October 18, 2019
  • 8:42 pm Compassion in Action: Buddhism and the Environment
  • 8:42 pm Buddhism and Race in America: Buddhism, Race, Structures, & Society
  • 7:42 pm The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history
  • 7:42 pm The Judaism is for you!
  • 7:42 pm Самодельная Оружейная и Стрелковая Техника ☬ Homemade Weapons and Shooting Equipment ☬ Сделано рукам
Masturbation: Guys Vs. Girls

– Brittany! Cheddar’s birthday only happens once a year. We’re going to be late. Why aren’t you ready at all? What the hell were you doing in there? – Masturbating. Why? – You can’t just say that. – It’s not like I said I was murdering somebody. – I’m right in the next room. – […]

Lets Talk About Sex Ep3: Erections, The Penis, Youth Challenges, Muslim Talks

As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu. Gonna talk about erections well we’ve been kind of talking about some things in terms of just the basics of puberty and one of the big ones obviously for boys is and pardon the pun through this they’re not intended big ones and large and you know and […]

Can Christians Masturbate?

Ok Christians, I know this subject worries a lot of you, and that you’re used to feeling condemned about it. So let me bring a fresh Biblical perspective. First off, let’s get Onan out of the way. Onan was a guy in Genesis that spilled his seed on the ground, and God killed him for […]

Can Christians Masturbate?  | God is Grey

[Music] hello beautiful people today we’re going to be talking about masturbation the Bible does not directly address masturbation nowhere in this book does it say thou shalt not masturbate thou shall not touch thy self nothing it’s silent on that exact wording above all I believe that God can speak to all of us […]

How Religion Had An Impact On Our Sexual Experiences W/Shan Boody

okay oh my god okay just trying to move my arm like just try to move it that's everything I have everything you don't give me the reading I'm sure over this video is over what's up you guys and we're from Amber's closet and today I'm here with Shannon Shan Shan booty Sam boot […]

Freedom From Masturbation Part 2

people who wear white after Labor Day why does this happen every time I'm telling you our cats were sent by Mormon Jesus to warn us this is true love these cats who are trying to sabotage us at every turn okay so we'll just act like that's not thing welcome to Mormonism's most harmful […]

Role of Orgasm in Spirituality (Sex vs. Spirituality Series)

Acharya Shree, many of your students have inquired wondering what role does the orgasm play in spirituality. Inquiry is good. They have to be more knowledgeable about it. It's not an easy subject. Let me tell you. Freud is well known. Freud said, if you don't masturbate almost two or three times a day, you […]

Masturbation (A Spiritual Perspective on Masturbating) - Teal Swan -
Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Progress? - Sadhguru (2018)

semen is the basis of your physical existence so in the yogic culture this is called as virya Varia is considered to be like vajura that means it is one of the most potent things if you know how to use it not just semen just everything in this body can be transformed group second […]