October 22, 2019
  • 8:42 pm Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 8:42 pm J. Krishnamurti – Brockwood Park 1978 – Discussion 1 with Buddhist Scholars – We are all…
  • 8:42 pm One Minute Buddhism
  • 7:42 pm Israeli Pop Idol Star, Birgitta Veksler, Finds Jesus!
75 Things That Will Restore Your Faith In The Internet | Try Guys Live!

[Applause], [News music] Good evening VidCon and welcome to the closing night finale performance. I’m Cameo McCamerson In world news tonight as usual things appear to be insurmountably terrible, especially online. What was once a delightful digital paradise, bringing people of all backgrounds together has now descended into a perpetual dumpster fire, tearing us all […]

Hillsong TV // When Faith Talks with Brian Houston

Father, we just thank you for the power of your Word. Lord, I thank you for every person who’s honored us by being in your house today and honored you more than anything else. Lord, I just pray today your Word will speak life and hope to them, and we thank you for it because […]

موسیقی مسیحی – بحث توسط یک استاد کانادایی

Hello Today we will be discussing chant and liturgical traditions I will try to make a second program about this topic If I get the chance to make another segment about this topic, then this will be the first part. In this segment we will talk about the following question: Where did chant come from? […]

Omar Esa – Jummah Mubarak Nasheed | 3D Islamic Cartoon

Jummah Jummah Mubarak Jummah Jummah Mubarak Jummah Jummah Mubarak It is Friday This is the best day Jummah Jummah Mubarak Jummah Jummah Mubarak Jummah Jummah Mubarak Jummah Mubarak Jummah Mubarak Waking up in the morning Got that special Friday feeling Getting ready in my best clothes now My Jubbah looking kris Going all out Jump […]

Angela Predhomme – Epiphany (Lyrics) Dance Moms – Faith Is All I Need

“Epiphany” (song title), by Angela Predhomme Star light, star bright, heed my wish tonight Hear my desires, make them realize And though I work long and try my hardest Parts remain unfulfilled And though I pray hard, yet each tomorrow Still won’t bend to my will I wait with haste Now I see that faith […]

Allahu Allahu | আল্লাহু আল্লাহু | Bangla Islamic Song | By Taifur Rahman

Allahu Allahu | Bangla Islamic Song Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu You have created the whole world, the moon the sun the stars The river and the fountain follow your orders Man animal birds jinn angels praise you Everything in the heaven and earth pray in your name Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu […]

Buddhist Sand Mandala

[ Music ] [ Chanting Music ] [ Bell Ringing ] [ Chanting Music ] [ Music ] [ Chanting Music ] [ Bell Ringing ] [ Chanting ] [ Bell Ringing ] [ Music ] [ Bell Ringing ] [ Foreign Language ] [ Bell Ringing ] [ Chanting ] [ Music ]>>Thank you […]

Nick Cannon’s New Single Landed Him In India | Fuse

It’s a good vibe, and the fans are loving it, so now we’re riding the wave. You know, a hit record is like lightning in a bottle so when you get one, you gotta go. My first language is Christianity but I’m fluent in many spiritualities. Been studying a lot of eastern philosophy, eastern spirituality, […]

Maher Zain – Guide Me All The Way | Official Lyric Video

I know that You could easily Take away everything You’ve given me And I try to remember Not to take anything for granted ‘Cause I know that one day Suddenly this will all come to an end So my last wish is for You to be pleased with me Allah, Ya Allah Guide me all […]

Because He Lives (Amen) | West Coast Choir

I believe in the Son I believe in the Risen One I believe I overcome By the power of His blood Amen amen I’m alive I’m alive because He lives Amen amen Let my song join the one that never ends Because He lives I was dead in the grave I was covered in sin […]