January 23, 2020
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  • 7:43 pm Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-01-09 – Fr. Wade Menezes
  • 7:43 pm Sicily – Adventure of Local Culture and Mummified Corpses!! Ep. 113
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MY SPIRITUAL BALI TRIP | Sacred Monkey Forest | Water Cleansing Ritual | Uluwatu Beach | Ubud 2020

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Anh. I just got back from Bali a few weeks ago and had the best time in my life. Bali has always been on the top of my bucket list of places to travel. My soul feels content after being there. I’m still […]

Aveda | The Skincare Rituals of Spa Professionals
Yalda Hakim with Sadhguru on Religion, Politics & Human Society

Yalda Hakim: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this conversation with Sadhguru. My work as a journalist, I often find myself in some of the most troubled places on Earth. And I realized just how little I know about living and life and how much there is to learn from Sadhguru. This talk tonight is done […]

How Rituals, like Breaking Coconuts, Can Help Solve Your Problems

This is about the teaching which I have come to call the Ultimate Teaching. This is the quintessence of all of my teachings that I have gathered over a period of time. And I am very happy about it. I am very satisfied with it, the teaching. So what is the Ultimate Teaching? I can […]

You can’t wear that knife! #5 Sikhs @ Speakers Corner Hyde Park London

“Oh, you are wonderful people, you do not drink or smoke or whatever but you carry a gun or a knife?” “Yeah, we do yeah.” “That is inconsistent.” “It is not. Who would you trust with a weapon?” “A bad guy or a good guy?” “No one” “Who would you trust with a weapon? A […]

Can Sikhs have love marriages? Kaurs United Camp – Q&A #6

Yes, you can have a love marriage in Sikhi But There are certain restrictions You should start with an Ardaas That’s Okay You like her, she likes you You might even talked about it, but then before you do anything Do an Ardaas and you should tell you parents Okay? You should tell up Make […]

Daily Self-Care Habits & Rituals To Start Today

Let’s debunk a myth today self-love isn’t selfish it’s putting yourself first so that you can fill yourself up with love and only then can you show up in the world as the Best version of yourself so that you can give wholeheartedly to others Hi beautiful friends is Jazmin and welcome back to my […]

Los 11 Gurús Sikhs. The 11 Sikh Gurus in Spanish. Sijismo
The Way of Samurai – #SAMURAICHALLENGE – Rituals

11 men 1 mission to experience the power of rituals purpose focus motivation it is about challenging yourself breaking free from the daily grind and creating purposeful rituals because every day, brings a new opportunity to do things differently, to improve, to empower, to pay tribute to your body your mind your soul change your […]

Core Strength Ritual – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a core strength ritual for you. This is a really great video to supplement with your yoga practice or another workout. Maybe you just went for a run or a nice, long walk and you’re wanting a little bit more, […]