January 23, 2020
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“Saved by a Faith that Works” – 2/11/17 broadcast

Well, we’re gonna begin our study portion for today’s broadcast. And I wanna start with asking a question. Have you ever heard this idea of once saved, always saved? Have you ever heard of that before? In other words, people typically baptist, well for the most part. Not all Baptists believe this, but that once […]

What Question Should Unsettle the Atheist the Most?

– [Russell Moore] What should unsettle the atheist the most is the fact that there are certain intuitions that we have, that love is real, for instance, that there’s a purpose behind our lives, that there’s a sense of justice that’s not simply about who’s in power, but our transcendent sense of what is right […]

Religion vs Spirituality: Which Religion Holds the MOST Truth?

Acharya Shree, in your opinion, which religion is closest to the truth? It’s a very very very good question. Because people are confused about religion. And they think their religion is super. And their religion is close to the truth. Every person you talk to on the earth, “Which religion do you follow?” They will […]

Dalai Lama on Buddhism as a spiritual guidence, not a Religion | Sternstunde Religion | SRF Kultur

Your holliness, i wanna welcome you on our program, its an honor to have you with us thank you its an honor for me also you are a tireless promoter for dialogue

Ex Muslim Exposes The Reality of Islam In The West | Yasmine Mohammed | SPIRITUALITY | Rubin Report
Three Priorities for Passing Faith to the Next Generation

– [Ligon Duncan] Mr. William Still, a longtime pastor in Aberdeen, Scotland, a single man, gave some of the best advice I’ve ever heard given to parents. If we want to pass on the faith to the next generation, these are your three priorities: prayer, example, and teaching, in that order. Prayer, example, and teaching, […]

How Rituals, like Breaking Coconuts, Can Help Solve Your Problems

This is about the teaching which I have come to call the Ultimate Teaching. This is the quintessence of all of my teachings that I have gathered over a period of time. And I am very happy about it. I am very satisfied with it, the teaching. So what is the Ultimate Teaching? I can […]

Faith is The Solution to All Your Problems: True Teachings of Jesus

This is the ultimate teaching of Jesus: “If you have Faith, you can move mountains.” And what is Faith? Faith is … my own definition of Faith, you… most of you who have been studying with me, you know that “Faith is Utter Positivity.” There is no negativity at all in Faith. It’s not a […]

Glen Scrivener | What Logical Inconsistency Should Shake an Atheist?

– [Glen Scrivener] It’s not so much that logical inconsistency should shake an atheist’s confidence. It’s that logical consistency should shake an atheist’s confidence. Why should there be such a thing as a rationally ordered, rationally comprehensible universe? And why should this two pounds of gray matter have any purchase on ultimate reality? If my […]

Faith Is . . . Not Giving God an Assignment

– [Trip Lee] The kind of faith that the Bible is talking about is very different than what we do. And we do that with God too, where sometimes we will just come up with something, and say, “I have faith that God is going to do that.” We demand things of God and call […]