent of 6,000 feet most of the way in second or third gear with a great deal of shifting while a boy metered gas to the engine through a rubber hose makes lively imagination immediately transferred this method of feeding gas to his own need he lifted the cowl of his plane removed the temperature gauge fitting from the intake manifold and squirted in gasoline each squeeze on the gas loaded tube produced a burst of power encouraged by his experimentation he went into the kitchen and borrowed one of Marge's cooking oil tins to use as an auxiliary three gallon tank to provide a streamlined fairing for the tank he had sent an Indian boy for a piece of balsa wood which the lab obtained by chopping down an eight-foot balsa tree the tank and fairing were then strapped to the Struck's on struts under the left wing salvaged fittings strainers and a screw type valve finished the rig Nate mounted the valve on the firewall and and extended a control rod to the instrumental power panel so far so good but darkness forced him to wait until morning to test his homemade safety device he put in a sleepless night thinking of various reasons why his idea was totally impractical but still there was that truck racing along in second gear without its normal fuel soy source then – from his long experience as a mechanic he knew that the complexity of a modern carburetor arises from the need to accelerate smoothly from slope speeds to higher speeds and the dead engine in the air he told himself will windmill fast enough to stay out of those critical lower speeds the next morning first test proved that the alternate fuel system could work without a hitch on the ground the moment had come to test it in the air he described the situation the experience 2,000 feet above the landing strip I pulled the mixture control to idle cutoff it was quite a novel experience for a fellow who had listened so long hoping never to hear it happen but a turn of the new little t-handle on the instrument panel brought with it a wonderful feeling as the engine wound back up to smooth full power for the next 20 minutes the normal fuel source was shut off tight even though the carburetor was bypassed completely the engine never missed it picked up from the wind milling conditions without a cough I put the plane into every imaginable altered attitude at various power settings it never failed faltered feeling for the best mixture setting with the emergency t-handle was no more difficult than leaning the engine with the regular mixture control same thing the whole rig tank and all weighs only 4 pounds the only thing it has in common with the ship's fuel system is the engine it takes care of all the common troubles such as clogged vents and broken lines with the simplicity and low cost of a deal like this why do we fly along with our only source of fuel supply in jeopardy at several points between 10 an engine and no alternative we are all sold on dual ignition why not an alternate fuel system for emergencies with government permission every MAF plane now goes out to the Jing jungle a safer mission machine because it is equipped with Nate's alternate fuel system another ingenious invention of Nate's has astonished many in the aviation world he developed the method of lowering a canvas bucket from an airplane in full flight into the hands of a person on the ground this spiraling line technique as he called it later made possible the first direct contact with the alkis a kind of canvas bucket is let out behind the airline airplane on a line about 1,500 feet long as the airplane goes into a tight turn the bucket moves toward the center of the circle the drag of the cord across the circle overcoming the centrifugal forces tending to throw the bucket outward as the bucket moves towards the center it falls until it eventually hangs almost motionless at the bottom or vortex of an inverted cone not only could the person on the ground receive mail medicine and small parcels but more important could send messages or other things back to the airplane as the bucket is pulled up again sometimes Nate substituted a telephone wire with for the cord with a field telephone in the bucket in this way he could talk by telephone to a missionary on a sandbar or in a jungle clearing in areas where there were no landing strips one of the essential safety majors measures was the maintenance at all times of shortwave contact with the plane this was Marge's job whenever the plane was in the air she stood by for regular checks of locations altitude and fuel load she checked on weather conditions in shell Mira and kept in touch with the missionary – who station Nate was flying for a check oh darn I'm sorry this is God canceling this one I mean pardon me pardon me I'm so done Chad's keep popping up and hiding the print so I can't see

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