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The Faith That Takes

GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor George is
here expounding the book of Mark and faith and– GEORGE:
(Laughs) Faith. GLORIA: –Luke and everything else. Hallelujah.
Today we’re talking about bulldog faith. GEORGE: We’re
talking about bulldog faith. We’ve been talking about–
(Laughs)–talking about bulldog faith for these last
two weeks. First of all, I just want to say, “Thank
you,” once again– GLORIA: Well, thank you. GEORGE: –for
inviting me to come and be a part of this with you. GLORIA:
You may come anytime, George. GEORGE: All right. GLORIA:
We appreciate your– GEORGE: Well, I’ll–I’ll take you up on
that. GLORIA: You do marvelous research. And we thank you
for sharing. GEORGE: Well, and I–I appreciate everything
that you and Kenneth have put into me and still do, and put
into our family in the body of Christ. GLORIA: Thank you,
George. GEORGE: And you–you have caused us to stand
strong in faith and believe God in the– GLORIA: For a–for a
Yankee, you’ve really– GEORGE: I– (Laughs) GLORIA: –you
really worked out. GEORGE: I really worked out, didn’t I?
GLORIA: Yeah, yeah. I’m telling you. GEORGE: There you go. And
I–I can say, “y’all,” and it just comes naturally now.
GLORIA: It–it sounds right, sounds right. You got the
hang of it. GEORGE: Well, we started out, and I said
to you, “Gloria, you just can’t–you just can’t exhaust
the subject of prosperity.” And you said, “Let’s try.” GLORIA:
We’re still trying, aren’t we? GEORGE: So we are pressing in.
GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: And the Lord just led us to do this
series on “Bulldog Faith.” And that came from a time when I was
struggling in particular with–we sold the house, and
then we moved to an apartment. Then we moved to another rent
house and–all in one year. And it was just really, really
difficult. And the rent house that we had had a faulty septic
system. The fumes were going throughout the house. GLORIA: It
was so bad, they moved in with me for a while. GEORGE: We did.
And we evacuated the house on a Saturday night. And–and they
were out of town, came home, and there are three little
bears–(Laughs)–three bears that were at the house. And
we–I’ll tell you, we–we were there with you for six weeks in
that house. GLORIA: Now, where–which house was that?
That was– GEORGE: That’s the–that’s the latest house.
That’s the new house. GLORIA: Oh, the new house. GEORGE: So we
were there with you for that time. And then the Lord got us
into another house. And–and the finality of that is, we–we
finally moved into the house that we were renovating. We did
it with cash. It’s debt free. And it’s a beautiful home.
GLORIA: Well, let me ask you. Was it worth it– GEORGE: It was
worth– GLORIA: –to have a debt free house? GEORGE: It was worth
every confession we made. It was worth every stand of faith that
we took. It–it was worth every moment of operating in an
aggressive faith, because it–and I shared with you before
it was at that little desk in the guestroom that we were
staying in that I was so frustrated. And I sat there, and
the Lord said to me, “I want you to get aggressive about your
faith.” GLORIA: “Aggressive.” GEORGE: He said, “I want you to
get up and over this lame attitude that you have right–”
GLORIA: (Laughs) GEORGE: I’m serious, he had a– GLORIA:
“Lame attitude.” GEORGE: It–it was like a–it was like a–a
football team half-time locker room chewing out by the coach.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And so I sat down at that desk.
And, Gloria, I took the little notepad that you had. And this
is a copy of it with a–there’s a bee, a little bee, on there.
And I started writing down what–what became–what has
become this–this series. Now, this happened–this was 2002
that all that took place. But these are all the things that
the Lord talked to me about that–that bulldog faith. He
said, “I want you to get aggressive about your faith. I
want you to develop a bulldog faith.” He said, “The nature of
faith is aggressive.” And he said, “You need to be aggressive
about it.” He said, “You need to be determined about your faith.
You need to be persistent, tenacious–” GLORIA: Persistent
is key. GEORGE: “–about it. You stay with it. You stay on top of
it.” He said that–that bulldog faith makes demands and
commands, that bulldog faith is focused on the Word of God. It’s
fully persuaded that what God has told us we can do, we can
do. And these are all the things that we’ve covered. If you
haven’t been watching, you can go back online, all of these
notes are available to you right now as well as the broadcasts.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: and you can watch them
again and again and study them. And it took me–it took me
through a–a training with the Lord about how to walk in this
determined bulldog faith. And today, Gloria, on this last day,
this day 10, we are talking about something that you have
been so eloquent in sharing and teaching with us in, and that
is, “It’s the faith that takes.” GLORIA: That’s right. That’s
right. GEORGE: “It’s the faith that takes.” GLORIA: Faith takes
it. GEORGE: Faith takes it. And there are times when I have
Gloria’s voice echoing in my mind. I can hear her saying it,
“Faith takes it.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: “Take it. Just
take it.” And there is a spiritual operation of a laying
hold of something in the realm of the Spirit and taking it out
and bringing it into the natural realm. And that takes some
aggressiveness. GLORIA: It does. GEORGE: That takes–because not
everybody does that–not every–not– GLORIA: And I’ll
repeat this part about– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –where I got
that. Believe you receive when you pray is– GEORGE: Mm-hmm.
GLORIA: –what we learned about faith. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA:
That was a key to our walking by faith. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
Take it when you pray. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: That’s what that
word “received–” I saw in the–somewhere in the
scripture– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –in the book, in a–
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –you know, I’ve forgotten now
how–how– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –I came about it. But anyway,
the word in the Greek is–for “receive,” is “take.” GEORGE:
Yeah. Yeah. GLORIA: Take it when you pray. And what I got was
that if you don’t take it when you pray, if you leave it up–if
you leave it out here, you know, “I’d like to have a new house, I
want this house, I want that house, I believe, I want that,”
but if you don’t– GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –take it, receive
it, that word “receive–” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. GLORIA:
–“believe you receive when you pray,” means “to take.” GEORGE:
It means “to take.” GLORIA: And if you don’t take it–in other
words, when I pray over something like that, it’s a done
deal. I have it. From that time on– GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: –I thank the Lord for it. I–I give him praise for it.
I don’t just forget about it. But I don’t take it again
because I’ve already taken it. GEORGE: That’s a real
development of our faith, to develop–well, to develop the
eye of faith and to be able to see things that don’t exist in
the natural, but see them. And you’re saying the same thing
with taking it. When you–you take it when you pray. You have
it. It’s yours. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: It becomes more
real to you. GLORIA: It’s based on the Word like your healing.
GEORGE: It is. Well, it’s based on this scripture right here.
It’s Mark 11:22. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: “Jesus answering said
unto them, Have faith in God.” GLORIA: Have faith. GEORGE: Have
faith. GLORIA: So it’s not optional. GEORGE: Hmm-mm.
GEORGE: Have faith or–or you–you have the God kind of
faith. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: I learned that at a very
early age when I first came here, taking the God kind of
faith. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: We were–we were at a–a gathering
one time with Brother Copeland. And there were various speakers
that were talking. And it was a very–they were talking about
some serious subjects. And the more the people talked,
it seemed like the heavier everything got. Brother Copeland
was the last speaker. He was doing the–the final–I– they
call it the benediction. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: He got up there.
And he said, “There’s one thing we all need to remember: Have
faith in God.” GLORIA: Faith in God. GEORGE: And, Gloria, it
lifted the entire atmosphere. GLORIA: That’s right. That’s
what Jesus said. GEORGE: It just turned it around, “Have faith in
God.” And I can hear his voice right now. I really–I–I need
to get–I need to get– GLORIA: Yeah, that’d be good. GEORGE:
–his voice for my phone that when it rings it goes, “Have
faith in God.” (Laughs) GLORIA: That’s good, George. GEORGE: And
that’s what this scripture says, “Have faith in God.” No matter
what you’re going through, “Have faith in God.” No matter what it
looks like, “Have faith in God.” No matter how big it might seem,
“Have faith in God.” GLORIA: It’s an action word, “‘Have it.”
GEORGE: It’s an action word, “‘Have the God kind of faith.
For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this
mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and
shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe those things
which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever
he says.” GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: “Therefore I say unto you, What
things soever you desire–” GLORIA: Things, things. GEORGE:
“–when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall
have them.” GLORIA: Take them when you pray. You know how
people do, they’ll pray–if they don’t have revelation like
that– GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –they’ll pray around
the world about something. GEORGE: (Laughs) GLORIA: And not
ever take it. GEORGE: Oh, that’s so true. GLORIA: But that’s the
key. GEORGE: I’ve not heard that phrase. GLORIA: That’s the key
thing. GEORGE: “They’ll pray around the world–” GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: “–and they’ll not take it.” GLORIA: It sounds
spiritual and good. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: But it’s not.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You didn’t take it. GEORGE: You just take
it. GLORIA: (Laughs) GEORGE: Well, it’s–it’s–faith is an
aggressive force. It really is. It’s an aggressive force that,
“Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea.” GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: It is not passive, retreating. It does not go
backward. And when it says here, “Believe that you receive them,
and you shall have them,” in the Greek–and this is what you’ve
taught us–in the Greek, that word “believe,” or “receive,”
rather, means “to take with much force, to seize with a grip–”
GLORIA: “To take with much force.” GEORGE: “–that cannot
be shaken off.” That’s on your notes on number three, A-3.
GLORIA: I like that, “To seize with much force.” GEORGE: “Take
it with much force.” GLORIA: This is not for wimps. GEORGE:
That’s right. Faith is not–true faith is not for wimps. GLORIA:
No. GEORGE: But you take it with much force. GLORIA: In other
words, you have to have something behind that– GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: –those words. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And it’s
the Word of God– GEORGE: It’s the Word of God. GLORIA:
–behind your words– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –that make it
work. Hallelujah. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: So
you have to take it. You have to take your healing. GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: You have to take your finances. You have
to take it with much force. “The kingdom of heaven,” Matthew
says, “suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: So we are forceful in that. We are
not wimpy. We are not backward. We are not soft about this.
GLORIA: We’re not bashful. GEORGE: We are not bashful in
it. GLORIA: We’re bold. GEORGE: We’re bold. That’s what it is.
It’s a boldness of faith. GLORIA: Because–we can be bold
because we have the Word to stand on. GEORGE: Yeah, it’s
backing us. He–he really does back us in this. And in the
Greek it also says, “To seize it with a grip that cannot be
shaken off.” Now, that is a perfect description of a
bulldog. GLORIA: That’s good. That’s–that’s right. GEORGE:
That bulldog will take whatever, a bone, and bite down on it, and
will seize it with a grip that you cannot shake it off. GLORIA:
You can just see that little pug-nosed thing, going, “Rrr,
rrr, rrr.” GEORGE: We had a dog one time, a– (Laughs) I’m
sorry. I missed that. GLORIA: “Rrr,” this is a bulldog, “Rrr,
rrr, rrr.” GEORGE: (Laughs) That is so– GLORIA: You can see him.
GEORGE: You can see him bite down– GLORIA: He’s ugly, but he
works. GEORGE: He works. He works. We had–one time, we had
a standard poodle. And it–it sat about that tall. And
Jeremy–Jeremy used to say–he was a teenager at the time, and
he’d say, “Hank, give me a hug.” And the dog would literally put
his paws on Jeremy’s shoulders and put his head–(Laughs)–on
him like that. GLORIA: That’s great. GEORGE: And Hank–but
Hank–we–at the time, we lived near Mylon LeFevre. And Mylon
had a name for Hank, because sometimes Hank would get out of
the backyard and sit–sit on the front porch. And–and often–
GLORIA: On Mylon’s front porch? GEORGE: On our front porch. And
Mylon would drive by our house and see Hank. And Hank would
have–sometimes we took Hank to the–the vet to have him
groomed. And he–they put a bandanna around him. And Mylon
would drive by, and Hank would be sitting on the front porch.
And he’d say, “There’s Hank, the hippie dog.” GLORIA: (Both
Laugh) “Hank, the hippie dog.” GEORGE: “Hank, the–Hank, the
hippie dog.” GLORIA: That’s funny. That’s funny. GEORGE: But
Hank–all that to say, we–Hank would get something, like a bone
or something like that, and we’d play with him and try to get it
out of his mouth. And we’d yank it this way, and yank it that
way. We’d go up, and we’d go down, and we could not get that
thing. He would bite down on that bone to such a degree, you
couldn’t pull. GLORIA: That’s what we do with the Word of God.
GEORGE: So what we have to do is we have to, by faith, seize the
Word– GLORIA: Seize it. GEORGE: –with a grip that cannot be
shaken off. GLORIA: It can’t be– GEORGE: We seize our
healing. GLORIA: –knocked out of us. GEORGE: We seize our
house. We seize whatever it is that we need. And we take it.
And we will not let go of it until we see it. GLORIA: Amen.
That’s good, George. That’s a good analogy. GEORGE: And there
are things that we believe for around here, well, for instance,
the Citation 10. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And–and it was a number
of years that we were believing for the manifestation of that
aircraft, but what did we do? We bit down on the Word of God and
would not shake loose. That’s–that’s something about
Brother Copeland. He has that–he–he just has that
bulldog-like faith that will not quit– GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: –and will not let go. GLORIA: It’s bold faith. GEORGE:
It’s a bold faith. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: It’s a very bold faith.
And it’s a faith that takes. And I put a phrase down here that,
“What God has so wonderfully given to us by his grace, we
forcefully take it with our faith.” GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: Because there’s an enemy out there trying to take it back
from us. GLORIA: So what are we supposed to do with that enemy?
Resist him. GEORGE: Resist him. We resist him. GLORIA: It didn’t
say, “He’d roll over and play dead.” It says, “Resist him.”
GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: In the name of Jesus, resist him. GEORGE: In
the name of Jesus, we resist him. GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: And there’s an illustration that I’ve done in
church sometimes. Sometimes I’ve taken my Bible, and I’ll say,
“This is the Word of God. It belongs to me.” And I’ll go up
to somebody, and they’ll try to take it from me. Say, “Try to
take my Bible from me.” And I–I will not let go. GLORIA: That’s
right. That’s what you do. GEORGE: Now, what–what wimpy
faith will do is–is the devil will try to take it, and he
takes it away. GLORIA: And then they complain. GEORGE: And they
complain. But–but– GLORIA: It didn’t work. GEORGE: –but we
have to take the Word– GLORIA: You have to hold it. Yeah.
GEORGE: –bite down on it like a bulldog does and not let go
of it. GLORIA: That’s called, “resist.” We resist. GEORGE:
Yeah, we resist it. GLORIA: We resist the enemy from taking our
faith or talking us out of it or calling–causing us to say the
opposite of what we want to come to pass. We have what we say.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: You just might as well get a grip on
that. GEORGE: Yeah, we– (Laughs) GLORIA: Good or bad,
you’re getting what you say. GEORGE: That’s right. You’re
going to get what you say. That’s right. GLORIA: And so we
have to– GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –hold onto what we see
in the Word of God and what we believed for– GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: –what we stood on– GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: –and
not let it go, not let it go. GEORGE: Brother Copeland
was–was preaching recently, and he had us lay our hands on our
heads in calling for hair. GLORIA: Yes, yes. Amen. GEORGE:
(Laughs) And so we made a faith demand to take the original–the
original count. GLORIA: I agreed with you, too. GEORGE: There’s a
scripture here in Joshua 18, talking about taking what
belongs to us. In Joshua 18– GLORIA: What a scripture,
George. GEORGE: And I’ll read this to you, Gloria. It says,
“The whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled
together at Shiloh, and set up a tabernacle of the congregation
there. The land was subdued before them.” That land was
already conquered. It already belonged to them. But in Verse
2, it says, “And there remained among the children of Israel
seven tribes, which had not received,” or had not taken,
“their inheritance.” GLORIA: I don’t have that faith. GEORGE:
That’s–I’m just reading–I’m reading this scripture– GLORIA:
Oh, okay, you’re reading. Okay. GEORGE: –because we’re like
four minutes now left in this broadcast. So I’m hurrying
along. But they had not received it, Gloria. They had not taken
what rightfully belonged to them. And Joshua said to the
children of Israel, “How long are you slack to go possess the
land, which the Lord God of your fathers has given to you?”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And I say that to you today. How
long are you going to be slack to take what already belongs to
you, to take hold of that? GLORIA: Yes, what you see in the
Word of God. GEORGE: That’s right. And the word “slack” now,
I have that on B, number two there. “Slack,” in the Hebrew,
means, “How long are you going to postpone it?” GLORIA:
Postpone, yeah. GEORGE: “How long are you going to put it
off?” GLORIA: Isn’t that good? That’s right. GEORGE: “How long
are you going to waste time?” And the Message Translation
says, “How long are you going to sit around on your hands,
putting off taking possession of the land that God, the God
of your ancestors, has already given to you?” GLORIA: Do you
know some people can just pray around the world and back and
never take it? GEORGE: Never, never take it. GLORIA: So it’s a
good thing to do based on this scripture, that when you pray,
you–you think about it maybe before you leave your place of
prayer, “Did I take what I wanted to come to pass?” GEORGE:
That’s right. GLORIA: “Did I take it or talk about
it?” GEORGE: “Did I take it?” (Laughs) That’s good, Gloria.
GLORIA: “Did I take it or talk about it? GEORGE: “Did I take it
or did I just talk about it?” That’s really good. GLORIA:
It’s–it’s important. It’s the difference between working and
not working. GEORGE: That’s important. That’s important.
That’s it. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: We have to take it.
GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: We–we have it–it belongs to us.
GLORIA: We believe we receive it. GEORGE: There are a couple
of scriptures that–for instance, “He’s already blessed
us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in
Christ.” That’s Ephesians 1:3. GLORIA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
GEORGE: It already belongs to us. It’s ours. And so the–the
word “possess” here, in–in Joshua 1–18:3, when it says,
“Why are you slack to possess the land?” that word “possess–”
and I have that on page three–that word “possess,” in
the Hebrew, means to claim, claim it. GLORIA: Possess.
GEORGE: Claim it. So what we’re talking about here, is– GLORIA:
Receive it. GEORGE: –bulldog faith takes it. Bulldog faith
claims it. I lay claim on what I need. I take that. I wrote down
in the notes here a word from Brother Copeland in October 28th
of 2010. “For all of you who will take my Word and stand on
it, saith the Lord, the kingdom is for you. The angels are for
you. And all of heaven’s reserves are at your call. You
have to take it. We have to claim what we need.” And in this
last–in this last two minutes that we have left, Gloria,
together, look on page two there of your–of your notes. I wrote
something down here. This is a bulldog confession. I want us to
do it together, okay? GLORIA: Okay, I’ll do it after you.
GEORGE: Say this after me, “Heavenly Father–” (Gloria
Repeats Prayer) “–I thank you for your Word. I give it first
place and final authority. I am walking in bulldog faith more
and more every day. The devil will not stop me from walking in
the fullness of the blessing. I refuse to quit. I refuse to let
go. I–I refuse to give up. My–my faith is aggressive. It’s
persistent. It’s determined. It’s focused. I am fully
persuaded. What God has promised, he is able to perform.
I take it. I possess it. I claim it. This is the victory that
overcomes the world, even my bulldog faith, in Jesus’ name.”
Now, Father, we receive that. We praise you for it. And we are
getting stronger– GLORIA: We agree with the people. GEORGE:
–strong. Go ahead, Gloria. GLORIA: We agree with the people
for what they took by faith. GEORGE: Yes. Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, Jesus. GLORIA: George and I agree with you that you
have it now– GEORGE: Praise God. GLORIA: –in Jesus’ name.
Hallelujah. GEORGE: Thank you, Lord. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: Glory to God. Glory to God. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Glory
to God. GLORIA: Thank you, Lord. Good job, George.
GEORGE: Gloria, let’s get strong in faith. Take it.
GLORIA: I–I’m doing my best, George. We are doing
our best. GEORGE: We are doing our best. GLORIA:
Hallelujah. And we’re not through yet. GEORGE: Hmm-mm.
GLORIA: We’ll be right back. LOUIS McCALL: I’m
Louis McCall, and this is my wife, Lenora. LENORA McCALL:
I learned back in 2002 that God can turn things around.
I learned that from reading and watching Gloria
Copeland at her ministry when she spoke about II Corinthians
9:6-8. And I learned to use that as a fundamental scripture for
me on a daily basis. In 2004, I had some investment property
that I sold, and I gave a large amount of money to my church. I
received the first notice of audit in 2006. They went back
one year to 2005, questioning my donations. I got married in
2006, so they ended up not only auditing me, but my husband. But
not only did we receive the audit notice from one office, we
received notices from IRS, Washington, D.C.; Richmond,
Virginia; Andover, Massachusetts; Kansas City
Kansas; Decalb, Georgia, and one or two other places. We got
caught up in the IRS loop. LOUIS: That began things. And
then in successive years after that–of course, we were married
then–they refused to acknowledge anything that we
gave to KCM or other ministries or our church. So it’s like they
considered us to be untruthful. LENORA: It was very frustrating.
We kept holding onto that faith and praying and declaring every
day that we did not owe them, they owed us. And we used II
Corinthians 9:6-8, because we believed God would turn it
around. The easy thing would have been to settle with IRS and
say, okay, we agree, and just give into them. But we knew we
hadn’t done anything wrong, that there was a paperwork mistake.
LOUIS: We would see commercials on TV saying, “You got tax
problems? We can negotiate it down to a lower amount for you.”
But Lenora would say, “We don’t owe them, they owe us.” And
we–we stood our ground. We continued to stand in–in faith,
which is difficult when all of the–the indicators seem to be
against you. (Laughs) LENORA: I called KCM ministries a lot. And
so I just said, “I’m just going to lay it all out there and put
my trust in God’s Word, and just keep listening to God’s Word,
reading his Word, and not let anything else cross my eyes. The
six offices that audited us said we owed in excess of $40,000,
because they continued to add penalties– LOUIS: And interest.
LENORA: And interest. And it was in August of 2011 that we
received the letter from the IRS saying that they were going to
take our house in about 10 days. And that’s when we really,
really prayed. And then it was February 1st, 2012, when we
received a letter from the IRS saying they’re going to send us
refunds for several years in excess of $13,000. And then we
got another letter saying they needed to send us $1,300, and
then another letter saying they owed an additional 500. So, I
would say it was about 14-, $15,000 that the IRS gave us.
And the remarkable thing is, our tax person said, “The IRS really
does this.” The whole time we continued to decree, as Gloria
Copeland taught us–decree II Corinthians 9:6-8, and saying
every day, out loud, that we did not owe, that they owed us. And
we just stood on the truth. We would not stop tithing, we would
not stop giving offerings, and we just believed God. LOUIS: You
take God at his word. You–you believe in his character,
that he doesn’t lie, that he’s reliable and trustworthy.
LENORA: So when you are exposed to it and you see what God
can do, and you see things that are literally
miracles in front of your eyes, you cannot doubt
him. God is real. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

Jean Kelley



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