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Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 145 – Full Episode – 16th March 2020

Between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. it’s an auspicious
moment to revolve around Holika. What if she revolves
after 8 p.m.? Then her mother-in-law will die.
– What! Okay, then I shall
take your leave. – Okay. Alia, we’ve done everything
whatever you asked. Go and check if she has come.
– I went just now. Go again. What’s the problem?
– What.. – Please. Has she come?
– No. Hey, has she come? – No.
– When will she come? She’s here..
– She’s here? Let’s..
Alok? Yes, Alok. Rabiya, you don’t know.
– What? While taking circumambulation
of Holika during every Holi..
– Yes. When I used to wear red dress
just like a bride with all the make-up
and come in front of Alok Alok used to go crazy. He likes the bridal attire
so much that if you want to attract Alok then come in front of him
in bridal attire. He’ll immediately go crazy. Wow!
Wonderful.. Then what will you
do during Holika’s circumambulation this Holi? Of course. Listen.
I know. Alok may live with Tara but he’s my husband after all. Yes.. – My husband.
– Yes. So, I’ll wear red dress and do
the complete make-up again and will go to Alok
while burning Holika. Then you’ll see. Alok won’t even look at Tara. Because his eyes
will only be on me. Yes. And Tara will simply wear
normal dress. Because she doesn’t know
how to attract Alok. Don’t speak loudly.
– Why? People will hear. Yes.. But anyway.. Neither Tara has a bridal dress nor she has bridal make-up. And she doesn’t
even know where all these things are found in Agra. Right?
– Yes. And all these things are found
only in one place in Agra. In the shop of Banarasi Babu
in New Agra Market. New Agra Market. Okay, let’s go.
We’re getting late. Let’s go. – Yes, let’s go. Alia, you’re absolutely right. People may hear. As soon as I’ll be free
from school today I’ll go straight
to New Agra Market to buy a bridal
dress for myself. Look, children.
Tomorrow is Holi. And I don’t want anyone of you
to play Holi using mud or dirt. And don’t play
Holi is such a way that anyone gets injured.
Understood? Good. What! My son has come.
Cut the tree now if you can. It’s not just a tree,
but a part of our colony. We won’t let it become history. Just a minute, sir. This tree won’t be cut.
– Please try to understand. We’ve organised a big event
for Holi. And we’ve shifted
the event to your school ground.
You should be happy. Big hoardings are
placed in the city and famous people are coming. What will happen if Holika
isn’t burnt? Tell me. Sir, that doesn’t mean that you
can cut such a healthy tree. Listen, sir. When the tree doesn’t
have any problem you don’t have to interfere.
Understood? Trees do not have mouths, sir.
They can’t speak. When the tree is speechless
in front of a minister then you too just be quiet. Why are you interfering? Sir, we won’t let you
cut this tree. We won’t let you cut the tree..
– We won’t.. Listen, sir.
It’s about my reputation. And if my reputation
gets damaged then you just think
what I’ll do! Sir. Please come here.
Just a minute. Who are you?
– I am Alia. Please come for a moment. People come to me,
I don’t go to people. Please come. Listen, sir.
You’re not getting it. If you cut this tree against
the will of these people then they all will
go against you. And then you won’t get even a
single vote from this colony during next election. And then? You’ll lose the election. T-That’s fine. Life is all about losing
and winning. But you’ve got a point though.
– Yes. Listen, here’s the thing, Ms.
Alia. If Holika isn’t burnt then what will happen to my
reputation? – It’ll happen.. Holika will be burnt.
That’s my promise. I’ll arrange the wood.
You please calm down. And there will be plenty of wood
by the evening. Okay? What if it’s not done?
– What do you mean by that! I mean..
Sir, listen. I know that you
are very dangerous. And the guy who is stopping you
from cutting the tree is my husband. I won’t let my husband
get into trouble, right? Listen.
Please try to understand. Otherwise the loss is yours. Okay.. Tell me one thing. You’ll arrange the wood, right?
– Yes. Be careful. You’ve promised. A truck full of wood should reach the ground. Definitely, sir.
I promise. Okay? Then everything is fine.
Let’s go. You all please calm down. Our minister is great. On my request, he agreed not to cut this tree
of our colony. – Yay.. Listen. The grand Holika
burning event will be held in the evening. I invite all of you
to come there. And yes. Ms. Alia
has promised that she’ll give me
a truck full of wood for evening’s event. Alia, what kind of promise
is that? How shall we arrange a truck
full of wood by evening? We all can’t go
to cut trees. Ms. Alia, what if we fail to arrange the wood
by the evening? If we do not arrange wood
by the evening then God knows what he’ll do. Ms. Alia, you’ve taken
a tough challenge. – Yes. What will happen now?
– Alia, we don’t have any wood. And you made a promise. This is what is going on here. Alia, how shall we arrange
so much of wood from? Why did you have to promise him!
– Calm down, everyone. Ms. Alia would have thought
thoroughly before making such a promise,
right? Listen, everyone. The wood will surely
be arranged. We’ll also have ‘Holika’ in the school’s ground
this evening. But I need all of your help
for this. Our help? – Alia, tell me,
what’s your plan? Here it goes. So are you all with me in this? I’m with you, Alia. We’re all with you.
– Yes, even we’re with you. That’s it. This year, we’ll have
the most unique and a very different kind
of ‘Holika Dahan’. Thank you. Mister, I want to get the fall
and Pico done for this sari. How much time would it take? Hey, Alia, why are you strolling
here and there? Just relax.
What are you nodding for? The tailor to who
we have sent Tara, intentionally I’ve explained him everything
very well. To tell her she can get her sari
in an hour. But he won’t give it to her
for two hours. Ma’am, it will take an hour. Please have a seat.
I’ll get it ready. An hour?
– Yes. Fine.
Do it as quickly as possible. Well, mister.
It’s already an hour. Ma’am, just some more time.
I’ll give it in a while. Mister, please hurry up.
I have to reach home on time. You know it well how bad
the traffic gets in the evening. Ma’am, just five more minutes. Mister, it’s already
one and half hour. Ma’am, you seem to be
in a hurry. You can take it. It’s partially done. It can be
messed up if you hurry. Please finish it soon.
– Sure. Mister, it’s been two hours. It’s done, ma’am. You can take it. – Okay.
– Done. – Give it to me quickly. Sure.
Here you go. Oh, no! It’s evening already. There’ll be heavy traffic
at this time. Ma’am, then, you can take
this road on the other side. You won’t find
any traffic there. – This way? Are you sure?
– Sure, ma’am. Thank you. Ms. Rabiya I took two hours to finish
the sari’s work. I’ve also suggested her
to go from the other way where she’ll be stuck
in such a heavy traffic that she’ll definitely not reach
on time. Happy Holi. – Happy Holi.
– Guys.. – Yes. She actually looks
like Ms. Agra. – Right.. How are you! Attention, everyone. Now, our dear minister will begin
with the ‘Holika’ veneration. Greetings, everyone.
Hold this one. Hey!
Wow! Very nice. Chaurasia, come on,
turn on the feed. Yes, sir.
– Ready? Well, Ms. Alia, I must say you have arranged enough wood. I just want to know one thing
if you don’t mind. How did you arrange so much wood
without cutting any trees? That’s something
I want to inform you, Minister. Praise..
– All this wood.. – Praise.. Hi, I’m Rohit Khanna.
I’m in this beautiful city called Agra. And over here,
there’s happiness all around for the ‘Holika Dahan’.
There’s everyone here. We have
this brave man, Mr. Alok. How are you?
– Very good. Happy Holi. Wish you a happy Holi, too. Well, would you like to say
something to our viewers? Yes. Today, on this auspicious
occasion of Holi all of us together are going to perform
‘Holika’ veneration. But this has been possible
only because of our one and only minister.
Focus on him. Give him a round
of applause. Today, on this occasion of Holi our minister has opposed
cutting the flourished trees. Just look at these. We’re going to perform ‘Holika’
veneration without cutting the trees.
– Chaurasia, pan back. Hey, how did they arrange
all this wood without cutting the trees?
Can you explain me this? That’s what I was going
to tell you. – So, tell me. Minister is great! I want to tell you all
that minster is great. All the wood that’s being used
for ‘Holika’ veneration the minister, himself has given
every piece of wood. All the hoardings the minister
had put across the city on minister’s request we, the teachers
of ‘Gyansarovar’ took off his hoardings loaded them on the truck
and brought them here. That’s how we arranged
a truck of wood. Wow..
– It’s all Ms. Alia’s plans and the credit goes
to the minister. And today, we’re going
to perform ‘Holika’ veneration with the wood
given by our dear minister. Give him a round of applause. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? That’s something, I was trying
to tell you.. – Shut up! – Wow! The minister is actually great.
He has given a message to the entire country
and not just Agra. To all those politicians
who pollute our country with their the hoardings,
asking them not to do so. He has given away the hoardings
of his own campaign to burn them for the ‘Holika’.
– Absolutely. Wow! I’ll be right back. Thank you, minister.
Thank you very much. That’s not it. Minister also
wants to appeal to all of you not to pollute the city
by putting the hoardings. Also, not to cut any trees. Well..
He’s right. I would only say, celebrate
this festival happily. But don’t cut any flourished
tree for this ‘Holika’. Give him a round of applause.
– Wow, minister.. Very nice..
– Wonderful, minister. Rabiya. – What?
– Just five minutes to go. Don’t you worry.
She won’t come before 8 p.m. Are you sure?
– Very sure. – Okay. Minister, let’s burn Holika. Yes. – The auspicious time
is passing. Come on..
– Let’s go.. Hail..
– Goddess Holika. Hail..
– Sage Prahlad. Hail..
– Goddess Holika. I will take leave now. It was outstanding. Greetings! Long Live Minister!
– Long Live! Oh! Alok! Alok, come on.
I am here. Let’s complete the ritual.
Let’s go. Stop! It’s 8 o’clock. You both can’t perform
the ritual now. But, Ms. Durga..
– No ifs and buts. Have you forgot
what the priest told you? After 8 o’clock, if you both
perform the ritual then our lives
will be in danger. Durga. It’s okay. If performing the ritual
is more important than my life then I am ready to die. No, Mother-in-law. Tara has love and
respect for you. Am I right, Tara? Mother-in-law, for a moment Tara is ready to risk her life. But she will not risk yours. Am I right, Tara?

Jean Kelley



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