October 22, 2019
  • 8:42 pm Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 8:42 pm J. Krishnamurti – Brockwood Park 1978 – Discussion 1 with Buddhist Scholars – We are all…
  • 8:42 pm One Minute Buddhism
  • 7:42 pm Israeli Pop Idol Star, Birgitta Veksler, Finds Jesus!
J. Krishnamurti – Brockwood Park 1978 – Discussion 1 with Buddhist Scholars – We are all…

Giddu Narayan: I will just say one or two things by way of introduction. Dr Schloegl there, is a well-known scholar in Zen Buddhism. She lived in Japan for twelve years and she teaches Zen Buddhism in London. She was also the librarian of the Buddhist Society till very recently and many people know her […]

Lecture 22. The Restoration: 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah

Professor Christine Hayes: Last time we started looking at the psalms and a number of different genres or forms in which the psalms appear. We were just looking at a psalm last time which seems to explicitly reject the Deuteronomistic interpretation of the national history and the national tragedy, depicting Israel as innocent, and rebuking […]

HALAL CERTIFICATION – The Unpalatable Truth

(dramatic music) – [Person] The only question is– – [Person] The problem is the certification. It is a money making industry. (people talking over each other) – [Person] It needs to be cleared by (mumbles). – [Commentator] The federal government inquiry was launched on Halal certification after public outrage sparked by Kirralie Smith. Dubbed ‘The […]

Dr Maurice Mizrahi – The Life and Death of Majority Rule in Judaism (Mishpatim)

This week’s Torah portion is Mishpatim, which is Hebrew for ‘laws’ or ‘ordinances’. The title is very appropriate because it contains no less than 53 commandments, 23 positive and 30 negative, which are collectively known as the Covenant Code — a primary source in Jewish Law. I would like to focus on one of these […]

Buddhist Mindfulness #7 “Clever people do not become enlightened?”

Here at the centre, something that I am being told time and time again, that I am trying to use to my energy to become better at, is to become mindful of all actions, in the seated practice, and in the day-to-day running around the centre. Can you, maybe, just shed a little light, let […]

Messianic Judaism in Israel

>>What is it like to be a Jewish believer in Israel? Is there constant harassment? Is there freedom to evangelize? And how open are the Jews of Israel to the Gospel? For a fascinating interview with a Messianic Jewish leader from Israel, stay tuned.>>[music]>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses […]

Live Well By Faith Part 2

[MUSIC PLAYING] Live Well by Faith addresses health disparities that are prevalent in my own life in my own family. I’ve lost family members. My paternal grandmother lost both her legs and eventually passed away from complications with diabetes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Verna is a personal friend. We’ve known Verna probably 20 something years. And so […]

Buddhist Mindfulness #14 Mindfulness, Concentration and Aspiration

I wondered if you could explain to me what the difference between mindfulness and concentration is from a Buddhist perspective? I have often heard them used quite interchangeably in the media. Also some people use what they call mindfulness for things like more focused productivity in business or as a way to achieve other life […]

126-Speak Thai Easy || Learn Thai Buddhist || Relax || Meditation || Happiness || Religion

Hello, Welcome to speak Thai Easy Easy way to learn Thai with Kroo Nun Today I will talk about Taking rest, Relax Relax What is? Rest is… The way that we let’s the body To make body feel comfortable For example , when we sleeping Sleeping is a way of rest In one day There […]

The Faith to Do His Will | Beth Luthy

I would like for us to go on a journey together. The journey I am going to ask you to take, however, won’t be a vacation. In fact, it will likely be a little painful. You see, for you to go on this journey, I need you to reflect upon a moment in your life when […]