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The Story Behind Blue-Eyes White Dragon | Yu-Gi-Oh! Lore

Seto Kaiba’s signature monster, the
Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of, if not arguably the most, iconic monster card of
all time. Bbut though it’s widely known and recognized, not everyone knows the
full story behind Blue-Eyes White Dragon. What’s going on people gunsblazing back
at it again welcoming you to yet another episode of yugioh lore. There are hidden
stories behind the card art and we’re here to expose them. Behind the names, the stats, the effects, and so on. And as for blue-eyes, there’s some stories that are
not so hidden like in the manga and anime, and some that you may not have
known too much about. But don’t worry we’ll get into both today. So why is
Kaiba so obsessed with this monster? Why is it even called the white dragon when
it looks blue? Is the dress blue or white and gold? All these questions and
more getting answered right now. So to know blue-eyes we have to know Seto Kaiba. Seto and blue-eyes go way back. And I
mean so far back that we have to take a look at his past incarnation from
thousands of years ago, Priest Seto. Now this Seto was extremely intelligent
just like his modern incarnation, setting the highest-ever test scores
within the pharaoh’s court. He also has that classic ruthlessness in him. But
nonetheless, he was a noble priest, loyal to his people and to the Pharaoh. In
other words he was brutal, but despite that, he also had a strong sense of
justice. This is displayed in the fifth and final season of the original anime
series where Yugi and friends traveled back in time to ancient Egypt, where Seto
and the Pharaoh lived. And of course, spoiler alert from now on for anyone
that hasn’t and is planning to watch this season. The gang stumbles upon
priest Seto who was defending a strange looking woman being stoned.
The reason they stone her is because they see her some kind of threat. Her
strange appearance with white hair and blue eyes is seen as some kind of a bad
omen. This is Kisara. Yugi and friends can’t
actually do anything to help her since, physically, they’re not part of this
realm. Thankfully Seto scares off the crowd by threatening to punish anyone who sticks around and afterwards sends Kisara to a private room to get all the
food and water that she needs to recover. During the encounter Shada senses a
power within her that’s potentially similar to the Egyptian gods. If it
wasn’t already obvious, that’s the Blue-Eyes White Dragon within her. Seto
also notices that she looks extremely familiar, because in fact this isn’t the
first time he encountered her. So let’s go even further back into his childhood.
Seto came across a group of slave traders that kept a young girl captive.
He notices her yelling and decides to help her by breaking her out and sending
her off, to which she tells him she’ll repay the favor one day. Little did both
of them know that it would be this day. As Seto turns around he sees that his
village is being burnt to the ground. He tries to fight off the criminals that
are setting fire to the village, but alas, this was a direct retaliation of the
slave traders because he set free the slave girl that they captured. Before
they can hurt Seto though, Kisara unleashes the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and
Burst Streams them off the face of the planet – which brings us to the next part
of our story. To fully understand Blue-eyes and Kisara
we need to know about “Ka” and “Ba”. These are real-life ancient Egyptian concepts,
but to keep it simple, we’ll only talk about how they relate to the YuGiOh
world. Each person has a Ka and a Ba – a spirit and a soul. The soul or the BA
refers to what makes you you. It’s your personality. It’s the part of you that can
be considered either good or evil. Your BA is also your life force, meaning if
you run out of it then technically you’re dead. Life Points (LP) are the
modern-day equivalent of Ba, which is why you lose a duel when your life points hit
zero. Ka, on the other side, is your spirit. In the yugioh world it’s your
“Spirit Monster” as well – every person has one. A person with a good soul will
have a good spirit monster and vice versa – evil spirit=evil soul. Meaning
what your monster is is literally a reflection of what kind of person you
are. Another interesting thing about Ka (or spirit monster) is that they can be
separated from a person’s body and sealed in a stone tablet, so that they
can be summoned to fight. (Duels/Diaha) Seto would actually extract the evil
Ka from criminals to reduce the crime rate and use those evil spirits to fight
greater evils. And there you go, that’s what Pegasus based Monster Cards off of.
But see, this is why Kisara is different. A normal person’s Ka and Ba are
separate entities. This means that a person can still live on even if their
Ka (or Spirit Monster) is taken away from them. With kisara, her soul and
spirit monster (her Ka and her Ba) are intertwined. This is something unique and
has a lot of consequences that don’t happen to normal
people. First of all, it changes her appearance, which is the reason for her
pale skin, her blue eyes, and her white hair. While mostly white, it has a bluish
tint to it, making it look blue in the shadow. This kind of explains why the
white dragon is usually depicted with this blue color, but hey, whether you buy
that explanation is up to you. Moving on. Because her Ka and Ba
intertwined, Ksara is actually unable to summon the
Blue-Eyes White Dragon unless she’s unconscious. For a while, she didn’t even
know that this power existed inside of her. It only really came out when Seto
needed her help. It also shows her true personality as
well as a personality of blue eyes, since the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a
reflection of her inner meekness, light, and strength. Although blue-eyes’
description states that is a powerful engine of destruction, the Dragon has
historically never harmed people unless it was forced to. This shows that Kisara
and blue eyes are not only powerful because of the raw power they possess,
but because they have a selfless restraint to hold that power back. To
illustrate this keep in mind that Blue-Eyes White Dragon didn’t even come
out when Kisara herself was being stoned and potentially fatally harmed. But the
moment you dared to put the ones that she cares about in danger, that’s when
you’re taking a nice clean Hwaitto Laitoning Attaku to the eye socket. The
last unique thing about having her soul intertwined with blue-eyes’ spirit is
that if blue-eyes gets sealed in a stone tablet, Kisara will die, since blue-eyes
is also her spirit and her life force. If you separate it from her then she’s
done for, unlike normal people who can still live on without their Ka. Enter
Aknadin, Seto’s father and the one who wants to
extract blue-eyes from Kisara. To keep it short,
Aknadin is the twin brother of Aknamkanon, father of the Pharaoh, Atem. So yeah,
that does mean that these two were cousins back then. The thing is, growing
up, Seto didn’t even know that Aknadin was his father. Aknadin abandoned Seto
and his wife to keep them safe but when he saw how great his child had become
and how smart he was. he wanted him to become the Pharaoh instead of Aknamkanon’s
son. Through jealousy and corruption, Aknadin planned to give Seto the power of
the Blue-Eyes White Dragon so that he could usurp the Pharaoh, even at the cost
of killing Kisara. His son of course refused because he
cared about Kisara and was loyal to the
Pharaoh, something that’s actually very surprising after seeing how Kaiba treats
yugi and yami-yugi in the modern-day world.
Now despite Seto saying no, Aknadin tries to force the issue onto him and
attempts to mind-control the boy. More specifically, he tries to get Seto
to kill the Pharaoh. But for now Seto can still resist most of the
mind-control and Kisara senses this. Kisara comes running to his aid. On her
way she encounters Kaiba and mistakes him for Seto wearing weird clothes.
He was really caught off guard here because she’s the only person that can
see him in this realm, showing that their bond is so strong, it transcends
time and space. After she reaches his side to protect him, they are reunited
once again, but they didn’t realize that this was an elaborate bait by Aknadin
in order to capture the Blue-eyes White Dragon. Aknadin aims an attack at
Seto knowing that Kisara would act. She steps in the way and takes the
attack for Seto, knocking her unconscious. Aknadin then seals
blue-eyes into the tablet, sealing Kisara’s fate. With no one left to protect
Seto, Aknadin possesses him and steers him to kill the Pharaoh with the
Blue-eyes White Dragon. But with whatever remained of her soul, Kisara protected Seto
from evil one last time. She denied Aknadin his command to use Blue-eyes white
dragon to attack the Pharaoh and banished him from Seto’s mind. And
finally, she passed on blue-eyes white dragon spirit fully to Seto, making him
the new keeper of the Ka as she passed away.
Although Blue-eyes and Kisara were intertwined ,that doesn’t mean that
Kisara lives on in Seto, as sad as that may seem. But at least she left him
with a power to protect his people and those he loved, and the light to guide
that power. I feel inclined to point out that the anime doesn’t do this couple justice, missing out on key lines and character development. As I briefly
mentioned earlier, in the manga, Seto wanted the Blue-eyes White Dragon at
first. He knew he could take it from Kisara and would do anything to extract
it from her, even if it kills her, because of the power it would bring him. But
slowly he realizes that she’s more important to him than the Blue-eyes
White Dragon and wanted her for her, not for any power he could get from her. As
he laid her down in front of the tablet, he goes on to say
these things as well as how she was the only point of light in his soul tainted
by darkness. All of which are omitted in the anime. In the modern-day, Seto Kaiba
is obsessed with the Blue-eyes White Dragon, basing his deck around them and
building his machines to their appearance. Without a doubt this is
subconsciously due to his past relationship with Kisara. With all the
history between them it makes you kind of wonder what would have become of the
relationship had these events not happened.
Yugioh’s creator Kazuki Takahashi has also stated that the story of Kisara and Seto
was actually supposed to have way more detail behind it, but unfortunately the
manga deadlines and his health forced him to cut many details out. And that
could have included further romance and a subplot where Seto lashes out to
avenge Kisara. I also kind of hoped Kisara would have a modern-day
reincarnation like Seto, so that they can complete what was prematurely cut away
from them. Either way her story goes on in “Maiden with Eyes of Blue”, a card
that’s officially based on her character. note the BE, standing for blue eyes, on
her necklace, and the Dragons on her clothes. If you noticed Maiden has zero
attack and defense and a player can summon blue-eyes through her, but only
reactively when she’s targeted or attacked, similar to how Kisara could
only unconsciously summon blue-eyes to protect Seto. Her card counterpart also
as a future – perhaps what her life would have been like if it wasn’t cut short
and if she wasn’t abused from the beginning for looking different. You can
see the joy in her face even as she transitions into “Priestess
with Eyes of Blue”. The similar looks, necklace, and dragon designs on her
clothes are what hints to priestess being the older form of Maiden. What’s
more interesting is that there are a total of four monsters “with eyes of blue”
that appear in the card “Mausoleum of White” including herself, and “Master with
eyes of blue”, “sage with eyes of blue” and “protector with eyes of blue”. So perhaps
there were a total for individuals that existed whose Ka was a Blue-eyes White
Dragon. This mirrors the modern Yugioh world where there are a total of not
three, but four Blue-eyes White Dragons printed. And of course Kaiba tore up the
fourth one because he didn’t want a Blue-eyes used against him. Let’s just hope it wasn’t Kisara’s. Moving on from Seto and Kisara’s story,
there’s still quite a few cards that are related to blue-eyes like “Rare gold
armor”. Well that’s kind of random, what does rare gold armor have to do with
blue eyes? Well, it was an ordinary set of armor until was possessed by certain
spirit. Perhaps the spirit was being given a second chance at life by
inhabiting the rare gold armor and once again becoming flesh. This spirit then
performs a ritual to summon a Blue-eyes White Dragon which gives us a glimpse
into what a younger version of blue-eyes would look like. It’s quite peculiar
because red-eyes has the progression from a stone to an egg into a baby red
eyes, but blue eyes doesn’t have a card that depicts his baby version. Instead
the effect counterpart of Black dragon’s chick is Kaibaman. But with this ritual
monster we get to see what an adolescent blue-eyes would look like, and the raregold Rider is now known as the paladin of white dragon. His story branches out
into two possibilities: the first one is that the dragon he’s riding fully
matures into an adult, but it’s far too strong for him to mount anymore, and
that’s all hinted by the effect. I don’t think it would be a stretch either to
say he might have been eaten by the blue-eyes. Either way, his outcomes are
pretty bleak. The second possibility is that he’s met with an unfortunate fate
where both he and his dragon are slain and revived as cursed zombies. Yf you
really thought about it Kishido spirit has had a
rollercoaster of a life in this scenario. He dies, possesses an armor, lives again,
dies again, and is reanimated yet another time. Can this man’s soul just find
rest already? But alas, with that, we’ve covered the
main storylines behind the Blue-eyes White Dragon. I know there will be people
asking about stories behind certain blue-eyes support cards or his retrained
and alternative versions. There are many of those but they don’t necessarily have
backstories. They’re mostly just upgrades or variations created solely for the
characters to progress their decks or interact with certain cards. Anyways, I
hope you got some education or entertainment out of this video. If you
did please help me out by liking and subscribing so that you can see more of
this type of content. By the way, thanks for voting on the last one. It was a
tough choice to make but for those that voted world legacy/chalice
don’t worry that’s coming up next. Feel free to comment on
what other cards backstories and lore you’d like to see, and check out the
playlist if you want to see what other lore I’ve already covered. With that said
stay safe in there, have yourselves a good one and until the next time
this is gunsblazing signing out.

Jean Kelley



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