April 2, 2020
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The Command of Faith

GLORIA: Hello, everybody,
welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory.
We’re having the Word of faith today, and it’s good.
George–Pastor George Pearsons is with us today. If
you’re not prosperous, it’s not our fault, and
it’s not the Lord’s fault. We have had plenty of great work.
GEORGE: It’s not our fault. We have. And, you know– GLORIA: We
need to build our faith. GEORGE: –all of the outlines that we
have done since the beginning–I was going to say, “The beginning
of time,” but in the beginning that we started doing this, they
are all available GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE:
–including these outlines that we’re doing here. GLORIA: I
think that’s very generous of you because this is a lot of
good sermons right here. GEORGE: It is. And you know what? We
have a lot of pastors that utilize these outlines. Some of
them use them for their offering time. Others have had full-blown
Bible studies in their church. GLORIA: Good. GEORGE: Sometimes
I go online and I–I’ll Google, “10 Days of Prosperity,” and
I’ve found churches that–I didn’t even know they were doing
this, but they had them on their website and told their
congregation to download them, bring them to church, and
they’ll study them. GLORIA: Isn’t that marvelous? Praise
God. GEORGE: So I think it’s marvelous. GLORIA: Oh,
hallelujah. GEORGE: Just print them. Do whatever you want to do
with them. They are–they are for– GLORIA: But let us have
some good testimonies, too. GEORGE: We need some testimonies
as well. GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: Gloria, we’re talking about
bulldog faith. And I’m so excited about this topic
because, you know, even in the time–these two weeks that we’ve
talked about it, I can sense myself getting stronger. My
faith is getting stronger. We live by faith. We walk by faith.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And this is the victory that
overcomes the world. The Amplified Bible says, “This is
the victory that conquers the world, even our faith.” GLORIA:
Here’s the deal about faith– GEORGE: Mm. GLORIA: –it has to
be fed. GEORGE: It must– GLORIA: It’s just like your
physical body. GEORGE: Oh, yeah. Yeah. GLORIA: You can go so
long, but you’ll get weaker and weaker and weaker. And pretty
soon you stop. Faith has to be fed. GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: And that’s what you’re doing with us. GEORGE: And you
feed your faith by hearing the word. You feed your faith by
watching BVOVN. GLORIA: By obeying the Word. GEORGE:
Obeying the Word. And you just keep that a steady flow of the
Word of God on the inside and then applying it. GLORIA: That
BVOVN is awesome. GEORGE: Isn’t that something? GLORIA: Yes. How
supernatural is that? GEORGE: You can turn it on anytime, and
you won’t find any–any doubt, unbelief, trash on there at all.
GLORIA: No, no, not a thing. GEORGE: It is the first. I
will–I’ll daresay it’s the first full-faith network in the
history of television. GLORIA: I agree. GEORGE: I don’t think
there’s ever been a 24/7 like that. GLORIA: That’s awesome.
GEORGE: And you can really–you can watch it and build your
faith in it and through it. GLORIA: Absolutely. I enjoy it a
lot. GEORGE: So we are–we’re talking about this bulldog
faith. And just to recap a couple of things, we’ve learned
that bulldog faith is aggressive. GLORIA: Yes, it is.
GEORGE: You know, the curse of the law is aggressive. So we
have to be even more aggressive. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
Bulldog faith is determined. I am determined to receive what
God has given to me. Bulldog faith is persistent. It will not
give up. It will not throw in the towel. GLORIA: Nope. GEORGE:
It will not quit. That’s the kind of faith that just does not
quit. Bulldog faith is focused. There is a focus to–to not
being a–wavering on the Word of God, that we are so single
minded on the Word of God. We don’t look to the left. We don’t
look to the right. We attend to the Word at all times so it’s
focused. We talked yesterday about fully persuaded faith and
how Abraham was so fully persuaded that what God had told
him he was going to be, he was going to be, that whatever he
was going to become, he would become. So we must become fully
persuaded in our faith, and just take that aggressive stand that,
“I’m getting stronger and stronger in faith,” and whatever
you’re dealing with, whatever’s going on in your life right now,
you get back up on your faith and believe God. GLORIA: Yes,
that’s right. GEORGE: Believe God and get strong in the Lord
and in the power of his might. GLORIA: Faith has to be fed–
GEORGE: It must be. GLORIA: –or it regresses. It has to be fed.
GEORGE: It must–you just said that. It–it must be fed or it
will regress. That’s a very interesting point. GLORIA: So
that’s why we believe– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –you need to
read the Bible every day, because that’s where faith is.
GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: I read it every day. GEORGE: I do, too.
GLORIA: At least once a day. GEORGE: Feed on it. We’ve–we’ve
got–we’ve got CD’s in the car. We listen to it at night. We–we
really do have an–a culture in our family of the Word of God.
And we’re listening to it, and when something happens, we go
right to the Word– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –because
that’s our foundation. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: That’s what
we need. GLORIA: It works, too. GEORGE: So, today, I want to
talk to about the command of faith, the command of faith, the
faith command. And if we look again at Romans Chapter–I was
over there and I– GLORIA: 4:17. GEORGE: –I wandered over to
another scripture. In Romans 4, and we were talking about this
yesterday. We were talking about Abraham, talking about his
faith. And in Romans 4:17–well, we’ll start with Verse 16,
“Therefore it is of faith, that it must be–might be by grace;
to the end,” or the result, “that the promise might be sure
to all the seed; not only that which is of the law, but that
also which is of–” GLORIA: That would be us. GEORGE: “–the
faith of Abraham–” That’s us, that’s us. “–who is the father
of us all, (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many
nations,) before him whom he believed,” or in other words,
he–he believed just like God. He believed, just like God, “who
quickens the dead, and calls those things which be not as
though they were.” GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: That right there is a
major, major study in faith– GLORIA: It is GEORGE: –to call
things. GLORIA: That’s the main suction to the whole thing,
right there. GEORGE: (Laughs) That’s right. That’s exactly
right. GLORIA: Call it how you want it. GEORGE: Call it how you
want it. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: If you–like Charles Capps said
one time, “If you want the cat, you don’t call the dog.” GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: You’ve got to call what you want. GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: And you–you do. You declare what rightfully
belongs to you. But I– GLORIA: And you get that information
right out of the Word of God. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
right. GLORIA: So somebody might say, “Well, I don’t know what to
say.” Well, this is what to say. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: If
it’s about healing, you find healing scriptures. If it’s
about money, you find money scriptures. GEORGE: That’s
right. This morning before I came into the studio, I was
talking to Terri, and we were making our daily confessions,
and we were calling things in. We were calling finances into
our household. We were–we were declaring that the windows of
heaven are open over us because we are tithers. We were calling
in finances– GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: –for the church.
We were calling in finances for this ministry. We were calling
in all of the volunteers, the workers, the staff that we need
to get done everything that needs to be done. GLORIA: Amen.
GEORGE: We were calling these things in. There is–again,
there’s an aggressiveness about faith. We are not of those
that–that back down and back away. GLORIA: No, we don’t.
GEORGE: We don’t do that. We are of those that believe. And
there’s an aggressiveness to our faith. And if you do study–and
we have it right here on your page, Gloria, which all of these
outlines–these are available to you. Right now you can download
them, get them, and follow along with us–with us. GLORIA: We
appreciate that, George. Those are awesome. GEORGE: The
little–literal Greek of that phrase, “Calling things that be
not,” the little–literal Greek says, “Calling the things not
being as being.” GLORIA: Now, what–where are you on your–
GEORGE: That’s number one there under “A.” GLORIA: Number one.
Well, you’d think that would be a good place to start. GEORGE:
(Laughs) Yeah. GLORIA: I got it. I see it. GEORGE: “Calling the
things not being as being.” What–what is not in your life.
GLORIA: So let me just ask you this. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: So
when we call the things that are as are– GEORGE: As though they
are. GLORIA: We’re going backwards. GEORGE: We’re going
backwards. That’s right. GLORIA: Unless we want to keep it that
way. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s right. GLORIA: I got it.
GEORGE: For instance, you take a person that’s dealing with an
illness, and they’re calling themselves sick. GLORIA: “How
are you today?” “Well, I’m not doing too good. I’ve got fever.
I’ve got this. I’ve got that.” They’re calling things that
aren’t as though they are. GEORGE: As though they are.
GLORIA: And so nothing’s happening supernaturally to
change it. GEORGE: That’s right. Now, that’s exactly right. You
just said it. Nothing is happening supernaturally to
change that circumstance. You’re just calling it the way it is.
And, really, in calling it as it is, you are fortifying it.
You’re feeding it. You’re enlarging it. GLORIA: Oh, yeah.
Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: The more–you’re– GLORIA: You’re
strengthening the wrong thing. GEORGE: That’s it, Gloria. You
said it. You said it. GLORIA: We’re not going to do that.
GEORGE: You’re strengthening the wrong thing. GLORIA: We
strengthen healing and not sickness. GEORGE: That’s it.
That’s it. GLORIA: Abundance and not lack. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah,
yeah. The same thing with finances. “We don’t have
this. We don’t have that. We don’t–we–look how empty our
account is.” You’re just calling things that are. GLORIA:
Are–people say, “I don’t know what we’re going to do. I don’t
know how we’re going to pay the bills this month.” I don’t know
how you are either without faith. GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: But you’re not without faith, George. GEORGE: We are
not without faith. GLORIA: No, we’re not. GEORGE: So we–we
don’t do that. And in the RSV Translation, the Revised
Standard Version, “Faith calls into existence–” GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: “–the things that do not exist.” GLORIA: What
happened in creation? TOGETHER: Light be and light was. GLORIA:
Amen. GEORGE: Faith works that way. GLORIA: That’s exactly
right. GEORGE: That’s exactly how it works. That’s exactly
what God did. He spoke into being things that weren’t, with
his words. GLORIA: It didn’t take a whole lot of words. It
just–he just said it in a– GEORGE: He just–he just said
it. GLORIA: –few words. GEORGE: He declared it. And we are to do
the same thing. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And now, Gloria,
I did a study on the word “call,” and it’s very
interesting here on point three. GLORIA: Oh, that’ll be good.
GEORGE: The word “call,” in the Greek, is “kaleo,” k-a-l-e-o,
and it means to summon. GLORIA: To summon? Oh, isn’t that good?
GEORGE: So what is a–for instance, you can use a jury
summons. GLORIA: You can–yes. Come in today. GEORGE: Yeah,
“You are–you are hereby notified to appear at this place
at this time.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: That’s what the
summons is. And to summon, it’s an order to appear. It’s an
order to appear. And I– GLORIA: I was thinking about a kid, a
little kid. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And the mother said,
“Get yourself in here right now!” GEORGE: (Laughs) It’s
exactly right. GLORIA: She summoned him. GEORGE: That’s
exactly right! My mother–my mother used to call me at–I’d
play in the neighborhood, and when it was time for dinner, you
could hear her all over the neighborhood. And she’d say,
“George! George!” She was calling things that weren’t as
though they were, and I’d come running. You know, it still
happens today. I’ll be up in my office at the house and dinner’s
ready, and I hear this voice downstairs, Terri calling,
“George!” GLORIA: “George.” GEORGE: “George.” GLORIA: “Come
on.” GEORGE: (Laughs) So I obey. GLORIA: Yes. Amen. GEORGE:
Things are designed to obey– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
–our call of faith. They are designed. GLORIA: This is off
the subject, George, but did you know I never had a spanking in
my whole life? GEORGE: Gloria Copeland, really? You never got
a– GLORIA: I never had a spanking. I was never summoned
for a spanking. (Laughs) Hallelujah. GEORGE: You were
never–you were–you were– GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE:
–“Gloria Jean, come in here?” GLORIA: Well, maybe they said,
“Gloria Jean,” but I never got a spanking. GEORGE: But that’s
about as far as it went? Well, bless your heart. GLORIA: Plus,
I was such a good kid, you understand? GEORGE: You
were–you– (Laughs) Well, you–you worked the peach fields
for– GLORIA: Actually, I was the only child for a long time
in the family– GEORGE: Well, then– GLORIA: –in a–in the
family what turned out to be a big family. GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: And parents have more patience with one than they do
five or six. GEORGE: They do. (Laughs) GLORIA: So anyway–
GEORGE: Oh, that’s funny. GLORIA: –I just threw that in.
I thought you might want to know. GEORGE: Well, that’s
really–that’s really good, Gloria. (Both Laugh) Okay, where
were we here? Oh, yeah, summons, calling. GLORIA: Summon. GEORGE:
We are–we are calling those things that be not. A summons,
in definition, is a legal warning notifying a person to
appear in court on a specific date at a specific time at a
specific place. This– GLORIA: The “specific” seems to be the
key word, here. GEORGE: The specific–specific time,
place–and when we’re calling things that be not as though
they were, we are sending out a summons. We’re sending a
summons. Let’s say you’re believing for rent, and the rent
is $1,200. GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: And what would happen if
you’re facing the deadline of that? What you have to do is
call those things which be not. You have to summons. You have to
order it to come. “Rent money, I command you to come to me in the
name of Jesus.” GLORIA: Grocery money. GEORGE: Grocery money.
What–whatever it might be– GLORIA: Believe for grocery
money. GEORGE: –we’re commanding it. “We command you
to come.” And really, Gloria, this is how–it’s fascinating to
me, when I look at the property that we are on right now and the
buildings that we have. Everything on this property is
debt-free. There is no debt on anything– GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: –not one vehicle. GLORIA: Supernatural debt
freedom. GEORGE: Supernatural debt freedom. Not one thing–I
tell the congregation when we’re in church, I tell them–I said,
“Just move around in your chair a little bit and just pick
up–that’s a debt-free chair that you’re sitting in.” Not all
churches have debt-free chairs. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
They owe on it. Well, all of this is–is a result– GLORIA:
Thank you, Lord. GEORGE: –of the utilization of faith–
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –faith in action. GLORIA:
That’s a good way to say it. GEORGE: And you’ve been–you’ve
been calling things in everything–ever since this
started, ever since you heard Brother Hagin preach. GLORIA:
Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: You’ve been calling things in.
You’ve been commanding them to come. You’ve been sending out a
summons. We command that airplane– GLORIA: I guess that
would be in ’67, maybe. GEORGE: ’67, 50–50 years next year.
GLORIA: I’m pretty good at calling it in. GEORGE: You are.
You really are. And– GLORIA: And Jesus is good at fulfilling
it. GEORGE: He is. And I’ve seen it take place because, you know,
for somebody who looks at the ministry right now, they look at
everything that’s going on here. I see–I see people–I host
people that come here that have never been on this property, and
they look around and they see everything that’s here. Well, it
didn’t start that way. GLORIA: No, it didn’t. GEORGE: It didn’t
begin that way. When I came, you had just moved the ministry to
Lake Arlington to the– GLORIA: Lake Arlington. GEORGE: Lake
Arlington. It was the old– GLORIA: Country club– GEORGE:
–country club. GLORIA: –that old country club. GEORGE: And so
I saw it at that point. You had just moved in. GLORIA: And–and
emphasize “old.” GEORGE: Old. GLORIA: Old. GEORGE: Yeah, it
was. I remember there was a picture–there was a pool there.
GLORIA: Yes? GEORGE: And I got here–thankfully, I got here
after Doug and Richard cleaned out the pool, your brothers.
GLORIA: (Laughs) You didn’t have to do that. GEORGE: It was
pretty–it’s a pretty nasty pool. It was like pitch black.
And they were the ones chosen to do that. But, you know, I’ve
seen over the years what has taken place. And, for instance,
we have a dining room here in the executive area of the
building. And that dining room reminds me of that building I
was in. You could fit that building in the dining room.
GLORIA: Yeah, you could. You could. GEORGE: Well, see, every
step of the way, you guys have utilized your faith for this.
And you called in those things that be not as though they were.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: So that’s how it is done, and
that’s exactly the way God did it, “Light be, light was.” God
spoke Jesus into the earth. He called him in through the
prophets, through the Old Testament. GLORIA: Yes, he did.
That’s a good point. GEORGE: And that’s how we do it. We do the
same thing. Brother Copeland did a series here on property at the
church for television many years ago, “You are the prophet of
your own life.” GLORIA: Your own life, that’s right. That’s
exactly true, too. GEORGE: You are the prophet. And you call
those things in. You speak to your body. You talk to your
body. You talk to your finances. You call the finances in. You
make that faith command, and you tell– GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: –you tell whatever it is, “I command you to appear in
Jesus’ name. I am sending out a summons to command that car to
appear, to command those finances to appear.” GLORIA:
“Car, you come, in the name of Jesus.” GEORGE: Yeah–yes,
exactly. Exactly. We command that to come to us. GLORIA: If
you’re–you’re getting it by faith and you’re summoning it,
you might as well get what you want– GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: –because it’s supernatural. GEORGE: And we do
the same thing that God does. God gave us the pattern for
faith. And, if you look here at point four– GLORIA: We did.
GEORGE: –under “A,” in II Corinthians 4:6, “For God, who
commanded the light to shine out of darkness–” the word
“command” there in the Greek is the very same word as “called.”
GLORIA: What did he say? “Light be.” GEORGE: “Light be.” GLORIA:
“And light was.” GEORGE: “Light was.” GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: And so it–he commanded it. GLORIA: We’re children of
his. GEORGE: We are. GLORIA: With his spirit–with his Word.
GEORGE: That’s right. We should be doing the same things he’s
doing. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: So that word is the same
word as “call.” It means to command. God commanded those
things out there to come. And we do the very same thing. Bulldog
faith commands things desired from out of the spirit realm
into the natural realm. GLORIA: And does not waver. GEORGE: It
does not waver. I use–we don’t have time for this, but let me
just–let me read this to you. This is point B. We talk
about–we talk about the centurion and the centurion’s
great faith. And he said, in Verse 8 of Matthew 8, “Speak the
word only, and my servant will be healed.” GLORIA: Hallelujah.
GEORGE: The word “speak” there, Gloria, is the word in the
Greek, “command.” GLORIA: That was great faith. GEORGE: That
was great faith. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: What this–he
was– GLORIA: Oh, it is. It’s the word “command.” GEORGE: It’s
the word “command.” He was telling Jesus to give an order,
and–and he was basically saying, “On the authority of
the–of your word–on the authority of your word, I don’t
need to see it. Your word is the only evidence that I need.
That’s it.” GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: This centurion
understood–that’s why Jesus– GLORIA: Authority understood.
GEORGE: He–he understood authority. He–he was a man
who–who had a–he was the one that Jesus said, “I have not
seen such great faith, no, not in Israel.” GLORIA: That’s
right. Praise God. GEORGE: And why was that? Because he
understood authority. He had people that worked under him. He
worked–he served those over him. He understood the faith
command. And that’s when he told Jesus, “Speak the word only,” or
he was telling Jesus, “Command the word.” GLORIA: Now, that
becomes a way of life. GEORGE: It does. GLORIA: You know, when
we– GEORGE: It does. GLORIA: –if we have a symptom of
sickness or a threat of something– GEORGE: Right,
right. GLORIA: –we command it in the name of Jesus, “You get
out of here. I’m not having that.” GEORGE: That’s right.
Command. GLORIA: If somebody has a heart fluttering or something,
“Get out of here.” GEORGE: “Get out of here in Jesus’ name.”
GLORIA: “I’m not having that in Jesus’ name.” GEORGE: That’s
right. You’d– GLORIA: A lack of money, we say, “Lack, you’re
under the curse. I’ve been redeemed from the curse.”
GEORGE: That’s exactly right. GLORIA: “Money, come, in Jesus’
name.” GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. That’s–that’s precisely it.
GLORIA: People say, “Well, you know, that’s so fanatical.”
Yeah, but it’s really nice. When it comes, it comes. GEORGE: It
does. GLORIA: It might be fanatic. GEORGE: It does.
GLORIA: It is extreme, but it’s great. GEORGE: And–and if you
go to the second page–they’ve given us the three-minute mark
here, so we’ll go to the second page, Gloria. GLORIA: Yes, time
flies when you’re having fun. GEORGE: It really–it really
goes by. They–were having so much fun with this. GLORIA:
Okay. Page two. GEORGE: In John 14:13-14–I’ll teach this in one
minute–in the New King James, it says, “But whatever you ask
in my name, that will I do.” GLORIA: Whatever. GEORGE:
“Whatever you ask in my name, that will I do, that my father
may be glorified in the Son.” GLORIA: To God be the glory.
GEORGE: “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” Now, the
word “ask” in the Greek–and we have the notes so you can go
into this further, but it means “to demand.” GLORIA: Yes. Money
comes– GEORGE: Demand, that’s it right there. GLORIA:
“Sickness, go.” GEORGE: That’s it. That’s–that’s it. That’s
it. GLORIA: Healing, come. GEORGE: She’s got it. Demand as
something due, claim what is rightfully yours and call for
it. GLORIA: Yes, Lord. That’s good. I like it. GEORGE: So you
could really translate, in the Greek, this scripture, John
14:13-14, “Whatever you demand, whatever you command, whatever
you call for and summon and claim and require as your
Christian right–” GLORIA: Based on the Word of God. GEORGE:
“–Jesus said, ‘I will personally see to it that it is
carried out.'” GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: Bulldog faith is
not afraid to put pressure on the Word by making a faith
demand on your covenant and expecting what is already yours.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: God will always supply as long as
there is a demand. GLORIA: That is exactly right in the way of
the Word. GEORGE: So I want us to do this right now. Let’s
practice this together. Say this after me: “In the name of
Jesus–” (Gloria Repeats) “–I command right now the finances
to come to me. I command my house to come to me. I command
my car to come to me.” GLORIA: I hung up on house. GEORGE: Oh.
GLORIA: The perfect house for my family– GEORGE: The perfect
house for my family– GLORIA: –to come to me now. GEORGE:
–to come to me now. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Say this, “In
Jesus name–” (Gloria Repeats) “–I command my body. I demand
my body to function perfectly from the crown of my head to the
soles of my feet. I do this based on the Word of God. With
long life will he satisfy me and show me his salvation in Jesus’
name.” Amen. GLORIA: I take it. GEORGE: I take it. GLORIA: Glory
to God. GEORGE: Now, Gloria, what I just did is what we do.
GLORIA: Yeah, we do it, too. GEORGE: This is what we do all
the time. We did this–I did this this morning with Terri. We
were commanding. We were demanding. We were sending
angels out there to go get it and bring it to us. GLORIA:
Amen. That’s right. GEORGE: The faith command is real, and
that’s what bulldog faith does. GLORIA: Ooh, bulldog faith.
Bulldog faith works. Bulldog faith doesn’t let go. You can
get your two cents and you keep it. If Satan says, “You’re not
going to get it,” you say, “I already got it.” GEORGE:
(Laughs) That’s good. GLORIA: In Jesus’ name. GEORGE: That’s
right, Gloria. GLORIA: I have it. Well–well, it says,
“believe you receive it when you pray,” not when you see it.
“Believe you receive when you pray!” GEORGE: Amen. GLORIA:
Take it when you pray– GEORGE: Amen. GLORIA: –and you can
drive it, you can live in it, you can spend
it– GEORGE: (Laughs) That’s good. GLORIA: –and other
things. George and I’ll be right back. GEORGE:
That’s really good. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

Jean Kelley



  1. 777 BLESSED Posted on March 17, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    Love Love your teachings both of you God Bless youz All 🌹Bulldog Faith Amen. Victory

  2. Sylvia Chriscoe Pusser Posted on March 17, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Pastor George and Mother Gloria are awesome! Praise God for them in Jesus Name, Amen!!🙌

  3. Connie Lipp Posted on March 17, 2020 at 10:14 pm

    …Love to you KCM/BVOV

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    Wowww…You are the prophet of your own life…glory to God

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    I got it AMAN

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