March 30, 2020
  • 6:58 pm Las 8 claves para una vida mejor
  • 6:58 pm Getting better sleep in difficult times
  • 5:58 pm How to Quarantine as a Catholic
  • 5:58 pm How to Pronounce Friedrich Nietzsche | Friedrich Nietzsche Pronunciation
  • 5:58 pm Best Wedding Highlight 2020 || Sahiba & Sagar || VM WEDDING WORLD || INDIA
Las 8 claves para una vida mejor

You usually identify eight keys: eight tips to live better, or to have a life with a certain harmony, and you Talk of four Ts and four A’s. Now you put me in a bind to have to remember them (laughs) but yes. Let’s see, the four Ts. The first T is “Time to Reflect”, […]

How to Quarantine as a Catholic

In the 14th century, and uninvited visitor arrived in Europe: the bubonic plague. Arriving first in port cities like Venice, locals noticed that outbreaks occurred when travelers disembarked and entered the city. To stop the spread, new laws were passed requiring ships to remain in the harbor for 40 days before passengers could set foot […]

How to Pronounce Friedrich Nietzsche  |  Friedrich Nietzsche Pronunciation

The American Pronunciation Guide Presents “How to Pronounce Friedrich Nietzsche” Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about something Well, what characterizes the newer Atheist, they have affinity to Friedrich Nietzsche. atheistic apocalypse; they are Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud. Friedrich Nietzsche: Second is, Friedrich Nietzsche along about 1885 On the continent Friedrich Nietzsche was […]

‘Am I in a Circus Family?’ 🎪 Wife Swap Sneak Peek

Jessica and Maybelle have a chance to look around their new homes. – Oh, no, no. That’s no bueno. That’s not good at all. Okay, okay. There’s stuff everywhere. Are these all kids’ names? No, no. [laughing] They have a lot of boys? Oh, I’m stepping over everything. Break my neck. [chuckles] – Very different […]

Exercise Your Faith for Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health

KENNETH: Hello everybody. I’m Kenneth Copeland. This is the believers voice of victory broadcast. Let’s have a word of prayer together this morning. Father, we thank you and we praise you. We lift forth praise and honor and glory to the name of Jesus. We open our hearts. We open our minds for revelation from […]

Subjective Faith | Misconceptions

As I stated before one of the misconceptions I had that thinking that the Christian faith was a subjective faith. In other words, it didn’t really matter what you believed, as long as you believed it enough. That is pathetic when it comes to Christian faith. Now, I want to make a statement here that […]

Episode 3: Shaky Foundations | The Faith Revival

Assalamu alaikum warahmatoAllahi wabaraktoho. Welcome back to The Faith Revival. So we’re talking about how to be able to receive that iman and how to be able to build it. There’s a very interesting concept that we find in the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah mentions, هو الذى […]

The Compelling Figure of Faith in a Pandemic

Lord how You’ve loved me I don’t deserve Grace on top of grace More than I’ve asked for more than I’m worth Grace on top of grace How sweet the sound once lost now found Heaven came down and grace rescued me Hallelujah I am free From my sin and penalty At the cross You […]

Romanov Family | Faith in God to the End (with Helen Rappaport)

Nothing could have been more truly said of the Romanovs. Religion was the glue that had bound them tightly together through all the years of anguish. First over the Tsaritsa’s collapsing health then Alexei’s near-fatal attacks of hemophilia and now in imprisonment and with all the uncertainty and isolation that that entailed The fathers of […]

Charles Capps-Concepts of Faith-158(HD)-Power of Words

(Music starts) ♪ The Word is working mightily in me ♪ ANNOUNCER>>Welcome to the Concepts of Faith Broadcast. This program is dedicated to teaching you how to put the Word of God to work so that it will make a positive difference in the everyday circumstances of your life. (Music) CHARLES CAPPS>>We’re back again and […]