August 25, 2019
  • 5:12 pm Lord of the Flies: Crash Course Literature 305
  • 5:12 pm The Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi – Religious architecture (1/5)
  • 5:12 pm When Football meets Music: Guti Razor Fam – The Music behind Football Religion TV
  • 5:11 pm State Religion
  • 4:12 pm SCP-001 The Gate Guardian | Euclid / Keter class | religious / portal / humanoid
Lord of the Flies: Crash Course Literature 305

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course Literature and today we’re gonna discuss Lord of the Flies. Mr Green! Mr Green! I hate that book. You know, Me From The Past, I’ve been thinking a lot about selfhood lately. Like, how is it that I am still the same technical person I was when […]

Why nations fail | James Robinson | TEDxAcademy

Translator: Chryssa Takahashi Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Thank you very much. I am James Robinson. I am going to talk about why nations fail and why nations succeed as well, which is really about why some countries are poor and some countries are prosperous. It turns out you can tell a lot about the […]

FGTEEV MOM vs DAD GAMING CHALLENGE!  Hello Neighbor Sausage Eater? 7+ iOS App Games Parents Battle

i can actually do it I’m just testing duddy so pls no Shawn is, not me.Actully your more weak than Shawn. bring it on doddy Come on cheateeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr! So who’s weak now? Huh? You make a stronger, but better than you Jamie know you’re glad a game battle. It’s good. Talk. Wow it’s Captain all […]

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Madras (Chennai) 1972 – Public Discus. 2 – Meditation, freedom from the…

This is J. Krishnamurti’s second public discussion in Madras, 1972. Krishnamurti: What shall we talk over together this morning? Question: What is unity of perception and direct reference on the activation of glands? K: Unity of perception. Who invented that phrase? Q: I heard it in one of your talks. K: Ah, too bad! [Laughter] […]

Exiting Violence: The Role of Religion Panel 4

– I’m Drew Christiansen, I’m a Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Human Developement, and senior research fellow here at Berkley Center, and I’m chairing this panel on the ventures of non-violence in the Catholic tradition. With me today, immediately at my right, is David Hollenbach. He is the creator of Arrupe Distinguished Research Professor in […]

Studying Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at the University of Leeds

Within philosophy, I really enjoy looking at the philosophy of religion, and that interlinks really well with theology. And I also find that ethics is really important, because you can have religious ethics and secular ethics. They can both be very similar, but also very different. And I find that the three subjects challenge, but […]

❤️ 3 Clues to Know When You Find The Right Man God Has For You ❤️

Hey, what’s up everybody? This is Stephan Labossiere aka Stephan Speaks. Here with another video. Today we’re going to be talking about three clues for you to know you’ve met the man God has for you. Now, there’s so much I can explain, there’s so much information I can give you, but I’m going to […]

Passover as a celebration of freedom

On Passover, the holiday which is coming, the central event is the Passover Seder. It is the night when we tell about the Exodus from Egypt. This night is very significant – After all, it is written that in every generation each person must see himself as if he came out of Egypt. That is, […]

Street Epistemology: Daniel & Beau | What Else Do We Have But Faith?

SE: Good afternoon. Mam, do five minutes for an interview? Hey guys. Do any of you have like five minutes for an interview? IL: Sure. SE: Okay. Can I livestream and record you. IL: Ah.. yeah. SE: Alright. IL: That’s fine. SE: Thank you. IL: Cool. SE: You too? IL2: Sure. SE: Alright. Good, good. […]

The history of our world in 18 minutes | David Christian

First, a video. Yes, it is a scrambled egg. But as you look at it, I hope you’ll begin to feel just slightly uneasy. Because you may notice that what’s actually happening is that the egg is unscrambling itself. And you’ll now see the yolk and the white have separated. And now they’re going to […]