January 26, 2020
  • 7:43 pm Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)
  • 7:43 pm Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-01-09 – Fr. Wade Menezes
  • 7:43 pm Sicily – Adventure of Local Culture and Mummified Corpses!! Ep. 113
  • 7:43 pm People Who Took Pop Culture Way Too Seriously…
  • 7:42 pm Sultan Bahoo | Islamic Speeches | Ishq e Haqeeqi | Soul Satisfactions
Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)

(gentle, stirring music) – Are all religions equal? There are many Catholics who believe that all religions are equal, and that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. That it doesn’t matter what we really believe, as long as we seek god, try to do the right thing, be a nice person. They […]

People Who Took Pop Culture Way Too Seriously…

Here at Toptenz we’ve never been ones to shy away from admitting our faults, and we know that in the past we’ve been guilty of over-analyzing pop culture perhaps a little too much. That said, we always did so with a tongue planted firmly in our cheek. Today we’re here to talk about 10 aspects […]

Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity (20 minute training course preview)

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Dr. Denise Dennis. Thank you for joining me for this presentation on cultural sensitivity, a very important topic. I want to share with you some of the highlights of what I do in sharing this presentation with people. The real challenge is that there’s so many different ways we […]

HPSC0022 – Science and Religion

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the instructor for HPSC0022, which is Science and Religion. Science and Religion is a module that addresses this long-standing idea that there’s a conflict between these two things, that which we call science on the one hand, and what we call religion on the other, and historically speaking, actually, that’s not […]

Atheists Sue To Remove Ten Commandments Monument

a group of eight years are suing ab rapper county florida because of the fact that they have the ten commandments monument in front of a public courthouse so clearly there’s this very wealthy businessman by the name of joe anderson and he’s donate all these much they’ve put that as uh… i’m sorry man […]

What constructive contributions can religion bring to Canadian society?

You know I think there is a lot of shared values in and amidst all the talk of all the mutual suspicion between the different groups and all the different kind of polarizations that are unfortunately deepening in society. I still think there’s a basic deeper level of shared humanity. Most people would like to […]

Chapter 7 Lecture Ferment in the Middle East The Rise of Islam and its Impact in the Region

[Matt Witt speaking] The Muslims I’ve had the opportunity to meet are very interesting people, and again, as we study any religion, I just wanna begin by saying this is all about learning to appreciate a religion, not to debate it per se and so I wanna do the best I can to teach it […]

Finding Faith, When You’re Born into Two Religions | Seehum Isa | TEDxUTA

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Silvia Rivera Hello everyone! Hello everyone! My name is Seehum Isa, and I’m a Public Relations major here at UTA and before I begin, I’d like to share a piece of honesty with you all. I’ve had my fair share of public speaking, but never in my life have I ever […]

Faith and facts (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-17)

So, there’s faith, and there are facts. But how do they relate to each other? Or don’t they? How a biblical worldview makes the best sense of the evidence, this week on Creation Magazine LIVE! Welcome to Creation Magazine LIVE! My name is Richard Fangrad. And I’m Matt Bondy. Last week we did a show […]