March 30, 2020
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Rituals | Midday Mindfulness with Arizona State University (ASU)

Hello everyone and welcome. So this is our ASU’s Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience daily zoom session. We’re having these sessions Monday through Friday with the intent of celebrating our community with uplifting each one of you and and bringing ourselves into a more centered and well place during this time of uncertainty. So […]

OSHO: No Faith for Nostradamus

OSHO OSHO International Foundation Presents Osho: No Faith for Nostradamus You do have some faith in the prophecies of Nostradamus, though, is that correct? I don’t have any faith in him. The fact is that the man was crazy. And what he has written can be interpreted in any way you want. I found this […]

Lalitha Sahasranamam Meditation – [Hindi with English CC]

(Music) If you wish to imagine Devi’s form, there is a.. ..beautiful description in the Lalitha Sahasranamam. So that after this session, when you will meditate, we will be using some shlokas to meditate on Devi. With this meditation in mind, you can worship the Goddess in future. I could have taken the meditation from […]

We’re slow starters – our morning ritual: yoga, meditation and massage

Sssttt. I’m already awake We’re slow starters That doesn’t mean we get up late. We’re actually getting up very early. Ayuverda promotes living with the rhythm of nature. And living with the rhythm of nature means getting up before the sun rises. But getting up doesn’t mean going to work straight away. We prefer to […]


Their question is: Can someone worship with a mental resolve if they do not have access to material things to perform rituals? Mental worship can be done at anytime and it is no less than a detailed ritual with material offerings. Mental worship requires more concentration & purity. It is a better sort of worship […]

Cacao Ceremony: Recipe, Ritual and Q&A

hey guys, it is challenging times for all of us, so I thought that the best offering I could give you right now is share with you the daily practice that helps me ground helps me connect deeper to my heart, helps me be in a positive state of mind and that is my daily […]


{rtf1macansicpg10000cocoartf824cocoasubrtf480 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset77 Helvetica;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx720tx1440tx2160tx2880tx3600tx4320tx5040tx5760tx6480tx7200tx7920tx8640qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 sound of meditation bell Hello friends, this weeks ecstatic, or mystical, or shamanic discourse is on the use of ritual in shamanism and mysticism. Most importantly we are examining the depth and not the breadth of shamanism. So, we really want to understand whether ritual was a […]

Indigenous use of ayahuasca, psilocybin, peyote for religious healing rituals

[Roland]: So dimethyltryptamine, DMT, is a very short-acting classic hallucinogen of the serotonin type, and its phenomenology is distinct from Salvinorin. [Rhonda]: Is its phenomenology similar to psilocybin, though? [Roland]: Well, that gets complex because it’s so short-acting that it’s hard to compare. And DMT is also the active ingredient in Ayahuasca which is the […]

What My Near Death Experience Taught Me & Our Subconscious with Paul Aurand

Hi, my name is Guy Lawrence. And thanks for tuning into my podcast today. If you’re enjoying these conversations and you want to check out more of this transformational work, be sure to come back to and join me as we go further down the rabbit hole. Enjoy the show. Paul, welcome to the […]

Mendut temple , the centre of Buddhism practices and rituals

Mendut is a ninth-century Buddhist temple, located in Mendut village, Mungkid sub-district, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia The temple is located about three kilometres east from Borobudur. Mendut, Borobudur and Pawon, all of which are Buddhist temples, are located in one straight line there is a beautiful religious relationship between the three temples although the […]