April 9, 2020
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  • 10:58 pm Santa Cruz Shelter in Place 2020: Day 17

What the Meadows does really really well
is provides hope and healing for those in need. Addictions are oftentimes hidden
in the dark. Trauma is oftentimes hidden in the dark and yet the best thing that
we could possibly do is bring it out into the light. At the Meadows we can
help. There are answers. There is a way out If I can offer someone who is
struggling if I can offer them some support and I get to see that change
happen in their lives that’s what keeps me going. Young adults don’t ask for help
oftentimes because they don’t know what that help would look like. Recovery is
really about connection with self and a connection with others. What we really do
is by the time you leave us you know that you can live your life differently.
You know that. We work with women at are struggling with any type of intimacy
disorder. By the end of our program they learn what respect is like. We’re giving
them their life back. Sex addiction is really a brain disease. The whole point
of the Gentle Path program is to help the addict get to a point where they can
build a lifelong freedom from the desperation of being caught in the
addiction. People can get in five days here what would take them a year or more in an hour weekly individual therapy. Eating disorders are the most complex
psychological disorder out there. So we want to educate them and their loved
ones on what is an eating disorder. When they leave that is going to be the key
component to continued recovery. Broad Beach Recovery Center is a specialized
program. What we have here is a really unique setting and a really unique opportunity to help people come about change in a really
wonderful way and this can go from an executive who has to continue running a
company while they’re here to a professional athlete who has an intense
workout schedule they have to adhere to whilst they’re in treatment. We treat
the same things in Outpatient that we treat at the Meadows Inpatient campuses.
We’re treating the underlying core issues. What we’re treating has nothing
to do with drugs and alcohol or trauma it has to do with being a human. Recovery is about learning how to tolerate our emotions without needing to
numb. Just exist in contentment and peace and serenity and joy which is what
any human being has the birthright for. We all have our own wounding. We all have our own trauma. We all have our own story and bringing healing to our narrative
enables us to be more productive members of society. You absolutely deserve to
have that sparkle back in your life, to have healing, and to know who you are and to share that with the world. You go to that space that is authentic
in who you are. That commitment that you’ve made for your life’s work to have
meaning, to make a difference in people’s lives. We go right to that space to help
you find a lifetime recovery. The most important thing is teach them
how to value themselves. How to go through a process enough so they realize
that their strengths don’t make them better than and their weaknesses don’t
make them less than. The strengths ease your journey. Your mistakes are your
teachers. This moment is really precious Don’t let it just go by. Do something.

Jean Kelley