January 23, 2020
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  • 7:43 pm Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-01-09 – Fr. Wade Menezes
  • 7:43 pm Sicily – Adventure of Local Culture and Mummified Corpses!! Ep. 113
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Claiming to Be Wise, the Atheists Become Fools – Tim Conway
Faith Specialists Stay in Their Calling

Believers Voice of Victory. Here we are right at the beginning of a new year, 2020, and my grandfather, Brother Kenneth Copeland, has received Words from the Lord about this year and this year will be the year of new visions, manifest power and great change. Many of you, if you’re wise right now, you’re […]

Atheism Cannot Justify Reason and Truth

[Questioner] Mr. Zindler, if reason and logic are convention or custom or arise by evolutionary chance out of the material universe, what is your reason for using reason for testing truth and reality? In other words do you have a reason for your reason, or is it just your blind faith? [Zindler] The ability to […]

Jesus Loves Atheists – John 18:28-38 – Skip Heitzig

Introduction: Hello and welcome to this message from Pastor Skip Heitzig of Calvary Albuquerque. Skip’s messages are shared globally and we’re thankful to hear how God is using them to restore lives with his love. If this message inspires you to follow Jesus, we’d like to know. Email us at [email protected] And if you’d like […]

Beauty | Beyond Religion
Faith Specialists Boldly Act on Their Faith

JEREMY: Hello everybody. I’m Jeremy Pearsons. I want to welcome you today to the Believers Voice of Victory. Now, every one of us benefits from listening to and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Right now, as we begin this new year, there are many people who are looking for direction. They’re seeking, if […]

Atheism Debate: Atheists vs Christians

Atheist 1: Fundamentally there is no evidence of god, nothing can be proven -God can not be proven by science which is the main way we study and understand our universe or natural world. There is no theory of God -There is no conclusive logical argument for the existence of God. His/her existence is continuously […]

Beschneidung ist Haram im Islam! (Mehrsprachige Untertitel Verfügbar)

I seek refuge with God from satan , In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate. This is a video on why both male circumcision and Female circumcision are Haram or forbidden in Islam. Now before you make any assumptions about this video, I am NOT a liberal Muslim. In fact, I’m against both […]

Faith Specialists Boldly Respond to the Spirit

JEREMY: Hello everybody. I’m Jeremy Pearsons. I want to welcome you to the Believers Voice of Victory. Right now, we’re starting the new year strong on the Word of God. Today, we’re going to be hearing a special teaching from my grandfather, Brother Kenneth Copeland on learning to function in your gift. What does that […]

Religion vs Spirituality: Which Religion Holds the MOST Truth?

Acharya Shree, in your opinion, which religion is closest to the truth? It’s a very very very good question. Because people are confused about religion. And they think their religion is super. And their religion is close to the truth. Every person you talk to on the earth, “Which religion do you follow?” They will […]