February 28, 2020
  • 11:58 pm 700+ tour mosque in Raleigh to learn about Islam
  • 10:58 pm Anglo Saxon Pre-Christian Religion
  • 7:58 pm Relaxing ASMR massage & limpia espiritual (healing aura cleansing ritual) with Doña Rosa
  • 6:58 pm আল্লাহু আল্লাহু মন বলে বারে বার | New Islamic Song | Damama Shilpigosthi | New Song | Ibrahim Tv24
  • 6:58 pm Allah Knows – English Islamic Nasheed | Masud Parvej (MSD) | MSD Recordings
HOW To Get FAITH | TB Joshua

HOW To Get FAITH | TB Joshua Glory be to God. Last meeting was about secret of faith and today we continue – secret of faith. Let someone say, “Secret of faith”. All what we are seeing happens as a result of faith in God, not faith in man, not faith in faith. Let’s quickly […]

Actor Kirk Cameron shares his spiritual walk from atheist to evangelist | Power of Prayer

80s icon Kirk Cameron rose to fame on the TV hit ‘Growing Pains.’ Now, the actor is using those Hollywood connections to spread the gospel. And in tonight’s ‘Power of Prayer’ our Lane Luckie shares how Cameron found faith after leaving behind an atheist upbringing. Someone will say “Hey, Mike Seaver,” you know and remember […]

Science and Religion Are Not Compatible

Nearly two decades ago, the late biologist Stephen Jay Gould said that science and religion were two separate things. He called them “non-overlapping magisteria”, or NOMA. He said that science could answer what happened, and how it happened. But the why it happened, and the morals and implications of it, those were the purview of […]

Atheism Debate: Atheists vs Christians

Atheist 1: Fundamentally there is no evidence of god, nothing can be proven -God can not be proven by science which is the main way we study and understand our universe or natural world. There is no theory of God -There is no conclusive logical argument for the existence of God. His/her existence is continuously […]

Building of Holy Kaaba Ka’aba | Islamic Stories by Cartoon

haja dinner sunny smile continued their life near the Samsung water when they got visitors they had them nastain the downside of Mecca there the xuong xuong water was abundant and hogr gave them permission to live there she gave permission without asking anything in return that’s how Mecca started to become a city he […]

Atheism and Libertarianism 15: The Statement of Conversion

Welcome to another video in our series about the common fallacies and tactics committed by adherents of the dogma of religion, and the dogma of the state. And this is something referred to as, the Statement by Conversion Fallacy: basically, here’s someone who USED to be on your side, who isn’t anymore. “Here’s someone who […]

Renungan Islam: Perjalanan Hidup Manusia (Sangat Menyentuh Hati)
The Difference Between Atheists and Agnostics
An Atheist Asks “What Am I Missing?”

[Questioner] I just want to say thank you Dr Craig for showing up here. You are a part of my weekly podcast listening, you and Kevin. Along with your defenders podcast, I like to mix it up little bit. I have to say that I’ve I’ve been an apostate for about five years now. And […]


This is wiseman Harry moving in the midst of those who have come to the Synagogue Church of all Nations in search of Divine intervention to bring solution, deliverance and all of God’s blessings to their life. The power of God works in the Spirit setting captives free. What you are watching is the reality […]