October 22, 2019
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  • 8:42 pm J. Krishnamurti – Brockwood Park 1978 – Discussion 1 with Buddhist Scholars – We are all…
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  • 7:42 pm Israeli Pop Idol Star, Birgitta Veksler, Finds Jesus!
Israelis: How will we know when the Messiah comes?

How will we know? We will hear the shofar (ram’s horn) The sound of the shofar So that means every Rosh Hashana the Messiah comes No, we will hear it all around the world The shofar will be heard all around the world That’s the sign? How will we know when the Messiah comes? Haim […]

Messianic Judaism in Israel

>>What is it like to be a Jewish believer in Israel? Is there constant harassment? Is there freedom to evangelize? And how open are the Jews of Israel to the Gospel? For a fascinating interview with a Messianic Jewish leader from Israel, stay tuned.>>[music]>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses […]

Understanding Faith (1/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: When heart and lips say the same thing, suddenly the Holy Spirit comes in and changes you. You’re born again; you change your eternal destination from hell to heaven. Everything about you inside changes There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for […]

Steve Jaslow on the Meaning of Messianic Judaism

>>What is Messianic Judaism? Is it a legitimate expression of Christianity, or is it a manifestation of modern day Judaizing, in violation of the Scriptures? Stay tuned for an interview with a Messianic Jewish spiritual leader.>>[music]>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible prophecy, showing how […]

True Success | Stories of Faith

Some people spend their lives chasing dreams and waiting for their big break, that one thing that finally spins their life in the right direction. Today we’ll meet people who discovered a path to happiness and true success in a place they did not expect. Hi, I’m Martin Zerrudo, and welcome to Stories of Faith. […]

FAITH IS PRACTICAL!!! | TB Joshua Sermon

Thank You, Lord! I hope you are thanking Jesus in your hearts. Nowadays, we have substitutes – belief for action – which is wrong. When we see people saying, “I believe in healing. I believe in salvation. I believe in this, that…” – It is not enough to believe in healing. It is not enough […]

Yesus Raja :: Indonesian Christian Song @ Bethany Church of God ,Indonesia. (English@CC)

PRAISE & WORSHIP From Bethany Church of God , Surabaya . East Java , Indonesia. (Kubawa Berita Sejahtera) 3 x We bring good news of prosperity Kubawa Berita Berita Berita Sejahtera We bring good news, news of prosperity (Kubawa Berita Sejatera) 3x We bring good news of prosperity Kubawa Berita Berita Berita Sejahtera We bring […]

How Do I Run to Christ? – Tim Conway

This comes from Patrick. He says, “I am lost. Four months ago I came across your website, and was convinced that the Bible is true. I’ve been reading the Bible ever since, and seem to be getting nowhere. My prayers in the beginning seemed to be genuine, but now I have been praying and asking […]

Faith in Jesus Christ | Misconceptions

At a national youth convention of one of the major Christian denominations I was speaking about truth and the Resurrection, and the reliability and accuracy of the scriptures; and I went out into the audience and I interviewed students, and I would say, “Do you believe the Bible is true?” and this young man said, […]

Christian Prince – Tawheed In Islam

while doing Dawa while speaking to any human being the best method you can convey its convey the message of p’jem always you know when we speak about a religion and you are from different religion you come to me with your own idea and you try to refute me that your religion is better […]