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Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 146 – Full Episode – 17th March 2020

Alok, let’s go, I am here. Let’s perform the
circumambulation fast. – Fine. Let’s go.
– Hold on! Is circumambulating the bonfire
more important for you than my life? Then I am ready to die. No, Mother-in-law. For a moment, Tara might
put her life in danger. But she won’t let any harm
come to you. Right, Tara? Tara, no problem. You and Alok can circumambulate
the bonfire next year. This year, you two will have
to do it separately. Then what are you waiting for? The fire of Holi has been lit. Complete
the circumambulation fast before the planetary
position changes. Durga, come here.
– Fine. Stay away from my daughter. And stay in your limits.
Got it? Come, Mr. Rajesh.
Join me. Shall we go?
I’ve no problem. – No.. Please come.
– No, pal.. By the way, I’m impressed.
You taught the politician and his aides a nice lesson. Well, you asked me to stay back. You didn’t tell me
about tomorrow’s plan. What are we going to do? In tomorrow’s Holi,
there will be an uproar. There’ll be great fun. There will be dancing
and singing. There will be delicious snacks. There will be colours
everywhere. Sir, tomorrow, we’ll be
celebrating Holi in such a way like we’ve never
celebrated before. – Yes.. Sir, that is, this Holi is going
to be excellent, classy attractive, unique,
and spectacular! And tomorrow, there
will be confession of love. Tomorrow, on ‘Rang Panchami’,
we’ll be playing the ‘holi’. Baby.. – Yes. – So,
tomorrow, as per the custom we’ll be applying colours to
each other first. Okay? – Fine. Alok! Tomorrow, like every year,
we’ll be applying colours to each other first, right?
– Right.. Bye. Alok! I guess he must be outside. Happy Holi! Alok! Happy Holi! Could Alok be with Alia? Alok! “Praise Lord Ram..” “Praise Lord Krishna..
Praise..” “Praise Lord Ram!
Praise Lord Krishna!” “Praise Lord Ram..
Praise Lord Krishna..” Happy Holi, baby! Where on earth were you! I looked for you
everywhere in the house. Well.. I..
I-I was hiding, baby. I just..
– Why? I wanted to give you a surprise
by hiding. You weren’t at home. I wonder
where you’d rushed out! Now forget it. Come on, let’s
apply colours to each other. Just hold on. You have colour
on your neck already. How is that? – Well..
How? It’s not the colour from today. Yesterday
we lit the bonfire, right? As the colours were flying
in the air I guess, that must
have settled here. Anyway, just ignore it. Let’s complete the ritual.
– Fine. Happy Holi.
– H-Happy Holi! Let’s go. Happy Holi, everybody! Wow, Tara! You deserve to be appreciated. You did a drama
of your illness and took away my husband
from me. Wow! You’re absolutely right. I did a drama of my illness. I took away your husband, Alok
from you. I did everything, Alia.
I did. I did everything.. Why are you doing this drama! Why, Alia!
Why! That’s something you wanted
to bring out from me that I took away your husband
from you. Alia, I’m ill. And you think my illness
is a drama? Seriously? Alia, try to recollect! You divorced Alok, yourself. And then, I was married to Alok.
Please try to recollect. Please stop this drama, Alia! And stop recording this, Rabiya! Ms. Shalini, I have no idea if you have any feelings
for me. But there’s a lot I feel
for you, Ms. Shalini. No, Mr. Rajesh.
Please don’t say so. I, too feel a lot for you. But I can’t express it to you,
openly because of my dad. What! That I, too love you, a lot. Really?
– Yes. Mr. Rajesh, before my dad gets
me married to someone else.. Just a minute.
– Just a minute? Lord, what’s happening? Hey! You want to hit me
with the stone? No, Mr. Rajesh. Keeping this stone
as the witness let both of us get married.
– What! But.. There’s no ifs and buts. No one can stop us from
becoming each other’s, today. Give me your hand. “Auspicious is Lord Vishnu,
the bearer of the Garuda flag.” “Auspicious is the lotus-eyed.” “All auspiciousness
is Lord Vishnu.” “Auspicious is Lord Vishnu,
the bearer of the Garuda flag.” “Auspicious is the lotus-eyed.” “All auspiciousness
is Lord Vishnu.” “Auspicious is Lord Vishnu,
the bearer of the Garuda flag.” “Auspicious is the lotus-eyed.” “All auspiciousness
is Lord Vishnu.” “Auspicious is Lord Vishnu,
the bearer of the Garuda flag.” “Auspicious is the lotus-eyed.” It’s done.
– Congratulations! Congratulations!
– Ms. Shalini.. Congratulations! Happy Holi! Mark my words, Tara. That day is not very far when I’ll expose you
before everyone. Nor that day is very far when I will get married to Alok right in front of you! Happy Holi! Happy Holi! ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ ‘the next match is between’ ‘Rajasthan’s well-known
wrestler, the wrestler Sajju’ ‘and the wrestler Jagga..
As you all know’ ‘the wrestler Sajju has won
a lot of competitions.’ ‘And the one fighting
against him, today’ ‘is the wrestler Jagga..
from Meerut.’ Knock him down..
– ‘And here’ ‘the wrestler Sajju has knocked
the wrestler Jagga down! Come on, wrestler Sajju! ‘But wrestler Jagga
is not giving up so easily.’ ‘He is fighting back
with the wrestler Sajju.’ ‘And the wrestler Sajju
is over wrestler Jagga.’ ‘It looks they can’t stand
each other.’ ‘The wrestler Sajju is proving
dangerous to wrestler Danga!’ ‘And..’
– Come on.. ‘Chajju has taken a lead!’ Amazing!
– ‘Jagga is trying a lot’ ‘but he’s not able to compete
against his opponent.’ ‘Finally, Chajju
won this tournament!’ Yes.. Amazing! Baby. – Yeah.
– What are you watching? Wrestling. Chajju wrestler won. He’s the first wrestler of
Jaipur who’s still undefeated. I watch all his fights. He has even played state level. He would be playing. Your wife is sitting
in front of you and you want to watch wrestling! If you want to watch wrestling then play it
between both of our eyes. What do you mean? I mean, let’s play a game. I will look at your eyes and you will do the same. Please..
– Okay. Oh, no! I lost. But you know what? After looking at your eyes I felt like drowning
in the ocean of your eyes. ‘But you don’t know, Tara’ ‘that for me,
it will always be Alia.’

Jean Kelley



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