July 16, 2019
  • 6:32 pm Water jug problem as state space representation
  • 6:23 pm Fr. Michael Della Penna Luke 10, 25-37- Digital Catholic Missioners
  • 6:15 pm Expect the Unexpected: Croatia
  • 6:07 pm Ojców noga. MSF 2019
  • 5:59 pm Vision For His Harvest: China Missions Trailer
Should Christians Pray For Vengeance? | CT 071

as Christians we are called to love unconditionally and we take our instructions on how to live from the word but in the word in the Psalms specifically there are a few areas where the writer of those poems and those songs are asking for vengeance against their enemies what is that all about how […]

Life-Long Atheists Calling In To Recovering From Religion | Joe - Corning, NY | Truth Wanted 02.21

let's get to some more calls here I do want to go to Joe in Corning New York Joe can you hear us yeah commuter me yes we can hear you what's up Joe oh great hey Dan great show but watch it the past few weeks it's friggin awesome mate yeah dr. ray yeah […]

Dealing With Religious Wife | Harry - Yakima, WA | Truth Wanted 02.21

my fair bv dus ze hebben leuke bijbanen met mijn lijf en leden cellen niet wilde dat ik genoten en dan kunst zijn carrière werd afgewezen mooie met de spider-man 2 dus oké [Applaus] moeder die natuurlijk ook connection de kerk en month i like your beide versies bestuurder factory bier en eye catcher [Muziek] […]

Religions And Peace | Interview | Mufti Imran Pakistan
Questions Mormons Can't Answer! What Do I Say When Mormon Missionaries Come Knock On My Door?

hey guys hey that's Kelly powers the Berean perspective glad you joined me today today I'm going to be talking about how to effectively witness to Mormons Mormon missionaries whoever in the Mormon charts latter-day saints and I'm moving basically giving you three questions that you can ask any Mormon that will be able to […]

The WAR on SPIRITUALITY part 3 (The Missing SPIRITUALITY Behind Science)

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you those want to do the exercise we're gonna say rock star to ourselves without opening our mouths without saying anything outside we're gonna say this to ourselves I'm gonna say rock star to ourselves don't say it out loud at the count of three one two […]

Why I'm Not Religious Anymore...

what's happening man sighs you know I've been debating on whether to do this video or not for a while I figured you know what might as well coming on the heels of the video reaction that I did earlier today and you know I got a little of some hate from it you know […]

IMAGINATE - GUIDED MEDITATION for Children - Insomnia - Relaxation

gently lie down and softly close your eyes allow your breath to slow down allowing your body to go calm and still we are going to go on a little adventure to a special magical place the knowing you are very safe off we go to an enchanted forest the grass is so soft under […]

"After Dark" Deep Astrology After Show High Vibe TV Spiritual Talk Show Tuesday June 25-July 1 2019

you hey what's going on everyone it is David Palmer the Leo King we're here on high vibe TV for after dark from the deepest Raja show that we do here and I've I've got TV and also on YouTube today is the 25th of 2019 little lost in time and if you missed deep […]

Religious Cat Woman Patricia response