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The Christian Atheist Part 11: “Never Opened the FREE GIFT”

life belongs to Jesus amen so why don’t
we go ahead let’s start off with a word of Prayer let’s come before our Father
God Father we just want to thank you Lord for this time I pray father that
you will just take over this service Lord as we know your holy warring angels
in your ministering angels are surrounding us right now we truly are in
the presence of God and we are standing on holy ground and I pray father as your
words are spoken I pray it will give us life you’re feeling a little down maybe
a little depressed father I just prayed as we hear your words joy will refresh
our minds and our hearts and we know we’re gonna experience the fullness of
your holy presence right now as we just give this time fully surrendered to you
Lord God we love you and we praise you in Jesus name we’re praying all this and
everyone says amen praise God will you take a look at your notes you know
that we’re continuing the sermon series called the Christian atheists and we’re
on characteristic eleven and you know I’m gonna tell you next week will be our
last one okay because I know we’ve been going through this series for several
months now but next week will be our last one all right and today’s sermon is
entitled never open the free gift I’m going to tell you what that’s all about
but once again we know a Christian atheist is defined as someone who calls
himself a Christian but has very or little evidence of God actually being
present in his or her life so what this Next characteristics this person may say
he’s a Christian but he may wonder wonder if Jesus really saved him and
it’s probably because guess what he never opened the free gift from God I
want to talk about what that is in just a minute
you know I got to tell you just the other day I had a pleasure of talking
with someone who is of Catholic faith and I asked him this simple question if
you were to die tomorrow from an accident or whatever it may be
would you have great certainty that you would be with Jesus how would you answer
this of course you would say yes I know this for sure I would be with Jesus
well he answered me well Ben I got to tell you no one can guarantee that even
if you believe in God and I know he’s a devout Catholic but yet he can tell me
he’s not sure or probably not can you imagine this he then gives me many
reasons why this is so according to his Catholic faith and we’re going to
discuss some of these things later in the sermon but I want you to look at
Romans 6:23 I want you to read that scripture with me it’s in your notes
ready go well the wages of sin is what it’s death but the free gift of God is
what eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord that’s it so we know right this
free gift from God is what it’s eternal life for the believer and we will
experience this for sure right when we’re standing face to face with Jesus
we will know yeah I’m spending eternity with my God but I got to tell ya sadly
many Christians do not know that you can open up this gift you know when right
away as soon as you invited Jesus into your Heart guess what you know for a
fact that you’re gonna have eternity because eternity starts for you right
there and then it’s when you ask Jesus to come on into your heart so what does
it exactly mean for someone who have actually opened up this gift this free
gift that God talks about well it simply means to have everyone say this the
blessed assurance blessed assurance that you are guaranteed entrance into the
kingdom of heaven if you were to pass away from this earth I know some people
say oh how come you gonna talk about death and passing away well we know for
the Christian Right we know Death has lost his sting can I here an amen to that
because we’re gonna spend eternity with God that’s what we got to realize that we
had an eternity with our Father God I want you to look at Hebrews 11:1
let’s read that together ready go “What is faith? it is the confident
assurance that something we want is going to happen. it is a certainty
that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead.” Do you have this blessed assurance do you have this certainty that if something
were to happen to you because we don’t know why we can go out there I’m just
saying right we know that we have this blessed assurance I’m gonna be with
Jesus it means that you absolutely have no
doubt about where you’re going because you are at peace and you have this total
acceptance of your final destination because guess what we’re not home yet
our eternal home is with Jesus Christ and when your gift has not yet been open
because it should be open right if it’s not been open you may say you believe in
God and what his son Jesus had done for you
but it’s still questionable whether or not you are really save and a
lot of Christians you know I asked you know right you’re saved right maybe I
guess no don’t answer like this you got to have the blessing insurance thing
yes because according to scriptures I know I am saved and here’s the thing
when you have an open the gift is still inside the box so to speak
right so you can’t enjoy what we know as perfect assurance of eternal life
because you don’t have this perfect assurance you’re still gonna walk around
wondering am I saved or not and you got to have this perfect blessed assurance
with no doubt I know I belong to Jesus not when I get to Heaven right now amen
so here’s a question “How is it possible that a Christian believer has NOT OPENED
God’s free gift of Salvation? we’ll look at number 1 it says there “They still
believe they have to EARN or WORK towards their Salvation.” And oftentimes
right haha it could be the case in which the new believer never really got to
understand what the word salvation means and they only have a general
understanding of what it means to be saved
sometimes as a new believer so you know what it
means that you are save and sometimes it well saved from evil sometimes they don’t
understand we got to explain to them what it means for a fact that you are saved
that you have salvation from the Lord he came to your rescue he did what he did
on the cross he took on the weight of the sins of the world so that you can be
free so once again you are once again really concerned with Father God because
guess what the world generally believes that guess what they believe they
believe that only good people will go to heaven it doesn’t really matter whether
you believe in God or not you ask someone who doesn’t believe in God
this is what they may tell you as long as you’re a good person you live a good
life you’re going to heaven is that what we believe as Christians is that what
the scriptures say well we know that’s not what the Bible tells us yet the new
believer may continue to hold this as truth and they go through their whole
lives trying to earn their salvation I’m gonna tell you this is what also a
person of Catholic faith will believe you gotta earn your salvation I want you
look what it says here in Titus chapter 3 verses 4 to 7 read that with me ready
go “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he
saved us, not because of what not because of works done by us in righteousness, but
according to its his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of
the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior,
so that being justified by His grace we might become heirs according to the hope
of eternal life.” Ok, I want you to really catch that he saved us not because of
what not because of the works we’ve done for him because of what his mercy his
love his grace but let me ask you something is it important that we do
good works unto God righteous works all the name of Jesus yes it is but you know
don’t do all these things because you think this is
the only way you’re gonna get a ticket into Heaven cuz some people believe if I
don’t do anything for God when I get to Heaven I’m not gonna have the ticket to
enter in I said no you’re saved by grace you’re saved by mercy you must have this
assurance deep in your heart and soul you got to say it with total Heart yes I
am saved I am saved by Jesus I want you to read with me what it says here in
Ephesians 2:8 through 10 ready go “God saved you by His grace (when what) when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a what it’s a gift
from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of
us can boast about it. For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created
us a new in Christ Jesus, so (that) we can do the good things he planned for us
long ago.” I want you to understand that it shouldn’t be that you feel forced to
do good works for God because you think that God will not accept you into Heaven
if you didn’t do any righteous works for him you got to remember the scripture
says that we are created a new in Christ you became a new creation in
Christ when you said yes to him and guess what when you know that Jesus is
in your Heart you’re gonna have this great desire to serve Him not because
you have to but because you want to because you love to because you know
he’s your Papa God it’s not like okay I got to serve him now because if I don’t
I’m in trouble no don’t think like that but the fact is you’re gonna show them
how much you love him by the actions by the things you’re willing to do for him
what he’s called you to do because here’s the thing you got to understand without
you accepting Jesus Christ into your Heart into your Life you’re not gonna be
able to carry out the plans that God has for you in your life all the great works
that he wants you to do you never accepted Jesus into your heart you’re
gonna have a hard time no fulfilling these plans it’s the fact that you said
yes to him he’s gonna give you assignment’s he’s gonna
give you great and mighty things to do for his kingdom
and it doesn’t matter what it is you know as long as you know that God has
put it in your heart to do it you’re gonna do it with fullness of joy
fullness of desire to give up your very best unto him and and I got to tell you
if you don’t do the work of God with your Heart you just do it because you
feel you got to do it are you obligated to it you know God he’s not gonna really
be pleased with that I gotta tell you about this incident that happened in
1878 it’s when William Booth Salvation Army was beginning to make its mark and
men and women from all over the world began to enlist in the Salvation Army
and one man who had a dream of becoming a Church Bishop he crossed the Atlantic
from America to England to enlist in the Salvation Army and his name was Samuel
Brengle and he left a fine Pastoral position to join Booth’s Army but
at first General Booth right here he didn’t accept his services
wholeheartedly and you know a General Booth he said to Brengle
you know you’ve been your own boss too long and in order to instill humility in
to Brengle go you know what he did he set him to work cleaning the boots of the
other trainees he’s expecting I’m gonna be just great leader I’m gonna be a
bishop of the church but I says no I want you to go and clean these people’s
boots and make them shine and you know Brengle he got really discouraged
and he said to himself have I traveled across the Atlantic to clean black boots
and then you know what instantly God gave him this vision and what his vision
was he saw Jesus kneeling and bending over the feet of this group of men and
then he whispered softly Lord you washed their feet yes I will blacken their
shoes and you gotta understand God will give you this desire that is deep in
your heart to serve Him it’s not about you say
okay I have to do it no you’re gonna have such a great desire because out of
your hearts abundance of your heart there is great love to serve your
brothers and sisters amen that’s what God is looking for you know when you
know you’re doing it out of the abundance of love that is in your heart
amen once you look at point number 2 now it says here “They believe they are
not WORTHY to be saved and believe that a person needs to attain PERFECTION in
order to enter into Heaven.” Okay and that’s what you’ll hear right I’m not
worthy I don’t know I believe in God but I’m not sure I’m not worthy to be saved you don’t know my past Pastor you you don’t know what I’ve done and you
know then and they may say oh but you know it takes someone you know close to
perfection or or actually perfect and in order for them to get into Heaven I
wanted to tell you first of all you know with point number one though we will be
just discussed right it has to do with the Christian atheist believing that it
is what he does on his own that will get him into heaven right and this second
point the Christian atheist believes it is who he has become based upon his own
efforts right that will get him in as well a person who says I’m gonna really
work hard to become a good person a good person who’s almost perfect
guarantee I’m gonna get into Heaven well is that good enough just to be a good
person well let’s look at what it says in Romans 5:15 through 17 let’s read it
together ready go “But there is a great difference between Adam’s sin and God’s
gracious gift. (which is Jesus right) for the sin of this one man, Adam, brought
death (to manhood) to many. (I’m talking about Adam and Eve right okay) But even
greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this
other man, Jesus Christ. And the result of God’s gracious gift is very different
from the result of that one man’s sin. For Adam’s sin led to condemnation, but God’s
free gift leads to our being made right with God,
even though we are guilty of many sins. For the sin of this one man, Adam, cause
death to rule over many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of
righteousness, for all who receive it will live in triumph over sin and death
through this one man, Jesus Christ.” I want you to get this God’s free gift leads to
are being made right with God it’s not based upon what you do you can say from
from now on I’m gonna be on my best behavior I’m gonna do only what is good
according to what this world sees as good no that’s still not good enough for
you to get in Heaven I want you to understand this you know because based
on the discussion I had with the person I mentioned earlier he said that he
thought only holy people like Priests and Pastors can ever actually make it
into Heaven they said it should be that they don’t have any hard time God’s
gonna say oh come here I know you right that’s what he believes he said to me
then Ben just like you you’re perfect in the eyes of God so maybe you but not
someone like me this is what he said I didn’t said you know if you talk to my
wife Jonalee I can assure you she will know and tell you by no means I’m I am
perfect in any way because guess what nobody’s perfect
who is perfect only God is all humankind doesn’t matter who you are you can be
the most Saintly person on this planet or at least you may think you are or you
may think someone else is but you know what in the eyes of God this person
needs Jesus because of his sins because of the very fact you know he’s a flesh
and the only way we can come here Holy and cleanse before the Lord is a very
fact we must accept Jesus into our Hearts amen. That’s the only way I want
you look at Isaiah 64:5 to 6 let’s read what it says there ready go “You come to
the help of those who gladly do right, who remember your ways. But when we
continue to sin against them, you were (very) angry. How then can we be saved? All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are
like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind (our sweat) our
sins sweep us away.” You know I got that this is how one pastor explains because
you kind of look at that and go what our righteous acts are like filthy rags what
does that mean okay well one Pastor explains it this way
let’s say right you and your family and one of your best friends have decided to
go camping but you forgot to bring a container for water so on your way to
the campsite your friend sees a container in a ditch he stops and picks
it up and he notices that it has a skull and crossbones on the outside of the
container and he says POISON on it but even he noticed there’s a little poison
left on the bottom of the container so it just kind of turns it upside down he
dumps the the liquid out the poisonous liquid out right and said so when you
get to the campsite he goes over to an area that has pure filtered water and he
fills the container with water okay let me ask you something would you and your
family be willing to drink out of that container pour out the poison right he
didn’t wash it tho but before out the poison he filled it with water would you
drink it well of course you wouldn’t right because if the container is
contaminated so is the water I want you to understand God can never accept the
righteousness that comes out of the human heart no matter how good it looks
outwardly he won’t because you know why as you know you need his son Jesus this
is the only way that your Heart can be purifying and God sees that the
container it came out of its defiled no matter how many good works we try to
offer to God it can never offset the aggravation and the filthiness of sin it
won’t the only way you need to ask Jesus to come into your Heart.
I want you to understand this the only thing that can offset the aggravation of
sin is the death of Jesus Christ fact that you believe that he suffered
and died for your sins because at the cross Jesus became that sacrifice for
our sins and God offers the Salvation to anyone that will come to him in
repentance and in faith because we know Jesus he rose again on the third day he
rose again and he defeated death because he did he’s alive he’s alive in you he’s
alive in me because he asked him to come on in come on in and we are washed clean
because of the fact we know Jesus resides in our Hearts I want to look
what it says in Romans 10:3 to 4 read it with me ready go “For they don’t
understand God’s Way of making people right with himself. Refusing to accept
God’s Way, they cling to their own way of getting it right with God by trying to
keep the law. For Christ has already accomplished a purpose for which the law
was given. As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God.”
You must believe in him you must believe what he did for you on the cross that is
the way that you are made right with God don’t ever think is through your own human
efforts that you can be made right with God it doesn’t matter what you do you
know you could say oh I’m just gonna kneel on my knees for one week and
I’m not gonna eat much of anything I’m just gonna drink a lot of water I’m
gonna do all this just for God. It don’t matter the question is do you believe in
His Son Jesus have you accepted him as Lord and Savior this is what is the
greatest of importance because sometimes you know I got that I hear a Christian
you know they will say but Pastor Ben. I don’t sin anymore because when I became
a Christian I became sinless I actually heard people tell me this I became
sinless were in the Bible say that you can become sinless
right because they will actually believe that they are perfect okay and that if
they have problems they will blame everyone else except who themselves I’m
perfect right you’re not so if I get problems in my life because you brought
on in my life and that is not the way God wants us think because yeah we
know we are sinners but we are cleansed by the Blood of Jesus. I want you to look
what it says here in 1st John 1: 8 through 9 read that with me
ready go “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is
not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us
our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” Okay does it say
anything about the fact that we are perfect that we are sinless no it says
if you claim to be without sin you don’t know the truth right you deceive
yourself because the devil is right there deceiving you but what was the key
thing that we must do with our sins we must confess of them we got to repent we must confess our sins and it tells us that God he’s gonne be faithful and just all the time
doesn’t matter what sin you commit you can say he’s big it’s small don’t matter
he will forgive you of your sins and what does he do after he forgives you
he’s gonna purify you he’s gonna make you white as snow it’s just like you and
not sinned with that particular sin it’s when you confess and then you say Lord
I’m sorry for what I’ve done I want to make it right with you and this is what
God wants to hear from us so when we confess our sins to God with a True
Heart of Repentance we are Cleansed and we are looked upon God as Pure and Holy
we are white as snow once again because why because you confess
because you said Lord, I’m sorry yeah I got to tell you no then my friend
mentions about a place called purgatory you guys heard of that you know for
people of Catholic faith they believed in a place called purgatory he learned it as a Catholic believer that it is where the spirits of
the Dead you know this is where spirits of dead people go and suffer for the
evil acts that they did while they were still alive
you guys heard about purgatory right and you know he believes all must go there
before they can enter into heaven okay and so purgatory is like a holding place
in which you know other Catholic believers must pray for the atonement of
the dead people’s sins so that they will eventually become purified and then
allowed to go into heaven okay I want you to understand I’m not trying to you
know bring down the Catholic faith or anything I know some Catholic brothers
and sisters who really love Jesus let me tell you and I know their heart belongs
to God but you know these are some of the things we we got to look into and
and ask ourselves is this according to what the scripture teaches us as truth
because if it doesn’t I had to tell this this Catholic person I said you know I
love your brother and we’ve got to look in the Word of God to see what is truth
because if it doesn’t line up with the word of God you can’t accept it because
if it is something that is totally man-made something that was totally
thought up from man you know it’s not gonna be something that will be
acceptable to God I want you to understand it has to be something that you know it’s
according it lines up with the word of God
so I I told him I assured him that the Bible makes no mention of such a place
called purgatory it actually originated with Greek and Pagan philosophy okay I’m
talking about purgatory right in particular the philosopher Plato and it
was introduced in into the church through this philosopher named Origen in
the third century who is considered to be a heretic by the Roman Catholic
Church try to understand that they considered this man to be a heretic yet
they still accepted this particular teaching that he had I want you to
understand right to have the perfect assurance you know that you truly
believe you know in Jesus Christ you must know for a fact
right when you have this blessed assurance if you were to pass from this
planet Earth you’re gonna go straight into the presence of Jesus and it’s when
we take our last and final breath on this planet Earth where every one of us
take our last and final breath on the planet yeah everyone no one is excluded in
this but the fact is you know you’re gonna be straight into the presence of
God how do we know this well the Apostle Paul tells us this let’s look at 2nd
Corinthians chapter 5 verses 8 through 10 ready go
“We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home
with the Lord. So we make it our goal to please him, whether we at home in a body
or away from it. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so
that each of us may receive what is due us for the things while in the body,
whether good or bad.” Okay so if he tells us right he prefers to be away from the
body and home with the Lord and so what does it mean to be away from your body
if we’re talking about our Spirit and Soul that’s the true makeup of who we
are our soul and our spirit cuz we’re made out of of Body, Soul, and Spirit. And
so, when we know we’re away from this body this is a shell you got a shell
right and the fact is right when we die our real self our spirit our soul
straight to Jesus that’s all you need to be concerned about because some people
say is that heaven you know what the thing is right where Jesus is hey that’s
where I want to be that’s all I’m concerned about I’m with Jesus I know
I’m taking care of amen. And so that should be your primary concern you know
you with Jesus and that’s why he said you make it your goal to please him
whether you are home in the body or you’re away from it because we’re home
in the body that means we’re still here alright we’re on this planet Earth well
we’re away from the body it means you’re with God and you have this blessed
assurance amen that I gotta tell you got to get used to
saying yes if someone asks you guarantee you’re gonna be saved if you would’ve
die you gotta say yes don’t ever say I guess I think so no no no don’t say it
like that say yes because the Bible says that I’ll be forever with Christ once
you look at point number 3 now it says “They have some how allowed other
‘false teachings’ about Salvation to enter into them into their minds and hearts
with acceptance as Truth.” And we know in these last days because these are the
last days right there’s gonna be many false teachers that’s gonna teach wrong
doctrine I’m gonna tell ya you know one of the biggest things Salvation they’re
gonna be many more I gotta tell you false teachings about salvation as we
continue to live on in this planet Earth because guess what there’s a devil wanna
spend eternity with God no you know I got to tell you one of the biggest
assignments for all these demon spirit is trying to deceive you and trying to
get you to believe in things that are not truth so that your eternity will be
affected I mean their assignments are to try to get you far far away from father
God yes even to the point where when you will know that you are no longer here on
this planet Earth that they’re hoping that you’re not gonna be with father God
haha no they want you in that other place that other place where we know
it’s the lake of fire the eternal lake of fire that’s where they want you to be
because guess what do they think they know for a fact that they’re going there
yes and so they want to try to bring every human soul along with them so
they’re gonna work hard and what can they do they’re gonna try to instill in
your mind in heart and your heart what is not the truth don’t believe it always
lining up with the word that doesn’t matter you listen to the radio you
listen you see it on the TV you see it on the internet don’t go okay I think
this is a reputable church or is a reputable teacher or because he
said it I won’t believe it no I’m going to tell you even with me I’m gonna tell you it
doesn’t matter who it is always line it up with the Word of God
take what you just heard cuz it’s really something that is new something you
never heard it’s a new teaching don’t go okay Pastor Ben said it so it must be
right okay but thank you for believing in me but I still want you to line it up
with the Word of God if he’s kind of like oh I don’t know line up with word of God and
come talk to me about it okay because that’s how it’s got to be done because
the fact is yeah there are a lot of false teachings out there we just gotta
make sure it lines up with the word of God I want you to look what it says here
in Colossians chapter 2 verse 8 reading with me ready go “Don’t let anyone
capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from
(what) human thinking and from the (what it say their) spiritual powers of this world,
rather than from Christ.” Got to realize this okay that many of these false
teachings come from who what does it say they’re the Devil it says that come from
human thinking I’m from the spiritual powers of this World we’re talking Demon
Spirits that’s what the scripture is saying and I got there these false
teachers I’m sure they hearding from these demonic spirits you know what they
should say because guess what they’re like I said they’re trying to get you
away from God and these demon spirits are using people who are willing to
speak what is of falsity so that guess what the Christian Church will start to
embrace what is not the truth we got to be careful of this always go back to the
Word of God always be willing to do your own homework and ask the Holy Spirit if
you should receive it or not I want you to look what it says there in 2nd
Timothy chapter 4 verses 3 to 5 let’s read it together ready go “For the time
will come when people will not put up with sound
doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn
their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in
all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge are the
duties of your ministry.” And, I’ve got to tell you know when I read this scripture
I just kind of realized that it’s human beings right sometimes we only want the
easy way out come on gonna be honest right it’s just
like we want to do things sometimes with the least effort possible cuz you figure
ah I tired I work hard and you know I just want to come home if I got to do something for my
wife I’m gonna put in the least effort right and sometimes it is even
with our own Christian faith you know we know we have a ministry to do ah I tired I
just gonna give my least amount of work possible because I’m gonna get more
tired if I do this right and so but you know what God wants us to give our very
best amen. Sometime at all times ask him for strength and He will give you the
strength put your all into God when you know that
you’re serving him and I want you to look what it says there in Jude of
verse 4 okay let’s read it together ready go “I say this because some ungodly
people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that God’s marvelous
grace allows us to live immoral lives. The condemnation of such people was
recorded long ago, for they have denied our only master and Lord, Jesus Christ.”
And in this right Jude he’s talking about the fact that their people have
that have come into the church and saying you know what with God’s grace
you are saved he said you don’t deserve this you don’t deserve salvation but
because God loved you so much guess what you know you’re safe but you
know what else God loves you so much you can do whatever you want whatever
your heart’s desire because yeah you can engage
in sin and it’s okay with God because God loves you and so they will
teacher I want you accepted Christ into your life and you say you believe in him
with all your heart you know you just live the life that makes you happy and
they will tell you, you know as long as you are happy Papa God is happy too so
just go have a blast go and drink with your buddies go and have a good time
because God he loves you he’s not gonna say anything let me ask you this is this
according to the Word of God absolutely not
alright well let’s read it together come on you know I can say it right but I
got to make sure I back it up with Scripture okay here’s the backup
Scripture let’s read it in Ephesians 5:5 through 7 ready go “You can be sure that
no immoral, impure, or greedy person will inherit the Kingdom of Christ and of God.
For a greedy person is an idolater, worshipping the things of the world.
Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the anger of God
will fall on all those who disobey him. Don’t participate in the things that
these people do.” Wow don’t be fooled the Apostle Paul says person who lives them
immoral life I mean just have no conscience about it they say they’re
Christian but they continue to live and an impure unholy life you know Paul says
don’t be fooled by them because I got tell you you know in our modern society
we have similar teachings that are creeping into our churches and sometimes
it’s just like little by little there’s like little traces of these kinds of
teachings and suddenly this church is you can see they’re falling apart
because they not embracing the truth of the word of God anymore and you know
what it’s called it’s the teaching of what we call universalism you guys heard
of that and actually this one movie was very popular I think you know which and
I talked about it before this one movie where it really it embraced the teaching
of universalism it’s supposed to be a Christian movie
but universalism is a doctrine that teaches that all people will be saved
all people okay and other names for this doctrine are like Universal restoration,
Universal reconciliation, Universal restitution, and universal salvation. When
you hear these things this is not according to the Word of God I’m gonna
tell you straight up it’s not the truth okay they teach that because God is an
all loving God he will not condemn anybody to hell
in other words nobody’s going to hell really you’re just saying all on just a
demon spirit at first right you may think yeah that sounds pretty good right
and it may sound true to you and when you first hear it but you know what this
teaching is flawed because look in your notes oh what’d it look what it says
here in 2nd Peter 3:9 read it with me ready go “The Lord is not slow in keeping
his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is (what) he’s patient with you,
not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come (to what) to repentance.”
He doesn’t condemn anyone to hell but you got to understand it’s a choice that
we must make why did he send his son Jesus to die for us on the cross if this
is really true right there everyone will go to Heaven why did Jesus do what he
did why did he have to come in the form of a human baby child and eventually
he would have to suffer and die a grueling death on the cross for your
sins and my sins it doesn’t make sense and we know this is what they will teach
right and Jesus he taught that those who reject him as Savior he tells them yeah
you’re gonna spend eternity not with the father there’s multiple scriptures that
tell us this and we got to be willing to say yes this is the Word of God I must
stand on it because when we start to water down the gospel we start to
sugarcoat it people they’re itching ears will be drawn to that I
don’t really have to live a holy impure life as long as I’m saved by grace I’m
good no don’t believe that you got to make sure your life is a life that is worthy
to be called a Christian what is a Christian
it’s a follower of Christ you follow what Jesus tells you and teaches you to
do because this is what it says in Revelation 20:15 look in your notes read
it with me ready go “Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of
life was thrown into the lake of fire.” So is it a real place hell yeah if we start
telling people na don’t worry God will never send anybody to hell no worry you
know you’re all gonna get to heaven even though you don’t believe in God
even though you live immoral life yeah you’re gonna make it to Heaven
don’t worry well guess what you think but guess what
gonna happen to this person what do you think this person will do what sounds
good let’s go grab some drinks and let’s go party cuz God God’s gonna save us no
matter what we do you know you live this life you’re you’re deceiving yourself
and you’re deceiving God you’re trying to deceive God but God will not be
deceived because you know here’s the thing this doctrine also teaches that
there are many ways to get to heaven we’re talking about universalism okay
they would teach that there are many ways to get to heaven not only through
Jesus Christ they will teach that Christians and Muslims they worship the
same God you ever heard of this new group that called chrislam this
combination of Christianity and Muslim no it’s a totally different guy totally
different you can’t mix them up but yet Christian pastors they’re starting to
look at that yeah maybe that is acceptable maybe that is the truth no it
isn’t I’ll tell you straight up it’s not it’s totally different it’s the
personality of they’re not totally totally different don’t even go there
don’t you think that they could be the same and they will say things like
but-but-but all roads did they lead to the same God well the fact is you’re not
gonna experience God’s love if you say it’s all the same God if you’re not
truly a born-again Christian that really knows Jesus Christ I’m gonna tell you
you’re not gonna experience the love of Christ you can say all the roads lead to
the same God but yeah the same God in the sense that this God will judge you
because you never accepted Christ you never knew his son we gotta make sure
our hearts truly belong to him because he did what he did because out of pure
love for you and for me I want to look what it says in John 14:6 and let’s read
together ready go “Jesus answered, I am the way and
the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” It’s only
through Jesus Christ don’t let anyone ever tell you know it could be Jesus
Jesus only one one pathway to God no Jesus says I am the only way to truth in
the life you want to go to God it has to be through only Jesus Christ
and finally this doctrine also teaches that God intends to restore all things
to their original state of purity through Jesus Christ so that in the end
right this is what they will teach everyone I’m talking whether
you’re Christian or not will be brought into a right relationship with God and
once again you know it sounds tempting is it sounds like something you want to
believe because you’re thinking I know I have relatives and friends that have
passed on and you know what they take it will come into right relationship with
God one day to through Jesus Christ even though they may not have believed in Jesus and
we’re tempted to wanna say yeah I want to believe that but once again does it
line up with the Word of God we know it does right because look what it says in
Romans 10:9 read it with me ready go “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is
Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, (what it say
there) you will be saved.” You must have said it with your mouth
that Jesus Christ is your Lord and not only that you believe in your heart that
Jesus he suffered and died but he was rose again from the dead you had to have
believed this while you were alive on this planet Earth this is what the
scripture tells us okay because all the other teachings their
external right is from other teachers that kind of have added on to what the
Scriptures truly say see what I’m trying to say here because you kind of want to
believe that right because you know I can think about other people that have
passed on but we still gotta stand on the truth okay and it’s very important
that we and not let go of what is truth I want you look what it says here in
Acts chapter 4 verse 12 read it with me ready go “Salvation is found in no one
else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must
be saved.” What is his name what is that name Jesus it’s a name above all
names you cannot say all can be something else and be this Hindu God it
can be this and you know come on just lighten up already we’re all one in this
world and we are the world we are the children and you know I understand we are to
be united as human beings I think God would want us to do that but when it
concerns our faith in God we can’t let go amen. We got to stand firmly on the
Word of God and don’t let go of what is truth let’s look at the bottom line
verse now so you know in conclusion you know I told the person that I was
conversing with that you know the very fact I told him saying you know what
God loves and longs to be with his children because I know he knows God but
there’s some things that he haven’t truly understood especially when it
concerns Salvation and I told him God loves us so much so that he was willing
sacrifice his one and only Son Jesus so that all of mankind could be once again
reconciled with him Jesus had to do what he had to do so that we be reconnected
with the Father but you know in response he still believed that Salvation had to
be EARNED and WORKED for he said you know he said that Ben you know gonna
understand that this is what I learned since I was a child I just kind of let
go of it just like that but he was willing to listen he was really wanting
to know more so in the Holy Spirit you know gave me the wisdom to explain it
this way I told him cuz he has a son that I know he loves so much yeah and he
says you know I told him just imagine you told your son that you decided that
you would make the necessary sacrifices to pay for his entire college education
because simply you want him to be a success in his life that this is what
you know you desire for him but then imagine your son saying to you no dad
whatever I needed to need to do I’m gonna work hard on my life to pay you
back I’m gonna guarantee it dad I’m gonna pay you back you know whatever
that I do I gotta work three jobs I got to pay you back dad and you respond
by saying no I don’t expect you to pay me back anything at all because I love
you and it’s already paid in full how can you pay for something that’s already
paid in full. I want you to understand this is how it is when it concerns our
Gift of Salvation from Father God you know you can tell God I’m got to pay you
back I got to earn my Salvation Father God says how can you do it it’s
already what it’s already done it’s paid in full how can you pay for something thats already paid in full my son did what he did I sent my son to do what he did so that it
is paid in full so you must have this Blessed Assurances amen. You are saved can you
just say that right now I am saved thank you Jesus
rests upon that promise with all of your Heart
and the very fact it is already paid in full because the great sacrifice that
Jesus made for us on the cross we can’t earn it you can’t earn it because Jesus
paid for it fully with his own life I want you to read this last scripture. I
know you know this scripture I’m sure you memorize it John 3:16 let’s read it
together ready go “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only
Son, so that everyone who believes (just simply believed) in him will not perish
but have eternal life.” If you believe in God you believe what Jesus did for you
you’re safe but if you really believe that I mean
really believe that you’re gonna make sure your life will change according to
how God wants you to change that you’re gonna be transformed into the very image
of His Son Jesus Christ amen because you love him because you desire him more than
anything. I’d like to end by showing you this video it’s a song you’ll you guys
know it’s called Blessed Assurance and Benson can you go ahead and play
that please Praise God we have that blessed
assurance and say this is my story this is my song praising my Savior all the
day long you know that’s something we can look forward to it when we know
we’re gonna be standing face to face before Jesus imagine just taking the
hand of Jesus as he leads you into the garden filled with such great beauty of
flowers and butterflies and all these beautiful animals can you imagine
just fasting in the Holy presence of God this is what we all have to look
forward to as Christian believers I mean there’s no doubt that should be in our
minds and in our hearts that we’re gonna have that but you know what it doesn’t
have to wait until we get to Heaven no you can experience the presence of God
right here right now in the present as you just pray as you seek God you know
the presence of God abounds in your life amen
so do you have this blessed assurance you have this FREE GIFT you haven’t opened
it yet they open it up right now amen and simply say I am saved
thank you Jesus amen. Praise God. I want’s go ahead let’s
bow our heads bow our heart has come before our Father in Heaven, Father God
we just want to thank you Lord for this message Lord, I thank you Lord as you
spoke it through me Father I know it’s all you and I just prayed that my
brothers and sisters will truly have this blessed assurance in their lives
Lord that they will never again doubt that they are saved because when they ask
Jesus to come into their Hearts Father Jesus never leaves the Holy Spirit never
leaves and Father you will never leave them because your promise is that I will
never leave you I will never forsake you because child you are mine
I know that’s what you are saying to all of us here right now and Father I thank
you Lord for this promise and Father so we know the next time someone can ask us
a question like that are you really saved we can say yes without a doubt I
am saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ and with all our heads bowed with
our eyes closed right now you may be saying you know pastor Ben I realize I
had been someone like that I know I always hesitated I always kind of like
wondered if I’m really saved or not but with today’s message I know I can have
this blessed assurance and I’m gonna ask Father God that this blessed assurance
will just come upon me fully that there’ll be no doubt anymore that
whatever the devil will try to do to bring forward out into my mind into my
heart that all the works of the devil will be crushed in Jesus name as I have
this blessed assurance I’m gonna walk with great victory knowing that my Jesus
my Lord God is with me even now and throughout eternity
and I praise him for his great love and mercy for me and if this is truly you
you’re saying Lord forgive me those time that I doubted you but I have no doubt
anymore I have this blessed assurance can you
just raise your hand say that’s me so I can pray for you Praise God Praise God
thank you thank you Hallelujah put your hands down let’s pray Father you seen all
the hands that were raised but most important is the hearts behind those
hand Father will you give my brothers and sisters this blessed assurance that
they will no longer doubt whether they are saved or not that they will know it
with such great zeal such great excitement knowing that you are present
in their lives for now and forevermore Father we just want to tell you how much
we love you how much we praise you in a mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray all
of these things and all my brothers and sisters say together amen let’s all

Jean Kelley