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The “Jersey Shore” Cast Talks Male Stripping, Sex Tape Deals and More

– [Producer] Alright. – Ronnie’s gonna be joining us. – Yeah.
– Hell yeah. – Make a dramatic entrance? – Yip. – I like it, wrestling style. – I bet he’s gonna come in and
knock, I want him to come in and
knock Jacob the fuck out. – Jacob, you better watch your
jaw. – First move, Jacob.
– He’s gonna come in here and fucking lay you out. – ‘Bout to get stretched
out, motherfucker. That’s why we’ve got all
these cameras in here. (laughing) – It’s the knockout game with
cameras. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) (fire crackling) – All right everyone,
it’s the Bonfire coming to radio SiriusXM 95, Big
Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder. What’s this, it’s very early for
us. – This is a special day for you
dude. – It is a big day for me. I’m a big fan of the crew we
have in here. A big get for the Bonfire.
– Huge get. – For the Jersey Shore Family
Reunion and all the Jersey Shore
shows, it is Vinny, Snooki, Nicole, Angelina and
of course Jwoww Jenny. (applauding) – Good morning guys.
– All in fucking studio. – Bright and early, bright and
early. – You guys are all put together,
we look like shit. (laughs) – We look like we’re here to fix
shit. – Just keep washing my hands ’cause I smell like
yesterday’s cigarettes. – Yeah. – We’re usually like that, they
just make us do this today. We have to be pretty for one
day. – Did they tell you guys that? They were like you guys better
dress the fuck up for us. – No, they have to pay people to
dress us and make us look pretty. – That’s a good budget.
– Pauly’s not here ’cause he couldn’t get
his hair done this early, it takes longer than that. – There’s a jellying stage at 10
a.m. – I gotta be in the chair at
four a.m. if I’m gonna make this work out. So good to have you guys here. Over the course of our
show, I’ve brought up many, many clips of the show
as I follow along always. I fill Dan in as best as
possible. – He does, he does a very good
job. – It’s been fantastic,
there’s so many things to talk about going on. I keep getting more information
of things I don’t even know. Our engineer, DJ Lou,
over here told us that, I don’t even know how you know
this, that you said Vinny’s been male
stripping, which was very– – [Vinny] How do you know that? – He’s a big fan.
(laughing) He’s bought several tickets. Is that for Vegas, the
Chippendale? – Yeah, Chippendales. I feel bad for some, I forget
that guys follow me too that aren’t into that type of
thing and I just have a bunch of
pictures of my ass there now. – That’s not Lou’s, Lou’s all
way into it. – Oh, he’s into it right? – Yeah, you gotta see him
helicopter in his big fat dick. – The background of his phone. – Yeah, he’s got a boomerang
that he just watches. Did you three ever think that Vinny would end up a
Chippendale? – Hell no. – No, never you. (talking over each other) But like Vinny, I’m like
why do you want Vinny? – But I’m really low-key proud
of him. – Yeah? – If that’s something to be
proud of, like I love that. – No, he killed it as a
stripper. – It’s the quiet ones.
– Who knew? – You saw the routine? – I didn’t see the routine, the
girls did. – I did, it’s a good one.
– We did, yeah. – I saw the pictures.
– Really good one. – You went to go see, really? – I’m doing it again now at
the end of the Summer too. – He did it so good, they want
him back. – They want him back for a
second time. – Are you wearing one of the
hose things where your dick goes in like a
hose? – Cocksock. – Yeah, that’s what you’re
wearing? – Yeah, well. – Yeah, join us.
– Nice of you to come. – Guys, we’re talking
about cocksocks in here. – Yeah, Ronnie, you came at a
good time, we’re talking cocksocks.
– Cocksocks, yeah. – Ronnie did Chippendales too
once. – Did you really? – Did you do it once? – I just did it once. – He said he’s going back
at the end of the Summer. – Yeah, he can’t wait to go
back. (laughing) He’s really excited. – [Jwoww] Vinny got a
residency at Chippendales. – There has to be a large male
contingent in that audience, no, to some
degree? – Sprinkle. (laughing) They sprinkle a couple gay
guys in there. (laughs) – Was there, how intimidating is
that when the real Chippendales are
like, “You’re in our world now, this
is how we hump the stage.” – They’re actually really cool
guys. They’re regular dudes
on steroids. (laughs) – Yeah.
– They were never dicks to you ’cause you come in
kinda famous to the group, they’re like
– Nah, nah. – Nice twerk rook. (laughing) – You’re famous? – Yeah, exactly. – Nice maintenance work rook. – They’re mad cool. – Yeah, they are? – They do have a really good
twerk. Their performance is really
good. (talking over each other) – Do you feel a natural rivalry
between the Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under. Do you feel like those are the
two, like the Jets and the Sharks. – We don’t talk about them. – You don’t, you can’t.
– No, no. – Fucking uncircumcised baloney
dicks. – Change the subject. – They’re just a fucking
colony of criminals. – Anyway.
– Up there getting naked. – Jersey Shore Family Vacation. (laughing) – There it is.
– Season. – We’re just getting you guys.
– Season 17. – Season frickin’ 20. – We’re just getting you guys
ready for the whole day of press. – To switch subjects at all,
Nicole is now hosting a show on MTV, have I showed you any
clips of that, of the tattoo? – Oh, it’s so fucked up. – What is it, what is it? I don’t know why I said it like
that, what is it, what is it? – It’s two friends who seem to have a rivalry of some, to
some degree. – It can be friends, exes, a
couple but they basically make
tattoos for each other. They don’t tell each
other what the tattoo is until it’s on their body so
it’s like this big reveal. – [Jwoww] Angelina, how’d
that work out for you? – Oh yeah, Angelina was on it. – Did you do it? – [Nicole] She still has the
tattoo. – I still have it, yeah. – What was the tattoo?
– Show us, show us. – Show us, show us, show. – Wait, where is it, oh my God. – It’s gone!
– You got it removed. – [Dan] All right. – [Vinny] It’s a ring that
says– – It’s a ring.
– That’s one of the nice ones. – So then I put a hamster on my
fiance. – Wait, what does yours say? – What was the hamster doing? – Well, period shitting. – There was period coming
out of the hamster with shit on her fiance, she put it. – You have to get a talented
artist to convey that. (talking over each other) – But that’s not even the most
fucked up tat, there’s worse. – [Vinny] I want that one. – I’ll take B4 up there, the menstruating hamster.
– Is that hamster, I just wanna know is it shitting
blood or menstruating blood? They go, “That’s menstruating.” – Oh yeah, that’s the message.
– Basically what it was, yeah. – That’s not so bad, I’ve seen
some, it goes to, you reveal and it’s like, “I’m a
dumb whore.” (laughs) You like ah, what?
– Oh yeah. Where there’s dicks on you. We had a dick forest, so
all different shaped dicks. – Hell yeah.
– It’s crazy. – The parents must be so proud. – Was your fiance a little mad about a hamster menstruating
blood on him, permanent? – He was very upset but
now he actually likes it. – Yeah, he didn’t cover it up. – No, he didn’t cover it up. (laughing) – You got good taste babe,
that’s exactly what I wanted. I’ve been wanting a
hamster menstruating blood since I was a small boy. – So sick. – Your fiance is a guy you’ve
been dating from the show? Like, the same guy?
– Yeah. – [Vinny] Third time’s the
charm. – Third time’s the charm. – That’s what hers says, it’s a
ring that says third time’s the charm ’cause it’s her third fiance and
counting. – Yeah, you guys have spent
so much time with each other, you guys know all each other’s
dirt. That’s gotta be everything.
– Basically. Yeah, we know the bad shit. – And completely thrown
together from casting and now, a decade of friendship
and stuff, it’s crazy. Oh, I was very excited to have
you and I always wanted to ask,
I don’t think you guys, I assume, don’t have a lot of
hand in the editing of the show at
all. – We have nothing, are you
kidding? We’re not the Kardashians.
– We watch it with you guys. – Yeah, exactly, you
probably got more than we do. – ‘Cause it’s gotta be, as a
person who is pretty hyper-emotional
myself, it’s really, as an editor I go, these
editors are brilliant and just not friends to
these guys ’cause it’ll show – The worst. – Nicole will be falling out of
a club and then it just cuts to you
smoking to Jack Johnson music. (laughing) – Me and Ron are usually the
worst I feel because we black out so we
don’t know what happens. – So then the editor’s like,
Yahtzee! – That’s why we have the
cameras. – So we watch it with you guys. – What did we do last month? – Like the dude ranch, I have no
idea. – I don’t remember. – No. – Do you guys ever feel like
floating gifs to the editors to maybe sweeten
the pot? – We’ve tried, we’ve tried. – Or find out where they are
and threaten their lives? – Oh. – Kind of, doesn’t work. – Did you ever have something
go so haywire in the house that you go to them like, guys
please, don’t make me look like an
asshole in that particular
thing. – Everyday, every single day.
– Yeah. – For the past 14 seasons, I’ve
done that. (laughing) – If you go, guys, Ronnie’s
coming back for a speech. (talking over each other) We all know you seen some
shit, please leave it out. – [Nicole] Yeah. – If you guys could, please. – Dude, I can’t imagine
going through my day and then having at the end, be
like, what the fuck did I do around
three p.m.? – Well, the editors can make you
look so, one shot, that’s one of the
best fucking moments ever. (laughing) Perhaps that’s one of the
best moments in reality TV, is you coming with a one-shot
knockout and then do the same thing
in the show to beat the best. – I like the boardwalk
fight, that was my favorite. – Yeah, it was slow
motion but in real time. – Then you play it back and
then be on the phone with me. – Yeah.
(laughs) And you be like, “Hold on, “I’m gonna watch you kick
the Chez guy and he’s down.” – He’s like but when you
were holding me here, what were you?
(laughing) – You guys doing a gymnance
break down. – I’m almost curious,
’cause you guys, specially, I guess the ladies too but the
guys, you probably get a lot of hate
from, people are just gonna do
that, be like jealous hatred and stuff like that.
– We used to, when we first started filming,
the people didn’t know what the show was and it would
be like everyone wanted to fight
us. Every time we walked outside,
it was about to be a fight. – It was camera influence
because they see the camera. – So they didn’t know who you
guys were? – They seen cameras and
a couple douchebags. – Yeah.
– Yeah. (laughing and talking over each
other) – It’s not just the camera. – So folks were like
camera and douchebags, go! – And Seaside’s very
protective of their town. – What? – Seaside is very protective. – But now I’m saying 10 years
later, we’re just like friends and
everyone’s over that now. – I get more social media hate
now. – Yeah? – We didn’t have social
media back then like that. So now it’s mom-shaming
every second that they can ’cause we’re not allowed, we
shouldn’t be allowed to go do. – Oh yeah, mom’s can’t have fun. – Yeah, any of this. – Also, I like that Ronnie
cleared up any face-to-face shit-talking
with that boardwalk fight. They’re like, I’m gonna
keep it to social media. – [Jwoww] Yeah. (talking and laughing over each
other) Yeah, this guy’s like, I’m
gonna be a keyboard warrior ’cause I’ve seen what happens,
one shot, ah, no thanks. – “Hey Ronnie, “What? “love your show.” (laughing) – God bless. (laughing) – Do you guys get crazy,
I’m sure also crazy, just yesterday I had a person
reach out and we just have a radio
show about asking a million and one questions about you. I didn’t even tell you this yet. – What? – But just a girl reaching out to say you guys must have
tons of internet people coming at you and requesting bizarre
things. – Oh my gosh, yeah.
– Especially the ladies, I assume on that, guys are like, will you send me a sock that you
peed on? – I was gonna say, this
guy DMs me every day. – For you cocksock? – No for my, to pictures of my
feet. – Oh my God, me too, I was
just gonna tell you that. – Oh, that’s sick. – Is that why you never sent
them to me? (laughing)
– My feet, always. – Wait, is it you? – He’s just been DMing
you and Ronnie’s like, “Come on dude, you always got
socks on.” – Ronnie’s like, “Yo, I told you “to keep that between me and
you.” – Ugh, sick.
– People do that. – Could you guys, you guys
could just do a Patreon of all of your feet and then
just whack up a side hustle. – Make a lot of money,
there’s a huge feet market. – You know Viacom would
come for that money. Viacom would be like, you
guys doing a side-hustle? (laughing)
– Yeah. – Yeah, hey, we need to get
in on that foot business. – Yeah. – Is that the craziest
thing you’ve been asked for is feet pictures. – My underwear
– There’s gotta be. – Your dirty underwears. – My dirty underwear, they
don’t care what it was. – Let me see.
– No, it’s not dirty. – Your underwear?
– My underwear, they’ve asked for that. – You wear underwear?
– I’m like, what do they want me to do? (laughing)
– From the start. – And I literally am like,
– Period shit. – how am I gonna put,
what am I supposed to do, I’m just thinking these people
are crazy to even ask for that.
– But you get it in the mail. – I’m gonna put it in the
mailbox for you. – She’s like, “So then I sent
them and–” (laughing) – She goes, “I just put it in a
bag, “I didn’t know if you wanted a
Ziplock.” – A Ziplock, a Ziplock. – I get a few jail mail. – You get jail mail? – In jail, not Mike, Mike is in
jail. – Mike’s in jail.
– And we talk to him. – We talk to him all the time
– No, we get it physically in our mailbox. – But I get physical
I, you’re my wife, mail with love poems and stuff like
that, yeah. – Has anybody sent, what’s the craziest
thing someone sent you, where it’s gotten to you. I mean like somebody sent you
stuff. – We had one, Me and Paul,
remember the army guy? – Yes! – So he found out where
my, nice guy, great guy. – He found out where I lived
too. – Found out where my mom lived ’cause they live in the township
and showed up at the house, at the front door with,
I think he made fish and he showed up–
– Oh no. – Spaghetti meatballs, Sunday
dinner. – Yeah, with anthrax. – At my mom’s house. He was like, “Oh, I just
wanted to come over.” – Oh my God.
– That’s freaky. – He showed up at my gym
once and was like, yeah. – He’s always around, yeah. – That’s the problem too, does the family not
understand the level of that. It’s like, a nice person
gave you this package– – You’re like, oh thank you, I
ate it all. – It’s ticking.
(talking over each other) – It’s like, no big deal.
(talking over each other) – I think it’s ticking
and it smells like sulfur but they said it’s for you. – Speaking of fish, so did
you send those underwear? – Oh! – Nice, Vinny bringing it right
back. – Vinny, do you want me
to send you my underwear. I will do it for you. – Oh my God. – Love you.
(talking over each other) – It’s too late for this shit.
– I’ll just go through your window
– Please. – and just give them to you
and slap him in the face. – Yeah, I knew something smelled
weird. (laughing) – Is there a price that
you’d send underwear for? – Yeah, free. (laughing)
– No, no. There would be a price,
I’d put a price on it. I don’t know. – I go through my drawers,
if it doesn’t bring me joy then I sell it to
somebody on the internet. – She charges per stench level. (laughing) – Oh my God! – For hours of wearing.
– Jesus. – (laughs) Yeah. Oh yeah, what are we talking, the price for gym underwear or? – Now, for a three tier, for
this is our three-tier price. – A nine in Seaside.
– This is dry underwear. – This is dry. – Do you want the underwear dry
or? – They wouldn’t want it dry. – [Dan] No, not at all. At least you know that though.
– I haven’t had my coffee yet. – I know.
– I know, it’s too early. – This is very early,
we’re just briefing you for the rest of the day when
you’re like, “What’s amongst your favorite
moments?” – Smart down here, it
only goes up from here. – Vinny’s mom’s delicious
dinners that she makes. – That’s what you guys are going
to get the rest of the day. Where you’re like, “What’s
it like being best friends?” – Well, it’s funny because the
ladies, it’s such a creepier thing,
it’s just a difference in the world always, if you
guys, if a beautiful girl’s like,
“Send me a picture of your dick “or your underwear.” You’re like, hell yeah. You’re not concerned about it at
all. You guys have to be worried
more about lunatics. – Right (laughs). – I can’t do the dick pics. – Why?
– Only on Snapchat? – Nah, nah, nah. – Gives away his whole
Chippendales performance. – That’s a very good point.
– Word on the show is, you have a big, huge, fat cock. – It’s nice. (laughing) – I don’t think you get
asked back to Chippendales if you’re not packing. They’re like, “Hey, let’s bring
this.” – Nah, well, I just don’t
want to put it out there ’cause then you never know where it’s gonna end up,
you know what I mean. – Yeah.
– I don’t trust. – In her mouth. (laughing) – I wouldn’t mind. If I had a huge dick, I wouldn’t
care where it showed up. (laughing) – I’d send it out into the
ether– – That’s true, if I could sext– – I would go to dinner
– All right. – and have a reservation for it and just (hand thumps
table) sit right next to me. – Are you drunk? – Check the manifest again
please. (laughing) – I think they’ll–
– He’ll have the snapper. – You ever think if a sex tape
leaked, it wouldn’t be the worst thing,
right? Well, maybe for you.
– I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I wouldn’t be embarrassed.
– Hey, that wouldn’t be bad. – Wait, our sex tape? (laughing)
– No, not ever. – No, I think it’s all,
a sex tape getting out, it’s only probably as
mortify, well, I guess, what if you have children,
that’s gotta be tough – [Vinny] Yeah. but also it’s gotta be as
mortifying as you look to yourself,
you know what I mean. If you think you look great,
you’re like, who gives a shit? – I did. – What?
– How much. – How much and with who?
– A million dollars. – A million bucks!
– And you said no! – A million.
– I said no. – For what? – This is the second season of
the show. – And they were like, million
dollars for a sex tape. – A million dollars. The guy Steve Hirsch,
the one that owns Vivid. – Buy your dignity. – I think you should do it. – [Dan] Wait. – [Nicole] Steve’s great. – There you have it. – The owner of the Kim
Kardashian sex tape, Steve Hirsch, literally texted
me. He got my number from someone
and then he asked me, yeah. – And you said no? – I said no. – Flat, did you think about it
at all? – I mean, I did. – [Dan] Yeah, a million bucks.
(talking over each other) – I gotta be honest.
– 1.5. (laughing) – Let’s sweeten this pie. – Final offer, 1.5. – And he goes, one three. – [Jay] 1.2, no anal. (laughing and exclaiming
in disappointment) – I reserve, I own the
publishing rights. – I’m kinda disappointed that
you didn’t. – Yeah, I’m surprised you said
no. – You just keep fucking up this
money. – This is the build up now.
– It was the guitarist for what rock band was that? – You banged a guitarist? – No, no, no, he wanted me to do
with him. – Oh, they were gonna match you
up? – Yes, they were gonna match
me up with a guitarist from. – Is that how it works? – God, what was it? – It’s so funny that
the band’s that shitty. – I have to know who he is. – And then I was like,
I don’t wanna do that. What about one of my boyfriends? They’re like, “Well, you could
put a bag.” ’cause I didn’t want people to
know. – A bag over your head!
(talking over each other) How do they know it’s you?
– A bag over his head. – That’s probably the most
insulting thing I’ve ever heard. (talking over each other) You know boy, we don’t
care about your head. (talking over each other) – I don’t wanna actually
have to see his face. – Well, because I didn’t
want that person to, and also he didn’t want to get. – [Dan] Yeah, well, it’s just
funny– – ‘Cause I was dating
somebody at the time. – I’m wondering what band it is
now. It was like, trust me. (talking over each other) – I will definitely remember it
later. – Drummers nowadays.
– Yeah. – You only have a handful of
bands. – That’s so great. The guy’s like,
Nickelback’s going nowhere. You do this. – Could your boyfriend suspend
jealousy for the financial benefit of
that or no? – I think any guy would
get jealous of that shit, you know what I mean. – We’re not letting this go.
– Ten grand, you guys can gangbang Christine
right now. I sign off on it. – That’s his girlfriend, we
probably should have said that. (talking over each other)
– That’s nice though. – Instead of him just looking
across the aisle like, ah! – This covers my direct TV bill
for the year and moving on. – Oh, it was Skid Row. – Skid Row!
– Yes, that’s what it was! I just remembered that.
– What? – It just hit me. – Skid Row. – Yes.
– The guitarist. – That’s a weird comeback band
to– – That’s what it was. – [Dan] Those guys were playing
carnivals. – That would have been
a real good comeback. – I had to think about it.
(laughing) – Back to a come back,
is that what we’re doing? – What’s his name? – Was it Phil something? – [Vinny] The comeback. – [Jay] Phil something. – Phil something, yes!
– The short comeback. – He’s done porn. – Phil.
– Oh. – Angelina’s night on– – We already got this thing
marketed. (laughs)
– Let’s do it. – Yeah, fucking one million. – One million, Angelina. – Get this guy on the
phone, get him in here. – Go, get Skid Row on the phone, trust me, they’re doing nothing,
get Skid Row on the phone. – Yeah, he’s actually done porn. – There was a Jersey Shore porn. – He did porn, that guy.
– Did you watch it? – They made a spoof of it?
– Yeah, a parody. A parody porn. – [Dan] Did you guys see– My guy was jacked yo. – The guy that played you was
jacked? – Oh, he was jacked, he
looked nothing like me. (laughing and talking over each
other) – Jersey Shore. – Ronnie was a black guy,
everything was (mumbles). – Makes sense. – Did porn, he did porn already. – Who?
– That guy. – Oh, Skid Row guy.
– That’s why they tried to. – He was on Dr. Drew’s Sex Rehab – Yes, Dr. Drew.
– and then he just did it to promote his porn career. – Okay, now it makes sense.
– Wow. – Now I remember. – And he’s got a guy out there
just trying to set up videos? – [Angelina] Yip. – I mean, I would too. – I was like, nah, I’m good. – Make your addiction
into a full-time career. – Just shoulder into it.
– Yeah. – Just be like, well, who
else you got out there, I’ll bang, who do you
want, I’ll bang them. – Oh yeah, and he’s so weird
about too ’cause it’s an eighties
rockstar. – Yeah, he’s got nothing going
on. – He’s got no standards. – He’s just, if it looks
like he’s banging young girls but you can see they’re like,
“My mom said you were cool.” (laughing)
– Oh, that’s sad. – It is sad. Jones Beach, years ago
I went backstage to, it was Poison but it was
six years ago or something. – Did you fuck the guitarist
too? – Yeah, yeah, C.C. DeVille.
– We got the video, roll it! – I wanted to get backstage. I like being by craft services. (laughs) No but it’s just funny
seeing the two generations of backstage at a Poison
concert. It’s the mom and the
daughter who barely cares but you feel like they would
double-team Bret Michaels for the story. – That’s cool. – I see that.
– I feel like I’ve heard – I get that, yeah.
– stories like that, yeah. (laughing and talking over each
other) – That’s one thing I haven’t
done yet, – Shot at Love, totally.
– I want to. That’s not what? – Can you imagine? – When he was on a Shot of Love, I could totally see moms and
daughters. – No, he was on Rock of Love.
– Oh, that’s sick. – Rock of Love, Rock of Love.
– You’re devil shot, rock. Same shit. – Well, you guys have
been, the ladies have been in relationships for a long
time so you guys never even, I don’t even know if you would
but hooking up with fans, it’s gotta be falling? – Oh, (mumbles), have some good
now. – Now it’s happening?
(laughing) It’s raining fan dick?
– My God, the two of you. (laughing) – Welcome back Ronda.
(talking over each other) – Fan dick.
(talking over each other) – We haven’t done press
with Ronda in a year. – What should I say? – Smirks up when she, back in
the days, Jenny’s face would be like, talk
about sex and she’s like (growls). – She’s like, hey, gross. – And now she’s all like, hell
yeah! – She’s in a new relationship.
– Look at here, see, look. – Oh yeah. – [Vinny] With a young guy. – How young?
– How much younger is he? – 24. – 24. – [Vinny] 24. – 24. – 34. – She’s forty.
– Oh, good for you. Hey, all right. – It’s so cute, he sits
on her lap on the way– (laughing)
– Oh my God. – SHe buys him candy before the
movies, it gets pretty cool, it’s
adorable. – I find that interesting ’cause
even, usually women even get at 25. – I get the adult child tickets. – Yeah, you get a discount. – A 25 year old woman a
lot of times wouldn’t be with a 23 year old guy. – She would have brought him
today but you’ve gotta be 18 to
get into the buildings. (laughing)
– Oh my God. – [Jay] He doesn’t have valid
ID. – He needs an ID.
(laughing) – Someone told us he was in the
lobby, just reading a Highlights
magazine. (laughing) Just stood over a picture frame. – Where did you meet a 24 year
old? – [Jwoww] In sway. (laughing) – I’ve been babysitting
him since he was 13. – That’s amazing.
– For two years. (laughing) – My kid’s childcare location. I picked him up with my kid’s
phone. – Really?
– Oh my God. – No, tell them where you– – [Dan] A real cougar move right
there. – He’s my really good
friend’s younger brother. – They met at her wedding. (laughing)
– Wait, it’s your friend’s younger
brother? – Yes.
– Is your friend cool with it? – So cool with it, yeah,
she’s fine with it. – We’re getting the signal, we
have to, I know you guys got a whole day
of press. – There’s so much stuff.
– This is all stuff you’re gonna hear on Jersey
Shore Family Vacation. – Eight o’clock on MTV.
– Family Vacation, yeah. – July 11th. – July 11th, MTV. – Guys, the new season, it came
back and didn’t miss a beat at all. I loved the show when it first
came out. – We get worse.
– I’ve watched every episode. No, it’s funny watching, I’m 41 but I start watching this show, how long has this been
going, a decade now? – Ten years.
– Ten years. – So let’s spoil it. (laughs)
– Oh my God, stop. – I left that to you,
I was getting saved– – That’s why he’s not here. But absolutely, I’ve
watched every episode man, I love the show and I’m
so happy for you guys. It’s been fun to take the
journey with you, man. It’s cool for you to come in
here and spend some time with us man. Much appreciated buddy. Vinny, Ronnie, Snooki, Angelina, Jwoww everybody, Jersey
Shore Family Vacation. Thank you guys so much man. – Thank you.
– Yeah. – And we’ll be back. It’s the Bonfire, damn right. (fire crackling) – If you’re wondering if Jay and I wore matching shirts
today for this segment, the answer’s yes. How do we break up? Do we break it up? – Yeah, we’re trying to
see her snazz up her dress. – Comment dude. – Why is she taking
pictures in a wedding dress? – [Jay] I don’t know but
she’s really doing a good job at hiding her pussy. – Is she? – Yeah, it’s making me furious. – It’s almost another level. – It’s next level.
– If I could be anything right now, I’d be a low wind. (laughing) – You go like this, hold on
guys, let me see if I can motivate
myself. (inhaling and exhaling deeply) – Use your Chi Jay. – ‘Cause yeah. (exhales) (upbeat rock music) (wood thuds against wood) (fire crackling) I’m a crazy or are the
wrong ones modeling? – Yeah
– Yes. I think they’re doing it
together. – Yeah.
– They’re taking turns. – Yeah, you ought to be like, “Hey, why don’t you just
be the photographer?” (mumbles) Tell her. (laughs) – Just be like this. (laughing) – He goes like this, he goes, “Are you looking at our
pictures?” You go. – He goes, now give it to her. – Yeah, please take the camera. (laughing) – Yeah, no, it’s good,
it’s real good, real good. – (laughs) You did such
a good job modeling. – And now you come over here,
you come over here with me. – You want me to take one of
both of you? I swear to god, I’ll go
ask if they want me to. – Do what? – You want me to take
one of the both of you? – Yes, I know you will. – You want me to? – Yeah, you handsome
motherfucker ’cause you know you’re gonna
fuck one of them by this afternoon. – [Dan] Yeah. – I’m gonna ask if they want me to take a picture of the both of
them. (laughs) – Man, if they reject
you hard, no thank you. – Leave me alone. – I don’t need you to mansplain
it to me, how to take a picture. – Do you think those girls talk
like that? – Yeah.
– They talk like this. – You like, you like?
– What do you know? Leave me alone, I do not have
sex for man. – Oh, the lunatic’s around the
corner too. – I take picture for Parolgy
Packaging. – What a great mix with the guy
talking to himself and these two fucking
chicks. – You want me to take one of
both of you? – [Dan] That didn’t work. (laugh) Could have yelled at anybody. Hey, you guys wanna go on a
date? – [Justin] I don’t want to go
too far. – You wanna hang out with us?
(laughs) I’m not Steve but I’m ugly. – I don’t know how to use that– (laughing) I don’t know how to use that
camera. Oh, that’s the look, that’s the
move. – You guys wanna go to prom? I’m stupid to ask. – I’m stupid for asking,
I’m sorry I asked. – When you see what’s behind the
scenes and when someone’s taking
these Instagram pictures, it’s so unattractive. – Are these Instagram
pictures, that’s a real camera but what are they doing? – Yeah but where do you
think these are gonna end up? – In their photo albums, their
home. – In Yugoslavia Weekly. – In my spank bank. – I don’t know, to fucking,
it’s for a husband on a website. – Justin, Justin, right
now, I swear to you, I will give you all the money in
my pocket if you walk up to them, no, and
ask them, do you want me to take a picture of you and your mom together? Please, please, please.
– No, that’s not, that’s mean. – [Jay] Black lou will go up
here. – Black Lou’s starting a
modeling career. – Tell them you should go over
there and I’ll take the same kind
of sexy photos of them. – Yes. Justin, you take sexy photos
now. – Take your shirt off dude.
– Let him take sexy photos of you, take your shirt off,
dude, please. Please, God, take your shirt
off. – [Louis] Take your shirt off. – [Jay] Justin, please,
for the love of God, take your shirt off. – Those are the shoes Gary used
to wear. That homeless man’s wearing
the shoes my dad used to wear. – He took my dad’s
jersey, your dad’s shoes. (laughing) Let’s get him. – Oh my God, he’s a Voltron of
Garys. – [Louis] Oh, what’s up man,
yeah? – It’s McFee, nah, McFee. I’m always afraid they’re
calling me. They always get the name wrong. They say it’s McFee.
– Take your shirt off, dude. Let Black Lou take pictures of
you dude. – Come on, let’s do this. – [Dan] Come on Justin. – Get naked, let’s go. – I just let a man call me
McFee. – I’m begging you to
please take your shirt off. – Right now.
– You don’t want that? – The name’s McFee, Dudley
McFee. – Come on.
– Come on dude. Do it dude. Model off, model off. Give me your headphones, model
off. – Yeah dude and then lay
belly down across the top of this with your feet up and
shit. Dude, please, it’ll be so great. – Come on, come on! – Show them how it’s done. – Yes
– Yes. Show them how modeling’s done. Give me your headphones. – Now I get what we’re doing. (coughs) – Take this chain off dude, get this bunches, this tight
shirt off. – What’s that sticky shirt doing
on still? – Gross, I don’t like any of it. – Ew dude. – Ew bro. – There, now we’re talking.
– Yeah, what is happening? The deli is fucking (laughs). Yeah, model off. – You look so good.
(camera snaps a shot) – [Dan] Model off. – [Jay] Fucking sun-kissed bro. – No, yeah.
– Model off. Back-page boomer. – [Jay] Oh, you are working it
bitch. – [Louis] Get it you sassy
bitch. – Doing so good. – About to put it out
on you you’re too hot. (camera snaps a shot) – Now maybe one of the ones
where you go against this, Justin, against the thing
with your hands up like this. – Stay right like that,
stray right like that. – You gonna work on me? – Yeah, stay right, hands up. – [Dan] Falling into his body,
colone. (laughing) The Jay, by Bonfire. Do you love me?
(laughing) – Wait, wait, go in the top.
– Get it in there. (laughing) – That guy took a picture of us. You see the guy that took a
picture, he did this, he did the walk by
like this. (laughing) You see the guy that tried
to take the sly picture. (laughing) That was so great. – Model off. I think we fucking torched
them on that model off. – Wait, wait, give me your. This guy’s taking a picture. This is the one you’re gonna
get. Give me your chain while, come
over here. (coughing) – [Dan] Yeah. – [Christine] Yes, yes. (laughing) – Ow. – Oh, sorry, sorry. – That’s what happens,
that’s what happens. – [Jay] It’s part of modeling. (camera snaps a shot) – [Dan] I’m just here for the
cocaine. – [Justin] Doing a model off. – Model off. – We won. – Christine just comes over,
hey, I just brought coffee. – [Dan] Yeah, Christine
walked into every situation. – [Justin] You wanna see ours? – [Christine] Start a family. – We sent them, packing. (laughing) – Dude– – So many people.
– Sorry about that. Defense, (claps twice)
defense. (claps twice) – So many people took pictures. You think your friends
would dig this video? Then share it with them and
tell them to rate and review and make us feel good about
ourselves. – You tell a friend,
they tell two friends, yeah, it’s a pyramid scheme of
radio show. – Becomes a whole thing. I got some Cutco knives
also if you’re interested. – Oh, I got Spyderco so
(knocks the microphone) come to me if you want the real

Jean Kelley



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