August 25, 2019
  • 5:12 pm Lord of the Flies: Crash Course Literature 305
  • 5:12 pm The Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi – Religious architecture (1/5)
  • 5:12 pm When Football meets Music: Guti Razor Fam – The Music behind Football Religion TV
  • 5:11 pm State Religion
  • 4:12 pm SCP-001 The Gate Guardian | Euclid / Keter class | religious / portal / humanoid
Marked | Savage Jesus | Pastor Michael Todd

[Music] [Applause] [Music] well it’s a very exciting weekend at elevation Church we just finished celebrating Easter God is doing amazing things we’ve been talking about savage Jesus and hey let me tell you something I brought a savage pastor to share the Word of God with you today I just met this guy recently […]

What Is Freedom?

Throughout history there has been a cry for freedom men everywhere want to be free two millennia ago a man named Jesus told the Jews of his day you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free but free from what His hearers did not understand and were offended by this statement […]

Miracles Point to a Rescue

♪ music ♪ Hi, my name is Jacob Armstrong. I’m the pastor of Providence United Methodist Church. Miracles. Our Bible is full of them. You’re probably familiar with some of them. Right from the beginning to the very end of what we say is our story, are miracles. The people are released from slavery, miraculously. […]

Discovering Religion: Ep 01 – Ready-Made World

There is great beauty in the Universe. From luminous nebulae serving as the interstellar nurseries of the cosmos, to the spectacular remnants of supernovas signifying their violent demise, the life and death of stars are played out on a stage of immense space and time. The heavens are a blaze with trillions of the galaxies, […]

The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696

well I actually go to church here in Austin and there’s been a bit of a discussion about your show lately at my church and when you were at church if there was a show like like your show what would you thought about a deep Inc concerned about the effect that it might be […]

No religion can lead us to God | Andy Bannister

Most religion has the tendency to make everything about you. It becomes all about my prayer, my service, my effort, my giving, my hard work, my moralism, my keeping the commandments, the list goes on and on and no. In fact has been remarked by some people but you can divide the major religions of […]

The Death & Life of God 05: Naked and Unashamed

Today we continue our series on the life and death and life again of Jesus, which is somehow the life and death and life again of God. Last week learned that Jesus believed he MUST die. Jesus saw his own death as absolutely necessary and central to his mission. Today we look closer at WHY […]

Questions About World Religions – Episode 3 w/ Neil Anderson

Hey, my name is Caleb and I’m Jonathan And in this video you’re gonna see Neil talk about something I think is really applicable to all of our lives He talks about this idea of pluralism or maybe a more common language You’ll see it online or you’ll see people say this in your workplace […]

Episode #72 | Is Christianity Shrinking?

Hey everybody this is Steve and, according to some, Christianity is shrinking. Last week the Pew Research Group published a really interesting survey which shows that at least in the United States, number of people who identify as Christian is decreasing. This is pretty consistent with other surveys over the years which have tracked the […]

Folk Religion

DN2 – Life Only in Christ — CONFORMED Don’t look now, but like it or not, your culture’s been infected with religion. You probably didn’t notice, because it’s not what you’d expect. Relax. I’m not talking Saturday night masses… or Sunday morning sermons… or door-knocking missionaries. I’m talking about a folk religion with [AIR QUOTES] […]