September 15, 2019
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  • 9:12 am The Differences Between The Major Branches Of Islam
The Differences Between The Major Branches Of Islam

Islam is one of the world’s major religions and it was promoted by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia and the seventh century the Arabic term Islam means surrender and it really shed some light on the fundamental religious idea of Islam Which is that the believer called a Muslim fully surrenders to the will of […]

Boris says he compared Muslim women to letterboxes to ‘defend right of women to wear burkas’

Actually if you look at that article, I don’t know if anybody did, it was a strong liberal defence of the right of women to wear the burqa. [applause] I can tell you I received many, many letters of support from, particularly from women. but also from some imams who thought I was on the […]

What it’s like to be a Muslim in America | Dalia Mogahed

What do you think when you look at me? A woman of faith? An expert? Maybe even a sister. Or oppressed, brainwashed, a terrorist. Or just an airport security line delay. That one’s actually true. (Laughter) If some of your perceptions were negative, I don’t really blame you. That’s just how the media has been […]

I’m a Muslim Zionist. Here’s why.

My name is Noor Dahri. I’m a British-Pakistani and a Muslim Zionist. There is no contradiction in my identity. Zionism simply means belief in the right of the Jewish people to self determination in their ancient homeland. But I was not always a Zionist. I was raised to be deeply anti-Israel as part of my […]

Ausstieg aus dem Islam – Muhammad Syed (Ex-Muslims of NA) bei AXP – Deutsche UT, English subs

First of all, I think probably you should talk to people about the organization, how it came about, maybe how you got there. I’m president [of the] Ex-Muslims of North America, the only ex-Muslim organization in the US and I’d say the only one of its kind in the world, we’re trying to build and […]

Dialogue Films presenterar: Social kampanj – Muslim Women Ban

This year, European court of justice decided that an employer has the right to fire and deny employment of Muslim women in headscarf. I am public administrator. I wear a headscarf. I stand for religious freedom. I am a systems analyst. I wear a head scarf. I stand for equality. I’m a social worker. I […]

Japan | No Country for Islam

as the West grapples with attack after attack after attack from members of the religion of peace or Islam there is one country industrial an ally of the West and even hosting US military bases on its soil that seems immune Japan while truck attacks that mow down people have been used in France and […]

“Muslim Women Have Rights, But The Men Won’t Give It To Us” | Ramadan 2017 Q&A #1

some of y’all will start up brutal with your questions I know I said hit me with them but Dan did y’all have to run me over with an 18-wheeler truck slap on your listening ears kiddies we’re about to get serious in this piece now for anyone new here hi I’m TVC of cinema’s […]

Bakra Eid | Islamic Kids Cartoon | 3D Animation | Eid-ul-Adha | HD | 2018

السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ وعلیکم السلام ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ ارے بھائی بکرے سے دود ہو جائيں کیا کر رہے ہو بھائی، آپ نے تو مجھے ڈرا ہی دیا فیضان بھائی ڈرنے کی تو بات ہے جانور ہے مار بھی سکتا ہے جزاک اللہ خیرا اچھا، غلام رسول بھائی آپ کا بکرا بڑا موٹا تازہ […]

Change Of Heart – Muslim Short Film! تغيير القلب

this is it, we’re supposed to meet here. alright,what time did she say? she said three. well,it’s a little bit to three right now. why don’t I run it in and grab the Mocha’s yes please. oh! there she is. alright, I’ll be back in a bit. oh sorry dude. Nour!Nour is that you? yo […]