January 23, 2020
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The Spirit of Faith, Part 1

(Music) JERRY: Hello, everyone. I’m Jerry Savelle. Welcome to our broadcast today. We certainly appreciate you watching. Today, I have with me my wife, Carolyn. We have been married for 51 years and we are so blessed to the Lord. I wanted her to join me today in wishing you a happy New Year, a […]

Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion to Follow Christ

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up in London, my parents were Hindus. That automatically makes me a Hindu. Hinduism is a canvas of hundreds of religions with different doctrines and ideas and philosophies. I was so desperate to search for God that at the age of 19, I flew to India and trained to become a Hindu […]

The Faith of Desmond Doss

I find myself wondering, Jonathan, at a place like this why something as tragic and painful as war is so frequently memorialized by beauty, by water, by light, by symbols that seem so far away. Does that ever strike you as an irony? Well, it does and I think what soldiers who serve seek is […]

Life of Faith, Part 1

(Music) JERRY: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me today. I’m Jerry Savelle. Welcome to our broadcast and I trust over the next few moments, you’ll have the opportunity just to relax, sit back, and enjoy the Word of God. I believe I have some great things to share with you today. We’re going to […]

What is Culture?

[Classical Music] What is culture? A conversation on the exchanges connect online community I understand culture as a treasure ‘that is a part of our collective memory, of our perception of ourselves.- Lidijia Macedonia It is the acquired pair of glasses through which we see life. Mbarek A. Morocco Culture is something that unites people. […]

Maria Helena – Ritual de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

Hello Hello I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe, to receive more videos like this With strong symbolism for all the devotees of Our Lady And for that I will teach a ritual to ask and thank the protection of our lady You know, you can do this ritual whenever you feel […]

Peace Be With You (And Me) | Have A Little Faith with Nadia Bolz-Weber

[MUSIC PLAYING] – When I have a relationship that’s broken and I have tried to do what was mine to do– apologize for my part, try and keep an open heart– and they won’t go for it. When I offer them peace and they do not receive it, I don’t then tend to just peacefully […]

Christians Grilled Muslim Speaker with Tough Questions – His Response?

bismillah man you like a question from the brothers go ahead all right purposely I left out many misconceptions people have about Islam it could be women and violence and jihad and Sharia hijab so many questions I purposely left out because I want you to ask the question hopefully sir okay so the question […]

Islam and Judaism together |  “Un Blend de ideas”, Evento ID.

A blend of ideas Hello to everyone My name is Mariam. I am 22 I was born in Brazil Hello to everyone My name is Nicolás I am 22 and I was born in Argentina Is there anyone who understood what we said? Surely, many of you have realized She presented in Hebrew and I […]

Christian Students told to ask any question on Islam…and they did!

Alright bismillahirrahmanirrahim So what we can do is as they are coming in we can start off by the way But I will just take any questions and then I will start off where I left off in the intro to Islam. So Go ahead a think you are asking some questions when I walked […]