August 25, 2019
  • 5:12 pm Lord of the Flies: Crash Course Literature 305
  • 5:12 pm The Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi – Religious architecture (1/5)
  • 5:12 pm When Football meets Music: Guti Razor Fam – The Music behind Football Religion TV
  • 5:11 pm State Religion
  • 4:12 pm SCP-001 The Gate Guardian | Euclid / Keter class | religious / portal / humanoid
State Religion

43 countries officially recognize single state religion. 27 countries officially enshrining Islam as their state religion, 13 countries (including nine European nations) designate Christianity or a particular Christian denomination. Two (Bhutan and Cambodia) have Buddhism as their state religion, and one (Israel) is officially a Jewish state. No country has Hinduism as its state religion.

Discovering Religion: Ep 01 – Ready-Made World

There is great beauty in the Universe. From luminous nebulae serving as the interstellar nurseries of the cosmos, to the spectacular remnants of supernovas signifying their violent demise, the life and death of stars are played out on a stage of immense space and time. The heavens are a blaze with trillions of the galaxies, […]

Islam: The Misunderstood Religion! – LECTURE – Abdur-Raheem Green

Hey Hey now I’m gonna talk about a topic is slammed the misunderstood religion Sam the misunderstood religion and the first thing I would look like to talk about a first thing I’d like to talk about is Islam itself what does the word Islam mean okay so the word Islam so you’ll often find […]

The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696

well I actually go to church here in Austin and there’s been a bit of a discussion about your show lately at my church and when you were at church if there was a show like like your show what would you thought about a deep Inc concerned about the effect that it might be […]

The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

At its height in in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire spanned three continents, and covered what we know today as Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Hungary, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and several other regions in Arabia and North Africa. It was one of the largest, and longest lasting empires in […]

Palestinians: Are you able to criticize your culture and religion?

Are you allowed to be critical of your society and religion? Boys from Koba No, we are not allowed to be critical of our Why? Whatever religion says, we go forward with it but what about culture? Except Ahmad Saut I don’t know who that is He is saying “forget about it” What about culture? […]

The Caliph P1: Foundation | Featured Documentary

english the caliphate a form of rule in islam that lasted for almost thirteen centuries from the death of the prophet muhammed to the overthrow of the ottoman caliph in 1924

Religion and the Constitution (1984) | ARCHIVES

Announcer: From the nation’s capital, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research presents Public Policy Forums, a series of programs featuring the nation’s top authorities presenting their different views on the vital issues which confront us. Today’s topic, “Religion and the Constitution.” John Charles Daly: This public policy forum, one of a series presented […]

The Essence of the World Religions East & West | Part 2 of 2 | The Beautiful Trail

Hello and welcome to part two of the Golden Thread of Wisdom which distills the essence of the world’s great spiritual traditions and highlights a core theme sitting at the heart of each one In part one we looked at the faiths stemming from Abraham, namely Judaism Christianity and Islam as well as the pagan […]

Indonesian Christians – prospects for religious freedom

This weathered building in Bogor City near Jakarta, once used to be a place of worship for the Yasmin Church under the GKI denomination. It is built on private land. But the local government sealed it off four years ago, after Islamist extremists objected to its presence. The Supreme Court eventually directed the city’s mayor […]