February 27, 2020
  • 7:58 pm Relaxing ASMR massage & limpia espiritual (healing aura cleansing ritual) with Doña Rosa
  • 6:58 pm আল্লাহু আল্লাহু মন বলে বারে বার | New Islamic Song | Damama Shilpigosthi | New Song | Ibrahim Tv24
  • 6:58 pm Allah Knows – English Islamic Nasheed | Masud Parvej (MSD) | MSD Recordings
  • 6:58 pm Faith Evans’s Reaction to Hopelessly in Love
  • 6:58 pm Give Me Faith in ASL & CC by Rock Church Deaf Ministry
Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Madras (Chennai) 1972 – Public Discus. 2 – Meditation, freedom from the…

This is J. Krishnamurti’s second public discussion in Madras, 1972. Krishnamurti: What shall we talk over together this morning? Question: What is unity of perception and direct reference on the activation of glands? K: Unity of perception. Who invented that phrase? Q: I heard it in one of your talks. K: Ah, too bad! [Laughter] […]

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Saanen 1965 – Public Talk 4 – Freedom, space and order

This is J. Krishnamurti’s fourth public talk in Saanen, 1965. Krishnamurti: We have been talking, the last three times that we met here, about the necessity of a radical and fundamental revolution within oneself; not as an individual saving his own particular little soul, but as a human being totally related to all other human […]

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Bombay 1971 – Public Talk 2  – Direct perception is freedom

This is J. Krishnamurti’s second public talk in Bombay, 1971. Shall we go on with what we were talking about the other day when we met here? There are several things we should talk over together. One of the things is freedom. It is really a very important subject and needs a great deal of […]

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – New Delhi 1967 – Public Talk 1 – Freedom and love

This is J. Krishnamurti’s first public talk in New Dehli, 1967. Considering there is so much violence, disorder and confusion in the world, not only in this country but almost everywhere, it becomes more and more important that one becomes very serious. Not serious according to one’s own fancy or inclination, or according to any […]

Audio | J. Krishnamurti – Claremont 1968 – Students Discussion 1 – Freedom of choice is not freedom

This is J. Krishnamurti’s first discussion with students at Claremont Colleges, 1968. Krishnamurti: I think this is a kind of dialogue in which each one of us perhaps could partake. And if we could take any question and go into it thoroughly then perhaps it might be worthwhile. So what would you like to discuss […]