January 23, 2020
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Millennials are leaving religion and not coming back | IN 60 SECONDS

Young people have earned a reputation for taking down industries and institutions, from Applebee’s to breakfast cereal. And although many of these critiques are exaggerated, the effect that young people have had on organized religion is indisputable. More than four-in-ten young people are religiously unaffiliated today. It is the most common religious identity among young […]

Jesus Culture – Fresh Outpouring (Live) ft. Kim Walker-Smith

Renew us in this day Just like You said You would Your Word is not in vain Our hearts reaching heavenward Fresh outpouring Tear the fabric open Come, Jesus come Breath of heaven Nothing left unshaken We long for more We need a fresh outpouring Unleash a fresh outpouring We need a fresh outpouring Unleash […]

Addressing Islam

There is a big issue facing the world today. The issue is Islamic jihad. I believe that Islamic Jihad is giving a challenge to Israel and the church. Islamic jihad is saying, “We hate you both.” And we’re going to kill you both. As long as you are separated and you refuse to cooperate, we’ve […]

Hardcore Lent Rituals By Filipino Catholics

you know catholics are practicing religious headed foul one week prior to easter and what they do and this is not into general public it’s a small group of people is they walk through the streets with sixty six pound crosses on their backs in the sweltering heat while they are whipping one another on […]

HE WILL COME (ARMAGEDDON – GOG AND MAGOG) – ELIHANA המשיח הוא יבוא (שיר על מלחמת גוג ומגוג) – אליחנה

When the enemy comes like a flood The spirit of the LORD Will come against him, against him Marching with the sword In Armageddon, we’ll cry out Baruch Haba Be’shem ADONAI (Blessed is He who comes in the name of ADONAI) He will come, He will fight for us He will reign, forever He will […]

Egypt | Faith’s Story

So we were in Egypt actually filming a different project but while we were there we had our gear and knew we wanted to do a sparrow project as well and I remember just praying beforehand and really feeling like God had already laid out you know steps that we would just kind of step […]

Linger – Faith Schneider | Christ For The Nations Worship

I don’t want to hurry No, I don’t want to move You are my sanctuary, my upper room So I’ll linger here with You Push through my fear of silence ‘Til time has been removed You are my sanctuary, my upper room So I’ll linger here with You My dwelling place, where I am safe […]

Atheists worship animals…? (Part 1)

[loud music obscures his speech] Is atheism a religion? What? I can’t hear you! Let’s not look at atheism from a superficial point of view. From a what? A “sacrificial pint of stew?” Can you maybe turn down the music a little bit, please? But let’s go deep into this belief system. Jesus, that music’s […]

How to Make Your Failure into the Best Thing For You – Islam Channel

But tell us a little bit about yourself and your background and everything Okay. So my name’s Mohammad Arshad I’m originally from London And I think my story kind of starts when I was a teenager Maybe a young teenager And I kind of remember when – you know what teachers say if you’re not […]

Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum doesn’t understand atheism

>>ZJ: Recently, Slate.com published an article by Ron Rosenbaum criticizing atheism and proposing agnosticism as a superior alternative. In examining his arguments, it’s apparent that Rosenbaum has a number of misconceptions about atheism, science, and their relation to one another, which severely weakens his case against the atheistic position. Rosenbaum opens by stating that “Agnosticism […]