January 23, 2020
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Hi Everyone How are you all Today I will be speaking about 5 Manifesting Rituals By doing these rituals you can fulfil your wishes very easily These rituals are called as white magic because I personally don’t believe in black magic Let me show you procedure of 1st Ritual You will require A Blank paper […]

School Removes Prayer Locker After Atheist Group Complains

– [Male Narrator] Next on “PIJN News”, Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues. – A public school removes a student initiated prayer locker for prayer requests after an atheist group complains. Federal lands are now being misused and we have an interview with State Representative, Matt Soper of Colorado. – [Male Narrator] Former Navy […]

Fires Causing Non-Believers to Pray – We Ask Australians Why

– [Nathaniel] Australia is experiencing some of the worst fires we’ve ever seen. My family and I live in New South Wales and for the third time this season, our government has declared a state of emergency. But in the midst of this, more people are praying to God than I’ve even seen before, including […]

TOP 3 Must Do Anti Hair Loss Rituals for Hair Regrowth!

what’s going on everybody this is Matt from the hair transplant channel here and in this video I’m gonna show you my daily or my morning routine that I’ve been doing for a while right now just to improve the overall blood flow in my scalp so I can promote the hair growth of my […]

Discussing Religion

Welcome back. In this video, we’re going to be discussing faith and religion Do you have a faith? Do you have a faith? Do you have a faith? Do you think there is something larger in life? Do you think there is something larger in life? Do you think there is something larger in life? […]

Behavior, Culture & Context Exploration

Will you be in Behavior, Culture, and Context? Are you interested in travel, learning about others and how society and culture intertwine? Do you enjoy learning about languages, attending cultural festivals, and studying historical and current events around the world? Have you ever been fascinated by observing those around you? Then you should look into […]

Judge Faith – Not So Brotherly Love (Season 1: Episode #64)

NARRATOR:Today on Judge Faith…They rented a house to her brother,but never imagined what would happen next.It looks like a dance floor. There were speakers,there’s a temporary wall there.I would just have parties in there. NARRATOR:Now they say the house is destroyed and he’s responsible.See, the problem is, my brother thinks this is a joke. I […]

Actor Kirk Cameron shares his spiritual walk from atheist to evangelist | Power of Prayer

80s icon Kirk Cameron rose to fame on the TV hit ‘Growing Pains.’ Now, the actor is using those Hollywood connections to spread the gospel. And in tonight’s ‘Power of Prayer’ our Lane Luckie shares how Cameron found faith after leaving behind an atheist upbringing. Someone will say “Hey, Mike Seaver,” you know and remember […]

Relaxing ASMR massage with soft sounds & spiritual cleansing (limpia espiritual) and neck cracking

Look my dear, you’re very stressed out. And you have evil airs… yeah? I’m going to give you a little of this remedy… rub it in, and inhale… Inhale my dear We’re going to start with a massage… Like this, towards the back my dear… rub it in like this That’s it… Now let’s start […]

5 Rituals To Start Your Day | Motivation | LISTEN TO THIS EVERY MORNING!!

As you know so well consistency is the mother of mastery. It’s not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life. It’s what you do every single day. Which brings me to ritual number one. The ritual of early rising. The way you begin each day […]