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The Judaism is for you!

You also can be a Jew Hello. I want to present four concepts of the Judaism Mishpacha (Family), Ysrael (The Holly Land),
Berachot (Benedictions) and The Torah (The G-d plan ) Today you can decide to enter israel’s mispacha. And to turn into a concept of all the
Berachot into the Torah Mishpacha: The descendants of Avraham are a family not joined by the blood but by
the words of Hashem We are the inheritors of the G-d’s benedictions
to Avraham Abraham, in his faith, he belived and
was bless. Today you also can believe can be made clear by
those that they brought the monotheism to the world Ysrael: Part of our religious inheritance is Ysrael It is not the biggest or richer country in the Earth But, it is the special site for the Creator
of all the things It is ours for the promises of G-d,
the force that gives us to defend ourselves Also it can be yours. If you turn to the Judaism, you can live in Ysrael This land will be able to be his, since it is ours. Join to us Berachot: The benedictions of G-d, in our holly Torah They all go in a direction; his village Ysrael. Not for the blood, but if for the conviction Today you can choose to you turning and forming a part of the Eretz Ysrael. You can be a descendant of avraham and of Holly Torah You can choose give a holy inheritance to your children Today you can choose to forming a part of Ysrael
Today you can change really your life. Torah: Today you can change really your life
The G-d’s mind uselessly. Only there has been a central guide accepted by
all the monotheistic religions: The Torah We the Jews, we do not deposit the hope
in dead prophets or in Messianic aspirations. But if in Quite Powerful G-d of Ysrael
and his Holy Torah. Join to us! Here you have it: Mishpacha, Berachot, Ysrael and
The Torah. Are you thinking about being prepared? I hope so. Today could be the beginning of a beautiful journey.
You can leave your past behind and start over. Lech Lechah. Today God is calling you, as our father Avraham was called. If you are interested in becoming Judaism,
call your nearest synagogue and say::
”I want to be Jewish”. Rabbi may ask you a prove of
your sincerity. But for sure some day
end up being Jewish For more information about converting
to Judaism, please visit The page: Here you will find: books, audio-video to help
you on your trip From Judea, Samaria (Israel)
will invite you. Thanks!

Jean Kelley