January 23, 2020
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Wie Bin Ich Muslim Geworden? Die Atemberaubende Geschichte Von Nikolas 01
Husband’s journey to Islam

when we knew someone converted to Islam, for us it is interesting story we want to know their journey, how they found Islam and believed it how they decided to convert to Islam because usually when we tell people we married to a convert they think it just because they want to get married I […]

HPSC0022 – Science and Religion

I’m Bill MacLehose, I’m the instructor for HPSC0022, which is Science and Religion. Science and Religion is a module that addresses this long-standing idea that there’s a conflict between these two things, that which we call science on the one hand, and what we call religion on the other, and historically speaking, actually, that’s not […]

islam and science relationship in urdu/hindi|islam and science in urdu|اسلام اور سائنس

islam and science Relationship in urdu hindi

Sunni v. Shia: Iran’s strategy | IN 60 SECONDS

The oldest division in the Muslim world is the Sunni-Shiite split. Downplaying its ecumenical approach towards spreading the Islamic revolution, Tehran has now embraced Shiite supremacy. And Sunnis and Shiites—from Lebanon to Afghanistan, Syria to Yemen—are nearly equal in number. Iran has tens of thousands of foreign Shiites under the command of the Revolutionary Guard. […]

Israelis: Do you admit that Islam is more peaceful than Zionism?

This question comes from someone in Saudi Arabia He says Under Islam, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together and everything was fine That’s a lie What? It’s a lie Of course Why? I come from a Muslim country Persia Yosef Jerusalem When the Shah was in power things were good before and after the Shah […]

Islam in Brazil
বাতিলের বিরুদ্ধে কঠিন হুংকার | হাফেজ মাওলানা মোঃ সাইফুল ইসলাম | Saiful Islam Waz | 01914853602

বাতিলের বিরুদ্ধে কঠিন হুংকার | হাফেজ মাওলানা মোঃ সাইফুল ইসলাম | Saiful Islam Waz | ০১৯১৪৮৫৩৬০২

Westerners discover the horror of islam !

No I was not at my house. Said to him your uncle became a martyr. And he is in paradise. Where is your uncle? In paradise. Where? In paradise To show how our fighters resisted Like the engineers Mahmmad Sawaymh and Abby Jandal. What they have done? They’ve put deadly traps. Bombs on tanks and […]

Are There Any Good Christians? | Jo-Ann – Orlando, FL | Atheist Experience 642

-We got Joanne in Orlando. -Yes. Hi. -Hi. How are you? -I’m doing pretty good. This is my first time swinging through your show. Wow, it’s very good But I mean as you were talking earlier about a lot of the acts that were committed due to Christianity I mean, it’s almost like you’re generalizing. […]