November 17, 2019
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The Key to Receiving A Promise From God

are you looking to receive a promise
from God but he don’t know how to get it well today I’m gonna give you the key to
receiving a promise from God so stay tuned find out more hi everyone and welcome to Life Beyond
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Mondays all the way to Saturdays as always I’m author Cameron Conway and
today I already give you the key to receive a promise from God before we get
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get in today’s topic today I want to talk to you about the key to receiving a
promise from God well today’s gonna be the start of a little series we’re gonna
be looking at the life of David and going from how he received a promise
from God and track it all the way to when that promise became a reality in
his life when he was called and anointed to be king all the way to when he became
the king of Judah and all the stops in between and I believe this would be a
benefit to you those who are in ministry those who are just living
their average Christian life or their normal Christian life it’ll show you how
God moves and operates and how we can partner with him and see the great things
he has promised come into reality so I’m gonna jump right into it and I’m gonna
tell you the key right off the bat if you want to be like David and you want
to receive a great promise from God the key is faithfulness David wasn’t just
faithful in one area or another he was faithful in his relationship with God he
served him he followed him he sang to him he worshiped him he was devoted
and his life reflect that because the young teenage David wasn’t trying to
impress other people with his hymns and his harp he wasn’t trying to be the
greatest shepherd around to draw God’s attention he was just faithful with the
relationship he had he would sing he would worship he would devote his life
to Him and through that exchange of his relationship with God God saw his heart
as someone who’d be faithful and honorable and
had a heart like his so that’s why he was able to declare David to be the man
after my own heart after Saul had failed and had the Kingdom taken away from him spiritually so when Samuel finally came he saw some
who’s ready in God’s eyes in one way but still had to go through the process of
growth in many other ways so if you want to understand the process of faithfulness
there’s really three areas to understand along with it to understand faithless
you have to understand humility honor and time and you can take those three
aspects of faithfulness and boil it down to serving God when no one is looking so we
are faithful and that’s reflected through humility honor and time and that
shows that we were serving God throughout our lives and for more than
just the benefit or the promises we could receive so let’s look at humility
for a second humility is us putting ourselves aside and looking at what God
wants to do in our lives it’s serving him for the sake of serving him not in a
master/slave kind of way but as a father and son or daughter type of way it’s
respecting him and revering him and doing the things that are pleasing to
him that’s how dad was able to have a heart after god’s because his heart was
pleasing to him wasn’t that he was the best shepherd or can lift the most
things or seeing them on key the best you know heart that reflected God’s
because of the humility that rested within it humility also keeps God in his
proper place in our life it keeps us from setting ourselves or our desires or
a job ahead of God and ensures that God is always at the top of the mountain and we
were always just below because when we changed things around make ourselves of
God that’s when things don’t work out that’s when faithfulness becomes
religion and that just drives us further from God instead of closer to him
to see this play out we could also look at what it says in Proverbs 15 verse 33
where it says the fear of the LORD is the instruction for wisdom and before
honor comes humility because even the fear of the Lord requires humility and
requires faithfulness because of us recognizing who God truly is and who is
the God in this relationship here the Lord is not about being terrified or
afraid it’s about revering and serving and loving God and recognizing him for
who he actually is and that takes a lot of humility especially in our culture and in
our way of thinking where we want to be on top where we want to be the best but
really God is He’s the best he’s on top and it’s through humility that we get
ourselves aligned with his heart so then out of the place of humility comes the
place of honor that is where we truly worship and reflect and see God as he
truly is we go from being yes God you are good you are God too
you are a good God you are a great God you have good things planned for me I
will live my life sin free according to your way so I don’t offend or hurt you
or bring pain or suffering upon myself is through honor that we have discipline
that we have hard work that we do the things that no one else will ever see to
develop our relationship with God it’s when we don’t do things for the cameras
or to impress people we do it simply just to please God or because he
commands it in the scripture it’s one of those basic things like love your
neighbor or going the extra mile so to speak we honor God so we love Him we
serve Him will obey Him and that takes us to the last one which is time time is
perhaps the most important because if you don’t give God time you can’t develop
relationship if you don’t give God time what are you faithful in you can only be
faithful through action if you don’t set aside time for action you can never
really be faithful so you have humility honor and time working together
that prepares your heart to receive a great promise from God or even a small
promise or meeting a promise or whatever kind of promise God has for you whatever
blessing he wants to bring about to you it should that process of faithfulness
which branches into humility honor and time and I can be summed up again as
serving God when no one is looking this process of time also involves patience
which is something David needed because it was well over a decade between when
he was anointed king and actually became King we have to learn how to endure
because it’s one thing for God gave us a promise it’s another thing for us to
endure and receive a true fulfillment of that promise because how many people
have received promises or calls from God just to abandon them because they were
exhausted they were tired or they became discouraged because life wasn’t going
exactly as they had planned this is the lesson we learned from David
over the coming months where he held on to that promise
he had humility that he saw God who he was he honored God he gave God the time
he needed and he had received the fullness because he had patience
determination had a constant relationship with God and that
faithfulness produced the promise and that promise brought about the great
thing God wanted to bring about and through the promise we have blessing and
purpose so other people can recognize God moving in our lives now a lot of people
recognize God moving through David because he eventually became king it’ll
be different for us some people go into ministry some people go into business or
education or media or what have you when you are faithful to thank God has promised
you others will see it and they’ll recognize God moving your in life
because receiving the promise is only the first step there’s still an entire
lifetime or years that have to come afterwards but if you want to receive a
promise from God just be faithful whatever God has called you to do
whatever opportunity you have right on just be abundantly faithful in it that’s
been the example for my own life every time but door for ministry is opened up
I’ve gone in I’ve tried to be as faithful and as honorable as possible
and it eventually God speaks to someone that carries me to the next phase in the
next phase but wherever you are be faithful have a heart of humility honor
God and give him the time he needs in your life and then you will receive a
great promise but what that great promise comes the price of having to
endure life and draw closer to God so that promise becomes a reality well
that’s all the time we have today for Life Beyond Church if you want to go
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leave you with this question has God already given you a promise and
what are you doing to see that come to pass I also have a second question what
are you being faithful in right now and how can we pray for you for God to carry
you to the next step until next time I pray that God will bless you and he will
show you what he wants of your life so you bring about not only the promise
but the fulfillment of that great promise so until next time take care God

Jean Kelley