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The Islamic Vibes at a UK University – Royal Holloway University of London

assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh hello everyone welcome back to my youtube channel I hope you’re all doing very well so on my video today I will be showing to you guys the Islamic environment at a UK university specifically at Royal Holloway University of London if you are like me before I came here I’m an international student I’m from Indonesia I always like I was actually very anxious of going here at a UK University like I’m scared of becoming a minority of like people like am I am I gonna be the only Muslim here am I only gonna be the only person who wears the hijab if you are like that if you’re like me I think it’s a good reason for you to watch this video and yeah I hope it helps you guys out there and I hope you guys enjoyed the video [Music] okay guys my nose may be red because it’s so freaking cold right now it’s like 5:00 a.m. but right now we’re gonna I’m going to show you [Music] okay so guys basically from founders building it’s only like how many minutes to be like four minutes right three four minutes to get here and behind me is the prayer room so right now we’re going to show you what it looks like basically you can come here for subbu Zuber outside any time of the day they usually do juma prayers for guys so you can go here too you if you’re in between lectures or if you just want to pray here and you’re wearing clothes which are not covering your outer there’s always in my own intermediate language it’s called mu comma I don’t know what it is in English but it’s like clothing like prayer clothing prettier clothing Thank You Jean so there’s always these so you don’t have to carry your own you don’t have to carry your own prayer coating with you they have it here yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] so hi everyone this is one of my Muslim friends which is on campus I want to introduce yourself hi guys my name is Fatma I’m originally I’m from Sudan but I came here to the UK right beside me is one of my well he’s actually my first Muslim friend at Royal Holloway he’s also my flatmate last year hey you won’t you introduce yourself and where are you from can you get to this my name is Rashid I am from the land of Jordan but yes I was born into Vidal once you introduce yourself and where you’re from my name is lemon what do you think about the Islamic environment at Royal Holloway it’s fantastic Thank You Like comment and subscribe oh my god it’s not bad it’s decent it’s better than I expected in terms of like how many Muslims there are in the Uni is it’s not a lot but it’s not bad there’s like a good amount if you know where it’s enough hey I ran away they’re quite diverse especially with religion there’s a lot of missing people what do you think of the Islamic environment at Royal Holloway I’d say last year we had just kind of like was it so hard for you to find Muslim friends here yes so I did foundation year so basically I was put with foundation year basically the classes are all international students so it was like first day I had a lot of Muslim friends so it was pretty it was really easy for me I don’t know about like if you’re coming first year I’m sure bees is well they’re societies as well I think that is there’s an Arab Society and there’s an Islamic society and there’s all that when when you’re walking is like a lot of kajabi Sachi it’s pretty impressive how much they are yeah also the number one thing that I love about this uni is that they sort of pay your room is quite a bit of a walk but it’s definitely worth it it’s so clean but the prayer times it’s got like inspirational clothes to know that this round which is really nice because it makes you feel like you’re actually power that you need you’re not you know you know they don’t like big details and a few really taken they’re aware that there’s like Muslims yeah and like obviously you’ve got a some society you’ve got women of color Society I don’t think you would ever feel not included in this uni it’s definitely very diverse and I love it here what would you advise for those who are gonna go to the UK who are Muslims don’t fall for peer pressure when you come here you might feel that you know everyone culture and all that stuff might be different so I realized there was a lot of people in the beginning trying to like pressure you into stuff you can tell them to take walk that’s right tell them to take walk okay because you’re awesome what would you advise for those who are Muslims who are going to royal holy I just say just make as many friends as you can there’s always Muslims on your course there’s always Muslims in the halls that you’re joining so it just like speaks of them and say hey how’s it going figure out where the prayer room is because it’s across the road from the main campus and just if you want how long meet there you can order from Tesco online or or Saints right st. Therese is better you can get like halal meat from there deliver it to you don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe subscribe [Music]

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