April 9, 2020
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you so now I cannot go in to live with a cat so welcome back to the faith revival so last time we talked about those moments that Allah sends you to wake you up that catalyst that can result in a lifelong connection to a la semana Madonna but think about that time where you’re about to commit a sin there’s a very interesting I in the Quran in the melanin and levena EDA doki Allah yg double wide actually attorney him ayah to whom Amana wild al behemoth I work alone Allah says verily people of Iman those believers those who have that belief are those who when allah is mentioned or when allah is remembered then their hearts shake their hearts tremble well either 2d a tiny him ayah – and when the verses of allah are recited upon them then their faith is increased and they placed their trust in allah Spano antenna what is this verse talking about because are we always supposed to tremble when we hear the name of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala or is this a very specific context Mujahideen o Allah – Allah the great scholar of Quran the way he interpreted this ayah he said that what this is talking about is the believer just as he’s about to commit a sin what does he think about at that moment FEA – that karma karma who been a adayla he remembers his standing right in front of a loss of Hannah Matata so before he’s about right when he’s about to commit the sin he remembers his standing in front of a loss in Hannah Montana Fayette Oroku ha and so he leaves that and out of fear he turns back to Allah and he says a stuff for Allah a stuff for a lot of stuff for Allah he then seeks refuge in the words of allah subhana wa ta’ala and his faith is increased so he’s in a better situation than he was before he thought of committing the sin Allah mentions is also in Nana Dina taco either must embody 4 min ash-shaytani to that guru that verily those who have that piety that consciousness of Allah when a thought a whisper from Shaitaan comes to that kuru they immediately remember for either home mobile suit on and suddenly they have boss EDA they have sight they’re able to see clearly again the important point that we take from this is not that you remember a lot before years before you commit a sin when you’re about to commit a sin profits item says either the killer tombola Fanta who as soon as you remember a lot stop don’t think that I’m already in it so I might as well continue and finish it and then I’ll repent afterwards because that happens a lot of times we started we know it feels wrong but you know what I’m already halfway through my backbiting let me go ahead and finish my sentence I’m already halfway through the sin let me go ahead and finish the sin and I’ll be reminded of a lot afterwards know right away when you think of Allah stop catch yourself but secondly what would make you tremble not the thought of people finding out not the thought of you know of humiliation not any thoughts except for my standing in front of a loss of a no time this is actually very practical that when I’m about to commit a sin immediately I should place myself in front of Allah on the day of judgment committing that sin would I have the audacity to stand in front of Allah on the day of judgment and while he is watching me commit that sin what’s the difference between then and now right Allah is watching us now as well can you imagine how shy we would be to commit that sin if we thought about allah site upon us so to that cattle immediately they remember allah span on Terada and they placed themselves in the standing before a loss of a note Allah says when a man hath I’m a comma Rabi he Janet on and for those who fear the standing before the Lord are our two Gardens and paradise the most practical thing I can give you from this is something that comes from a Masuda Rahim helada he says that the believers will never stop sinning because as human beings we don’t stop sinning but they will stop their attitude towards sin so we cannot stop sinning altogether because the children of Adam are sinners in their nature but we can stop the way that we are we can change the way we approach those sins meaning we feel a great shyness and a great humbleness before we commit that sin when we think of a loss of a note Anna our hearts tremble and we take ourselves to ourselves to task how could I think of putting my iman at risk putting my connection with Allah spano tire risk for the sake of that temporary fleeting pleasure so the next time you’re about to commit a sin immediately think of standing in front of a loss of Hannah Montana and committing the sin in front of him on the day of judgment it will deter you inshallah and replace that sin so you were about to commit a sin go commit a good deed instead instead of committing the sin I’m gonna read Quran now I’m gonna just because I thought of that sin I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to read Quran I’m going to do something good to replace what would have been a moment of disobedience with a moment of obedience and remember at Eman Yazeed Allah thora way impossible Marcia faith increases with obedience and decreases with disobedience may Allah increase our Eman and grant us full trust in Him Allah Ameen see you next time in sha Allah said I want equinoctial I wrote accounts you

Jean Kelley